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Updated: October 19, 2013
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European Federation names Award after Xavier Mateu
LAUSANNE (Switzerland) - The Executive Committee of the European Baseball Confederation (CEB) announced last week (October 15) that is has added an new annual Award, which is named after Xavier Mateu.

...Xavier Mateu...
During its Congress in February, the CEB annually announces the winners of several Awards, including Federation of the Year, Coach of the Year, Umpire of the Year and Scorer of the Year. Next year will mark the first time that the Xavier Mateu Award for Excellence will be handed out.

For all individual awards, member federations can send in nominations, but the winner of the new award will be selected by the CEB Executive Committee.

The Xavier Mateu Award for Excellence will ''honour those individual persons or groups who in the Executive Committee's opinion, have made an outstanding contribution and/or achieved a high standard of excellence in their work, and which is deemed by the CEB EC to be of significant value to the growth and development of European Baseball in any given year''.

The Award is named after Xavier Mateu, who sadly passed away on June 6 at the age of 50 during the European Cup Tournament in Barcelona (Spain). In February of this year, the Spaniard was elected Secretary-General of the new CEB-Board.

That the Award is named after Xavier Mateu is well-deserved decision, as the sympathetic Mateu was wellknown and well-respectect in European baseball. He had been the Technical Director for the Spanish Federation, but he has been active on numerous tournaments through the years as member of the Technical Commission of the CEB.

(October 19)

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