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Updated: May 12, 2014
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Amsterdam, Kinheim move into tie for first place
HAARLEM / THE HAGUE / VLEUTEN / DORDRECHT (Neth.) - On Monday-evening, finally two make-up games could be played, but two other rained out again. This brings the total to 17 cancelled games in the big league since last Thursday.

...The weather situation at game time of 7:30 PM...
L&D Amsterdam Pirates won big vs. ADO Lakers with a 20-2 score, while Corendon Kinheim couldn't take much distance initally vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW, but won 8-3. With the wins, Amsterdam and Kinheim moved into a tie for first place with Vaessen Pioniers. Kevin Heijstek and Nick Veltkamp became the first 4-game winners of the season.

The weather forecasts for today called for rain in the night and early morning hours.

It indeed rained a lot in the morning hours in the Rotterdam-area and that resulted in an early cancellation of the game between Mampaey The Hawks and DOOR Neptunus.

In the afternoon, it cleared up in most of the country and so the other three games remained on schedule for tonight. However, in the evening, it started to rain again in the center of the country. There was some heavy rain at game-time in Vleuten and so, the game between UVV and Vaessen Pioniers was cancelled shortly before 8 o'clock.

This marks the fifth consecutive day that a game between the above mentioned teams had to be cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Today's cancelled games have been re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 27. For Neptunus and Pioniers, this date is the last possible Tuesday to make up games while the first half of the competition is still going on. The first half ends on Sunday, June 1. Of course, when more cancellations follow, games will be re-scheduled for other dates, but they then might be played while the second half of the competition also is underway.

The second half opens on Thursday, June 5, except for Neptunus and Pioniers, who open on Tuesday, June 3 when they play their first of three Tuesday-evening games, which are scheduled on a weekday to make room later in the month when both teams participate in the European Cup Tournaments. For the other teams, June 3 is a regular make-up date, which then is still part of the first half.

This season, this new format is introduced with the regular season of 42 games being split in two halves of 21 games. The teams in first and second place after the first half qualify for the Play-Offs at the end of the season, as do the two best teams of the second half (or following teams in the ranking order when they are the same as in the first half).

(May 12)

Corendon Kinheim vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW

At Haarlem, Corendon Kinheim and Mr. Cocker HCAW got the second game of their series in the books tonight. Kinheim and HCAW were the only two teams who were able to play a make-up game in the rainy period since last Thursday. Kinheim won 6-0 on Friday-evening. Follow to rainouts in the weekend, Kinheim scored quickly tonight in the first inning, couldn't take that much distance and won with an 8-3 score.

In the first inning, it appeared that HCAW would open the score, as it got the bases loaded with one out off of starter Nick Veltkamp. Jasper Keijzer and Peter van Doesburg led off with singles, then Sergino Martis walked with one out. But then Veltkamp struckout the next batter and a flyout ended the inning.

Kinheim reacted with two runs in its first at bat off of Ivan Granados. With one out, Niels van Weert singled and with two outs, Bryan Engelhardt hit his third homerun of the season to give Kinheim an early lead.

...Arshwin Asjes => second save...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
However, Kinheim was unable to take some more distance in the next at bats and saw HCAW narrow the deficit to 2-1 in the fourth inning. With two outs, Roy Seltenrijch singled, then scored when Max Clarijs followed with a double, but then a strikeout ended the inning.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, HCAW turned its second double play of the game and Kinheim stranded two runners. But the home team then added a run in the fifth at bat, which was a tough one for HCAW's short stop Roy Seltenrijch, as Niels van Weert circled the bases on three errors by the former Kinheim-player. With one out, Van Weert reached on a fielding error, then reached second base safely when an error was made there on a force play-grounder by Quintin De Cuba. Van Weert then moved to third base on a flyout to centerfield by Bryan Engelhardt, but was able to score when a throwing error followed.

Kinheim took some more distance in the fifth inning by scoring two runs. Mervin Gario led off with a walk and Dashenko Ricardo then singled. After the two advanced on a sacrifice bunt by Sven van de Sanden, they both scored on a 2-out single by RenÚ Cremer.

HCAW got one run back in the top of the seventh inning to make it a 5-2 score. Jasper Keijzer was then hit by a pitch with two outs, moved on a walk for Peter van Doesburg and scored on a double by Jorin van Amstel. Hereafter, Jean-Paul Gulinck took over the pitching for Veltkamp and ended the inning.

HCAW got closer in the eighth inning. The Bussum-team got the bases loaded with one out, but scored only once. With one out and Rossini Frolijk (fielder's choice) on first base, Roy Seltenrijch walked and Max Clarijs singled. Gulinck then struckout the next batter and was relieved by Arshwin Asjes, who then walked Jasper Keijzer to bring in a run. But the righthander ended with a strikeout and so, HCAW left three runners behind.

In the home of the eighth, Kinheim took more distance by scoring three runs. With one out, Dashenko Ricardo doubled and Calvin Martinus singled, then both scored when Jefferson Muzo followed with a triple. The latter then scored on a single by RenÚ Cremer, which led to a pitching change. Tony Kreisel, who was HCAW's third pitcher in the game and started the eighth, was replaced by Tom de Blok, who made his debut in a HCAW-uniform. De Blok initially started the season pitching for L&D Amsterdam Pirates in the exhibition season to prepare for his professional adventure in the USA. De Blok had signed a contract with the Seattle Mariners last year, but he recently returned home after a brief stay in the States and then found a new home at HCAW. De Blok retired the only two batters he faced.

Arshwin Asjes completed the game for Kinheim and earned his second save of the season.

Corendon Kinheim - Mr. Cocker HCAW 8-3
Mr. Cocker HCAW000100110-383
Corendon Kinheim20001203X-8140
pitchers HCAWinn.SOBBHRER
Ivan Granados, L (2-2)643954
Roel Bellinga1--1--
Tony Kreisel0.1--433
Tom de Blok0.2-----
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Nick Veltkamp, W (4-0)6.274722
Jean-Paul Gulinck, H (4)112111
Arshwin Asjes, SV (2)1.111---
Homerun: Kinheim: Bryan Engelhardt (3)(2-run,1st,off Granados).
Box Score
Umpires: HP-Henri van Heijningen, 1B-Efrem Silvania, 3B-Stenar van Groningen Schinkel.
Official Scorer-Dieks Bannink.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Brigitta Zaal.
Time-3:02 hr.

ADO Lakers vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates

At The Hague, after four days of rainouts, ADO Lakers and L&D Amsterdam Pirates finally were able to take the field. Amsterdam struck early with an 8-run rally in the first inning and won big with a 20-2 score.

...Kenny Berkenbosch...
...4 Runs, 4 RBI's, Homerun...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
For Amsterdam, all nine starting players in the line-up reached base at least three (!) times. All of them also scored at least once and also had at least one run batted in. The team was led by Kenny Berkenbosch, who scored four runs and had four RBI's. Berkenbosch also reached base five times (he walked four times), as did Roelie Henrique. Eight players collected at least one basehit tonight.

The first seven Amsterdam-batters reached base safely in the first inning off of starter Glenn Romney. Roelie Henrique led off with a single, stole second base and advanced on an error. Next, Michael Duursma reached on a throwing error and then Remco Draijer delivered an RBI-double. Moments later, Kenny Berkenbosch hit a 3-run homerun to give Amsterdam an early 4-0 lead. But the scoring wasn't over yet. Bas de Jong and Rashid Gerard singled, then both scored on a double by Bas Nooij. Romney then was able to retire the next two batters, but then gave up a runscoring single to Henrique and an RBI-double to Duursma that made it 9-0.

Amsterdam added three runs in the second at bat. First, Berkenbosch (walk), De Jong (single) and Gerard (walk) loaded the bases. A run was then scored when an error was made on a force play-grounder. Moments later, the next runs were added on a force play-grounder by Patrick Bok and a single by Koen Nooij.

Romney then pitched a scoreless third inning, but was relieved in the fourth by Rick van der Post, who made his first appearance of the season. With one out, he gave up three consecutive singles to Koen Nooij, Roelie Henrique and Michael Duursma to load the bases, then walked Remco Draijer and Kenny Berkenbosch to bring in two more runs. Hereafter, Van der Post was replaced by Odion Gouverneur, who was greeted with a sacrifice fly by Bas de Jong that made it 14-0.

Amsterdam-starter Kevin Heijstek was pitching a No-Hitter in the fourth inning. He walked lead-off hitter Stephen Henson in the first inning, but then Amsterdam turned a double play. From that moment on, Heijstek retired ten batters in a row. In the bottom of the fourth inning, he struckout the first two batters he faced, but then his No-Hitter and Shutout ended when Christian Diaz connected well on a 3-1 pitch for a solo-homerun. Heijstek followed with another strikeout to end the inning.

Amsterdam continued its scoring in the next innings. Two runs were scored in the fifth at bat. With one out, Gouverneur walked three batters to load the bases. A force play-grounder by Bj÷rn Hato plus a following throwing error then brought in two runners.

Three more runs were scored in the sixth. Amsterdam again got the bases loaded with one out, then two runs were scored when Gouverneur hit Patrick Bok and Koen Nooij with a pitch. Jurandy Girigori then took over the pitching, but saw another run being scored when Henrique grounded out, lifting the lead to 19-1.

ADO Lakers then scored its second run in the home of the sixth off of new pitcher Chris Mowday, who struckout three. Jason Jakobus led off with a single and went on to score on an error on a grounder by Wimsley van Heijningen.

But Amsterdam got the run back in the seventh when Kenny Berkenbosch walked for the fourth time and scored on a sacrifice fly by Rashid Gerard.

In the home of the seventh, Kyle Ward became Amsterdam's third pitcher and struckout the side to end the game.

ADO Lakers - L&D Amsterdam Pirates 2-20 (7 inn.)
L&D Amsterdam Pirates8303231-20151
ADO Lakers0001010-234
pitchers Piratesinn.SOBBHRER
Kevin Heijstek, W (4-0)562211
Chris Mowday13-11-
Kyle Ward13----
pitchers ADO Lakersinn.SOBBHRER
Glenn Romney, L (0-2)32410117
Rick van der Post0.1-2333
Odion Gouverneur215154
Jurandy Girigori1.221111
Homeruns: Pirates: Kenny Berkenbosch (2)(3-run,1st,off Romney); ADO Lakers: Christian Diaz (2)(solo,4th,off Heijstek).
Box Score
Umpires: HP-Winfried Berkvens, 1B-Fred Groenewegen, 3B-Mario Blaauw.
Official Scorer-Stefan Slinger.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Jeanette van Drunen.
Time-2:45 hr.

Mampaey The Hawks vs. DOOR Neptunus

At Dordrecht, the game between Mampaey The Hawks and DOOR Neptunus was cancelled early in the afternoon.

After it had rained throughout the night and in the morning, it cleared up around 11:30 PM. However, the playing site in Dordrecht remained unplayable due to the rain of the last five days, despite being covered.

And thus, a game between The Hawks and Neptunus was cancelled for the fifth consecutive day. The game is re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 27.

The teams have another try on Tuesday-evening (May 13) when they meet again in Dordrecht.

The Hawks will then again start with RHP Evan Simons, who was the announced starter for tonight, which might move Tuesday's starter RHP Quinn Tramm to Thursday. Neptunus will start with RHP Floris Timmer, who already was announced for Tuesday-evening and that means that tonight's starter RHP Misja Harcken returns to the bullpen.

Mampaey The Hawks - DOOR Neptunus cancelled (rain/field conditions)
DOOR Neptunus -000
Mampaey The Hawks -000
(game cancelled due to rain and field conditions; re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 27 at 7:30 PM)
pitcher Neptunusinn.SOBBHRER
Misja Harcksen------
pitcher The Hawksinn.SOBBHRER
Evan Simons------
Umpires: HP-RenÚ Ras, 1B-Roy van de Wateringen, 3B-Antoine Loock.
Official Scorer-Francis Speters.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Alex van den Berg.
Time-0:00 hr.

...Another rainout in Vleuten...
(© Photo: Frans van Elst)
UVV vs. Vaessen Pioniers

In the afternoon, it was dry in most of the country, including Vleuten, where tonight's game between UVV and Vaessen Pioniers was scheduled. The field looked good, as the groud crew, led by Frans van Elst, had done a fine job. Unfortunately, their hard work was done for nothing in the end.

Early in the evening, it started to rain again in the center of the country. Around 7:30 PM, the starting time of the game, there was some heavy rain, which blanked the playing site again.

The start of the game was postponed, but some 25 minutes later, the umpire crew couldn't do much more than cancel the game due to the ongoing rain and the conditions of the playing field.

And so, for the fifth day in a row, a game between these two teams rained out.

The game is re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 27.

UVV and Pioniers will have another try to play against each other tomorrow-evening (Tuesday, May 13).

Both announced starting pitchers for tonight's game had completed their preparations before it was cancelled. UVV already confirmed that Belgian righthander Kenny Van Den Branden will start on Tuesday instead of RHP Duko Jansen to make his first start of the season. For Pioniers, lefthander Ricardo Hernandez Sanchez might be the starter again on Tuesday-evening, but that will be decided on Tuesday-morning. Other candidates to start are RHP Steven van Groningen, who was initially announced for Tuesday, and RHP Elton Koeiman, who is now the scheduled starter for Thursday's game. Koeiman might be the starter, meaning Pioniers can return to its regular rotation on Thursday with a start for Hernandez, followed by Van Groningen on Saturday and Koeiman again on Sunday. But as of now, all starters for Pioniers for the upcoming days are to be decided.

UVV - Vaessen Pioniers cancelled (rain/field conditions)
Vaessen Pioniers -000
UVV -000
(game cancelled due to rain and field conditions; re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 27 at 7:30 PM)
pitcher Pioniersinn.SOBBHRER
Ricardo Hernandez Sanchez------
pitcher UVVinn.SOBBHRER
Duko Jansen------
Umpires: HP-Fred Oosterling, 1B-John Beltman, 3B-Olav Steijger.
Official Scorer-Rienette Hamers.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Ger van Dongen.
Time-0:00 hr.

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