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Updated: September 4, 2014
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The Hawks finishes in last place after loss at UVV
VLEUTEN (Neth.) - Mampaey The Hawks lost 4-2 at UVV tonight (Thursday, September 4) in the final make-up game of the Play-Downs. With this, The Hawks finishes in last place and now has to play a best-of-five Promotion/Relegation Play-Off against the champion of the second highest league ('Overgangsklasse'), which will start on September 27.

The game completes a very hectic Play-Downs, which saw several rainouts and re-scheduled games. But there was more. Tonight's game was initially won by The Hawks on August 16, but then was declared invalid, as the team had used Eric de Vries as Pitching Coach. De Vries was not affiliated with the club and therefore, The Hawks violated the league-rules. As a result, The Hawks got two points subtracted and the game had to be replayed. Those two points now proof to be very costly.

Later in the month, UVV got eight points subtracted, as it was stated that it used an ineligible player, Belgian Dennis Ribbens. Two of the games were won and they were declared invalid and had to be replayed. The third game (against The Hawks) in which Ribbens played was suspended by rain with a 6-6 score in the bottom of the ninth inning. When the game resumed last Monday, it had a strange status. In case The Hawks won, it remained valid, but in case UVV won, it would be declared invalid due to the ineligible player and had to be replayed. But The Hawks won in 10 innings. The fourth game was tonight's one, which already was declared invalid due to the non-registered coach.

But it didn't come that far, as UVV appealed the decision of subtracting the eight points and won it. That meant, that UVV got its eight points back, that the two games that were declared invalid became valid again. And it also meant that tonight's game was the last to be played in the Play-Downs.

With the loss, The Hawks ended one point behind ADO Lakers, which now has secured a spot in next years big league. In case, the game of The Hawks on August 16 wasn't declared invalid, it would have finished one point ahead of ADO Lakers, which then had to play in the decisive Play-Off instead. Last year, ADO Lakers played in that series and then won it 3-2 vs. Twins.

At the moment, DSS leads the 'Overgangsklasse' one point ahead of Twins. Both teams have six games left in their season, including two against each other in the final weekend on September 20-21.

Initially, The Hawks took an 1-0 lead in the first inning on a sacrifice fly by Berry van Donselaar. UVV came alongside in the third on a single by Joris van Ballegooy, then took the lead in the sixth. In that at bat, Gilmer Lampe led off with a triple and scored on a single by Brennan Nijhoff. Two insurance runs were added in the eighth on a 2-run single by Jordan Illis. The Hawks could score only one more run in the top of the ninth.

The Hawks now has to focus on the decisive Play-Off, which will start in three weeks.

(September 4)

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