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Updated: April 28, 2013
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Top-4 completes 3-game sweep
HOOFDDORP / DORDRECHT / VLEUTEN / BUSSUM (Neth.) - The top-4 in the Dutch big league completed a 3-game sweep on Sunday. In recent years, it didn't happen that much that the best four teams at one moment in the league all completed a 3-game sweep.

DOOR Neptunus trailed against Mr. Cocker HCAW, as was the case in the previous two games, but eventually turned the game around in its favor to win 7-2. With this result, HCAW has now lost all nine games played so far and remains the lone winless team in the league. Today, its renovated site in Bussum was officially re-opened.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates also registered three come-from-behind victories against Vaessen Pioniers and today completed a sweep with a 4-2 win.

Corendon Kinheim shutout Mampaey The Hawks 7-0, while UVV won 3-1 vs. ADO Lakers.

Vaessen Pioniers vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates
L&D Amsterdam Pirates registered its third come-from-behind victory against Vaessen Pioniers today with a 4-2 score to complete a 3-game sweep. Closer Jurrian Koks had a decision in all three games. Today, he earned a save, as he did in the opener on Thursday and on Saturday, he was the winning pitcher.

In today's game, Pioniers took an 1-0 in the first inning off of Jos de Jong. With two outs, Danny Rombley and vince Rooi singled, then a single by Mark Duursma gave Pioniers the lead, which lasted three at bats.

In the fourth inning, Pionier-starter Kevin Miner walked lead-off hitter Percy Isenia, then gave up a single to Bas de Jong. A wild pitch moved the runners, then the first was eliminated at the plate on a grounder by Bas Nooij. Next, the bases were loaded when Kevin Weijgertse walked. Hereafter, Rashid Gerard cleared the bases with a 3-run double to give Pirates a 3-1 lead.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Pioniers threatened to come alongside. With two outs, Phil Ortez tripled and scored on a single by Danny Rombley, who then advanced moments later on a failed pick-off. The bases were then loaded when Vince Rooi walked and Mark Duursma was hit by a pitch. It marked the end for Jos de Jong, who therefore missed one out to become the winning pitcher. Kyle Ward took over and ended the at bat when Mark-Jan Moorman flied out.

Pirates then added an insurance run in the sixth inning when Bas Nooij led off with a double and went on to score on a sac-fly by Roelie Henrique.

...Winning pitcher Kyle Ward...

...Rashid Gerard hit a 3-run double...

...Brothers Mark (catcher) and Michael Duursma (hitter)...
...Peter Brink is the home plate umpire...

...Danny Rombley breaks hits bat...

(© All Photos: Henk Seppen)

Vaessen Pioniers - L&D Amsterdam Pirates 2-4
L&D Amsterdam Pirates000301000-461
Vaessen Pioniers100010000-290
pitchers Piratesinn.SOBBHRER
Jos de Jong4.222622
Kyle Ward, W (1-1)2.11-1--
Daan Hendrix, H (3)11-1--
Jurrian Koks, SV (3)1--1--
pitchers Pioniersinn.SOBBHRER
Kevin Miner, L (1-2)5 (*)44544
Dennis Buring2-11--
Joran Klarenbeek11----
Swen Huijer11----
(*) - Miner pitched to one batter in the sixth inning
Umpires: HP-Peter Brink, 1B-Winfied Berkvens, 3B-Henri van Heijningen.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Maaike Houtkamp.
Play-by-Play-Eddy van Loon.
Umpire Observer-Arnold Verbrugge.
Time-2:55 hr.

Mampaey The Hawks vs. Corendon Kinheim
At Dordrecht, Corendon Kinheim shutout Mampaey The Hawks 7-0 on nine basehits.

The first three innings remained scoreless, but The Hawks stranded five runners in that period off of starter Nick Veltkamp. Kinheim then opened the score in the fourth at bat off of veteran Elton Koeiman. With one out and Jeffrey Arends (fielder's choice) on first base, Quintin de Cuba doubled to give Kinheim the lead.

Three runs were added in the fourth. Remco Draijer led off with a walk, then RenÚ Cremer reached on a bunt-single. The first was then forced out on a grounder by Dirk van 't Klooster, followed by a sac-fly by Mervin Gario and 2-run homerun by Bryan Engelhardt.

Kinheim then left three runners in the sixth inning, but added a run in the eighth. With Bj÷rn Henrichs on second base and Quintin de Cuba on third, a fly by Bryan Engelhardt ended in a sac-fly and a double play, as De Cuba scored, while Henrichs was eliminated.

The lead was lifted to 7-0 by scoring two more runs in the ninth inning, thanks to a sac-fly by Engelhardt and a single by Jeffrey Arends.

Mampaey The Hawks - Corendon Kinheim 0-7
Corendon Kinheim000130012-790
Mampaey The Hawks000000000-071
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Nick Veltkamp, W (2-0)6516--
Pim Walsma111---
Jean-Paul Gulinck1-1---
Dion Steijl1-11--
pitchers The Hawksinn.SOBBHRER
Elton Koeiman, L (1-2)742844
Tim Sloots1-1-2-
Ronald de Bont1--11-
Homerun: Kinheim: Bryan Engelhardt (1)(2-run,5th,off Koeiman).
Umpires: HP-Henny Jansen, 1B-Jan-Willem van der Paauw, 3B-Olav Steijger.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Linda Steijger.
Play-by-Play-Dennis Duis.
Time-2:33 hr.

UVV vs. ADO Lakers
At Vleuten, UVV won 3-1 against ADO Lakers to complete their 3-game sweep.

After leaving two runners in the first inning, UVV scored twice in the next at bat. Joris van Ballegooy was hit by a pitch from Wimsley van Heijningen, then advanced on a balk, while next batter Jirka Bliek walked. The two scored when Brennan Nijhof followed with a double.

The third run was added in the fifth inning when Ferd van Stekelenburg led off with a walk, also advanced on a balk, then scored on a double by Daan Cornelissen.

ADO Lakers collected only three basehits, which were all hit off of young starter Ian Delemarre, who threw 6 1/3 inning. The lone run was a lead-off homerun by Rodney Michel in the seventh inning off of Delemarre.

UVV - ADO Lakers 3-1
ADO Lakers000000100-130
pitchers ADO Lakersinn.SOBBHRER
Wimsley van Heijningen, L (0-1)639533
Martijn Riphagen2--3--
(*) - Van Heijningen pitched to one batter in the seventh inning
pitchers UVVinn.SOBBHRER
Ian Delemarre, W (2-1)6.142311
Dennis Burgersdijk, H (1)121---
Jerremyh Angela, H (1)0.1-----
Duko Jansen, SV (2)1.13----
Homerun: ADO Lakers: Rodney Michel (2)(solo,7th,off Delemarre).
Umpires: HP-Rudsel Schoobaar, 1B-Roy van de Wateringen, 3B-Mario Blaauw.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Francis Speters.
Play-by-Play-Rienette Hamers.
Time-2:35 hr.

...HCAW's chairman Wil Kitslaar (right) with dignitaries...
...after the field was officially re-opened...
(© Photo: Alfred Cop Fotografie)
Mr. Cocker HCAW vs. DOOR Neptunus
At Bussum, DOOR Neptunus trailed against Mr. Cocker HCAW, as was the case in the previous two games, but eventually turned the game around in its favor to win 7-2. With this result, HCAW has now lost all nine games played so far and remains the lone winless team in the league. Today, its renovated site in Bussum was officially re-opened.

In the second inning, HCAW opened the score and held the lead for the third time in the 3-game series. But in the end, the result was the same: a loss.

In the second at bat, HCAW took an 1-0 lead when the bases got loaded off of Tim Roodenburg when Linoy Croes, Jesus Latte and Kevin Nieveld all singled. With one out, Max Clarijs hit a sac-fly, but HCAW then left two runners.

Neptunus came alongside in the fifth inning when Shaldimar Daantji walked with one out and later scored on a single by Raily Legito.

In the sixth, Neptunus broke open the game by scoring fur runs with two outs. Facing new pitcher Gijs van Els, RafaŰl Jozefa singled. With two outs, Benjamin Dille singled. After the two runners advanced on an error, the bases got loaded when Mourik Huijser walked. Sedley Karel then became the new pitcher, who gave up an RBI-single by Shaldimar Daantji and walked Gyenuar Lopez with the bases loaded. An error on a force play-grounder by Gianison Boekhoudt then brought in two more runs and made it 5-1.

HCAW left a runner in the sixth and stranded three in the seventh at bat, then Neptunus added a run in the eighth on a single by Lopez, but also left the bases loaded. The final run was added in the ninth on a single by Adrian Anthony.

...Linoy Croes scores for HCAW...

...Jorin van Amstel retires a batter...
(© Both Photos: Alfred Cop Fotografie)

Mr. Cocker HCAW - DOOR Neptunus 2-7
DOOR Neptunus000014011-7120
Mr. Cocker HCAW010000100-295
pitchers Neptunusinn.SOBBHRER
Tim Roodenburg, W (2-0)661611
Jorian van Acker112211
Berry van Driel2111--
pitchers HCAWinn.SOBBHRER
Kaj Timmermans54341-
Gijs van Els, L (0-2)0.1-1233
Sedley Karel2.11232-
Tony Kreisel0.1--1--
Leon Elshof1--211
Umpires: HP-John Beltman, 1B-Fred van Groningen Schinkel, 3B-Jos van Eijsden.
Box Score
Official Scorer-Fred van der Kade.
Play-by-Play-Feiko Drost.
Time-3:03 hr.

(April 28)

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