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Updated: January 2, 2013
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Pioniers 'does-it-all' Co Pikee passed away


...Co Pikee...
(1953 - 2013)

HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - The new year started sad, as co Pikee, who was commonly labeled as the 'silent force' behind the Dutch big league baseball-team Hoofddorp Pioniers, passed away on Wednesday, January 2 at the age of 59. Pikee was sick for some time, but has lost his battle with his disease. In December, he was able to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Corrie and his family.

Jacobus Gerardus (Co) Pikee, who was born on August 6, 1953, has been affiliated with the baseball-team of Hoofddorp Pioniers for more than 30 years. In that span, Pikee served as Team Manager and Team Scorer, but also arranged everything around the team, such as the contact with the foreign players of Pioniers. Almost 20 years ago, the team transferred from its previous site Arnoldushoeve to its current site at Sportpark Toolenburg and of course, Pikee moved with the team. It was at Toolenburg that Pioniers celebrated its first (and only) Dutch championship-title in 1997 when Pikee was with the team as its Team Manager and Team Scorer. During the Play-Offs of that year, Pioniers trailed twice in the best-of-five against Neptunus, but then won Game 5 at Rotterdam 12-2 to reach the Holland Series. In the final, Pioniers won 3-1 vs. HCAW, winning the decisive game at home 10-7 to capture the title. A year later, he traveled with the team to Barcelona (Spain) for participation in the European Cup Tournament, where Pioniers finished in second place. Since 1995, Pioniers reached the Play-Offs almost annually and returned to the Holland Series in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011. In doing all his activities around the Pioniers-squad, Co became a wellknown personality throughout the Dutch big league, but especially in the Hoofddorp/Haarlem-area.

...Co Pikee with player Dè Flanegin during a season's...
...closing party of Pioniers in 2008...
(© Photo: www.reni-foto-nl)
Pikee was also very known within the corps of umpires and official scorers, as it mostly was Pikee who welcomed the game officials in the clubhouse in Hoofddorp. The last two years, he also managed the clubhouse canteen. In the past, he also often handled the ticket-office at the entrance of the sport complex.

Co Pikee, who was known for his enormous sense of humour, was the Team Manager and Team Scorer of Pioniers from the nineties through 2004. He then stopped with these positions, but remained active on the background and remained involved in the affairs of the baseball-team of Pioniers. He was also involved in talks with the municipaly of Haarlemmermeer and with sponsors, but also organized activities around the home games. And of course, during games, one could find him besides the home team dug-out at first base with friends and a beer, enjoying the game and making remarks regarding it, mostly with his trademark humour.

On Monday, January 7, from 7-8 PM, one can say goodbye to Co in the Funeral Center of Dunweg Uitvaartzorg, Achterweg 42 in Hoofddorp. On Tuesday, January 8, starting at 12:30 PM, Co will be driven around the baseball-field of Hoofddorp Pioniers at Sport Complex Toolenburg, which can be attended by everyone. This is followed by the memorial ceremony, which starts at 1 PM in the Funeral Center of Dunweg Uitvaartzorg. After this ceremony, Co's family will accompany him to the crematorium. Vistors to the ceremony are invited to go to the clubhouse of Hoofddorp Pioniers at Sports Complex Toolenburg (Hoofdweg 865). There, the family will arrive later.

It is possible to share your memories of Co at

Co Pikee, who did a lot of work for Hoofddorp Pioniers, will surely be missed. Not only by his family and the members of his club, but also by his many friends within the baseball-world.

Through this, the webmaster of Grand Slam * Stats & News offers his condolences and wishes Co's family a lot of strength.

(January 2)

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