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Updated: November 9, 2014
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(Story by Marco Stoovelaar; Photo by Henk Seppen)

Second loss Dutch U21 Team on World Championship
TAICHUNG (Taiwan) - The Netherlands U21 Team also lost its second game on the first World Baseball Under 21 Championship in Taiwan. Trailing 3-0, the Dutch narrowed the deficit to 3-2, but then opponent Japan rallied for four runs, held the Dutch scoreless and won 7-2 in Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taichung.

...Kevin Moesquit collected two basehits...
...On this photo, Kevin participates with the...
...Orange in this years Haarlem Baseball Week...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
After collecting four hits in its first game against Australia, the Dutch offense today registered five basehits, including two by Kevin Moesquit. Japan hit 10 basehits off of two pitchers.

Italy today won 5-1 vs. Mexico, while the Czech Republic lost only 6-5 to New Zealand. Both play in Group A.

After being retired in order in the first inning, the Dutch Team reached base in the second when Daniel Fernandes led off with a walk. But he was then eliminated in a double play and a strikeout ended the at bat.

Japan had stranded a runner in its first inning, then rallied for three runs in the second to take the lead. Dutch starter Floris Timmer, who pitched this season in the Dutch big league for champion DOOR Neptunus, walked the lead-off hitter, who then stole second base and moved on a single. A sacrifice fly by Sho Azegami then opened the score. Singles by Kenya Wakatsuki and Taisei Makihara lifted the lead to 3-0, before a line drive ended the at bat.

In the third inning, the Dutch Team was retired in order again, but then had a productive fourth at bat. Japanese starter Yudai Mori walked lead-off hitter Kirvin Moesquit, then gave up singles to Dudley Leonora and Kevin Moesquit, which loaded the bases. Mori then also walked Daniel Fernandes, which brought in the first Dutch run. Next, Leonora was forced out at home on a grounder by Aldair Adamus, but moments later, a wild pitch moved the runners, resulting in a run and a 3-2 score. However, with runners now at second and third base, a strikeout and flyout ended the inning and the Dutch were held scoreless in the remainder of the game.

Japan immediately took more distance in the bottom of the fourth inning, scoring four runs and lifting the lead to 7-2. In the inning, Timmer gave up four hits, including RBI-singles by Sho Azegami and Kengo Takeda and a 2-run double by Seiya Suzuki. Takumi Miyoshi had led off the inning with a double.

The Dutch Team got another big scoring opportunity in the sixth inning, but the left three runners. Kento Kumabara started the inning in relief for starter Mori, but was greeted with singles by Kevin Weijgertse and Kevin Moesquit. Kumabara then struckout Daniel Fernandes, but loaded the bases when he hit pinch-hitter Max Clarijs with a pitch. The three runners stranded however, as Kumabara recovered and also struckout Cezan Rafaela and Urving Kemp to end the inning.

In the seventh inning, Steven Wharwood led off with a single, but this time Kumabara struckout Dennis Gustina and Kirvin Moesquit, then a foul-fly ended the inning. In the eighth inning, new pitcher Toshiki Sakurai struckout two batters, then walked pinch-hitter Milton Croes with two outs in the ninth, but a foul-fly then ended the game.

For the Dutch Team, Entwin Reigina took over the pitching in the sixth inning. He did better than yesterday against Australia when he faced only two batters and walked both. Today, Reigina threw three fine innings, struckout three batters, walked one, gave up only two hits and held Japan scoreless.

Dutch umpire Winfried Berkvens was at third base today in the game between New Zealand and Czech Republic.

Floris Timmer, L (0-1)5-2877
Entwin Reigina3312--
Today's starting line-up was as follows:
Kirvin Moesquit (SS, 0-for-3), Dudley Leonora (1B, 1-for-2), Kevin Moesquit (2B, 2-for-4), Daniel Fernandes (RF, 0-for-1), Aldair Adamus (C, 0-for-2), Cezan Rafaela (3B, 0-for-4), Jorin van Amstel (LF, 0-for-2), Steven Wharwood (DH, 1-for-3), Dennis Gustina (CF, 0-for-4).

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Kevin Weijgertse (1-for-2) replaced Leonara at 1B and Urving Kemp (0-for-2) took over in leftfield for Van Amstel. In the top of the 6th inning, Max Clarijs (0-for-1) entered as pinch-hitter for Adamus and then took over the catching in the bottom of the 6th inning, while Jules Peters (0-for-1) replaced Fernandes in rightfield. In the top of the 9th inning, Milton Croes (0-for-0) pinch-hit for Wharwood.

Other scores:

Sunday, November 9
Group B - Nicaragua vs. Australia, 3-2
Group B - Japan vs. Netherlands, 7-2
Group A - New Zealand vs. Czech Republic, 6-5
Group A - Italy vs. Mexico, 5-1
Group A - Taiwan vs. South Korea, 7-1

(November 9)

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