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Updated: April 20, 2014
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Top-four dominates in Opening Weekend
THE HAGUE / HOOFDDORP / DORDRECHT / VLEUTEN (Neth.) - The top-4 teams of the last seven seasons also dominated the start of the new season, as the quartet opened with a sweep in their opening series.

Vaessen Pioniers inaugurated its new stadium in Hoofddorp with a 7-2 victory vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW.

Reigning champion DOOR Neptunus registered its third consecutive shutout, winning 11-0 at ADO Lakers. The Rotterdam-squad is now one victory shy of its 1,000th on the big league-level. Neptunus can reach that unique milestone next Thursday when it opens its next 3-game series at Vaessen Pioniers.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates led 8-2 after three innings and went on to win 10-2 vs. UVV.

Corendon Kinheim completed its sweep vs. Mampaey The Hawks with a 9-3 victory. Kinheim's Bryan Engelhardt became the first player to hit a homerun in the new big league-season after the first games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday all went without a homerun.

(April 20)

ADO Lakers vs. DOOR Neptunus
At The Hague, DOOR Neptunus won 11-0 at ADO Lakers to register its third consecutive shutout since the start of the season last Thursday.

But, the win didn't come that easy. The Rotterdam-squad scored four runs in the first inning, but then was held scoreless in the next six at bats by starting pitcher Timo van Ancum. However, the early 4-0 lead was enough for Neptunus, as its own starter Floris Timmer also did a fine job. Timmer didn't strikeout any batter, didn't issue a walk, gave up six hits, but threw seven solid innings.

...Adrian Anthony...
...3 Hits, 5 RBI's...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Van Ancum had a rough start for ADO Lakers, giving up four runs on four hits in the first at bat. At Leen Volkerijk Stadium, Gyenuar Lopez led off the game with a single and moved on a grounder by Benjamin Dille. The bases then got loaded when Raily Legito singled and Dwayne Kemp walked. Neptunus then took a quick 4-run lead when Gianison Boekhoudt doubled in two runs and Adrian Anthony followed with a 2-run single. Next batter Daniel Fernandes then walked, but after a coaching visit, Van Ancum retired the next two batters.

Van Ancum recovered after the first inning and was supported with some fine defense. Neptunus did reach base several times, but ADO Lakers turned three double plays (3rd, 5th and 6th inning). Also, a Neptunus-runner was caught stealing, while Van Ancum retired the side in the fourth inning. No Neptunian runner reached third base in the second through seventh inning. And so, the reigning champion was unable to take more distance.

Inn the meantime, ADO Lakers was unable to do something back off of Timmer, despite getting several chances. Timmer gave up a lead-off single to Odion Gouverneur in the first inning, but then Neptunus turned a double play. In the second inning, Edzul Robles led off with a double and advanced to third base on a grounder. He was then eliminated in a run-down trying to score on a grounder to third base by Joshua Zara. In the third inning, Neptunus turned another double play, then Timmer retired the side in the fourth.

In the fifth inning, Jesper van Aken led off for the home team with a single, but was left behind. In the next at bat, Gouveneur singled with one out, but was caught stealing. ADO Lakers then got two more runners in the seventh inning. with one out, Robles singled and stole second base, then Van Aken was hit by a pitch. The two then got into scoring position with a double-steal, but two groundouts prevented them from scoring.

And so, we arrive in the eighth inning. Neptunus then took more distance, but only after ADO Lakers had changed pitchers. In the eighth inning, Glenn Romney took over the pitching for ADO Lakers. While Romney had pitched before briefly in the big league, he is no regular pitcher, but an outfielder/1st baseman. Romney joined ADO Lakers in the off-season and made his comeback today in the big league. He didn't play in the big league last year, but played several seasons at the highest level for teams as Pioniers and HCAW. He last played in the big league in 2012 for Mr. Cocker HCAW.

Romney's performance as pitcher wasn't successful, as he faced only four batters, who all reached base. He walked Raily Legito, who then stole second base and scored on a following single by Dwayne Kemp. After Kemp also had stolen second base, Gianison Boekhoudt walked and Adrian Anthony delivered an RBI-double that made it 6-0. Hereafter, rookie Jeremy Winkel was brought in as new pitcher and retired the first batter he faced. Urving Kemp then reached on a runscoring error and Shaldimar Daantji added an RBI-single. ADO Lakers then turned its fourth double play of the afternoon, but Neptunus had taken a decisive lead.

The Rotterdam-squad added three more runs in the ninth at bat off of Christian Diaz, who was the rightfielder in the previous eight innings. He gave up a lead-off single to Benjamin Dille and walked Raily Legito. Hereafter, Dwayne Kemp singled in a run, Gianison Boekhoudt walked to load the bases and Adrian Anthony followed with a 2-run single to make it 11-0. Anthony was 3-for-5 today with five runs batted in. A strikeout and two flyouts then ended the inning.

In the home of the ninth, Diaz led off with a single off of Berry van Driel, who had just taken over the pitching. Van Driel then struckout the next three batters to end the game.

ADO Lakers - DOOR Neptunus 0-11
DOOR Neptunus400000043-11150
ADO Lakers000000000-081
pitchers Neptunusinn.SOBBHRER
Floris Timmer, W (1-0)7--6--
Jorian van Acker11-1--
Berry van Driel13-1--
pitchers ADO Lakersinn.SOBBHRER
Timo van Ancum, L (0-1)713944
Glenn Romney- (*)-2243
Jeremy Winkel1--1--
Christian Diaz112333
(*) - Romney pitched to four batters in 8th inning
Box Score
Umpires: HP-Edwin Louisa, 1B-Johan Brandsma.
Official Scorer-Brigitta Zaal.
Play-by-Play-Francis Speters.
Time-2:46 hr.

Vaessen Pioniers vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW

...Ilja Schinkel (left) and Maarten Broersen throw out...
...the ceremonial first pitch before the game...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
At Hoofddorp, Vaessen Pioniers played its first official home game in its new stadium and inaugurated the facility with a 7-2 victory against Mr. Cocker HCAW.

Some 500 spectators visited the game on the new location, which is part of the King Willem-Alexander Sports Complex. Before the game, club-chairman Ilja Schinkel and Maarten Broersen, member of the board of Foundation ETO (which oversaw the transfer from the old to the new site), threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Member of Merit Co Haspels, who is a longtime member of the club and also is involved in the top sports section, then addressed the attendees to open the season.

Veteran righthander Elton Koeiman gave up only one basehit in six innings to earn his first victory in a Pionier-uniform. Koeiman, who turns 41 next month, did an outstanding job in his debut-game for Pioniers. The righthander, who last season pitched for Mampaey The Hawks, retired the first 13 batters he faced. With one out in the fifh inning, his Perfect Game ended when Rossini Frolijk doubled. But he would be the lone baserunner Koeiman allowed, as he then retired the next five batters again. After having thrown only 68 pitches, Koeiman was relieved after six innings. Koeiman's relievers in the seventh and eighth inning then gave up four hits and two runs. Bayron Cornelisse closed the game in the ninth, retiring three batters.

...Co Haspels addresses the spectators...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Pioniers set the tone for the game immediately in its first at bat. The team rallied for five runs to make sure it would win its first game in its new stadium. Today's game was bothered sometimes by a strong eastern wind, which blowed in towards home plate.

Despite the strong wind, Pioniers struck in the first inning off of Tony Kreisel, scoring five runs with two outs. Zerzinho Croes led off with a single and moved on a grounder. Dirk van 't Klooster then walked, followed by a flyout. And then, the scoring began. Vince Rooi singled to load the bases, then a wild pitch led to the first run. Next, a walk for Mark-Jan Moorman re-loaded the bases. Kevin Dirksen then connected for a 2-run single and the bases were loaded again when Djewi Appelman walked. This time, it was 16-year old rookie Max Draijer, who delivered a 2-run single to lift the lead to 5-0. Draijer also had a good outing as short stop, earning five assists.

After leaving a runner in the second inning and two in the third, Pioniers added a run in the fourth and fifth at bat. In the fourth, lead-off hitter Mark Duursma was hit by a pitch by Gijs van Els, who had relieved Kreisel in the second inning. Duursma advanced on grounders by Dirk van 't Klooster and Danny Rombley, then scored on a single by Vince Rooi.

In the sixth, off of new pitcher (and former Pionier) Daley Paalvast, Pioniers scored its seventh run. With two outs, Zerzinho Croes singled, stole second base, moved on a wild pitch and scored on a double by Mark Duursma.

HCAW was silenced in the first six innings by Elton Koeiman, who then was relieved by Sedley Karel in the seventh. With two outs, Karel gave up a single to Kevin Weijgertse, but he was left behind.

In the eighth inning, Swen Huijer became the third pitcher for Pioniers, but the former pro ran into problems. He gave up lead-off singles to Roy Seltenrijch and Levine Gabriels, who then advanced on a grounder. With two outs, Huijer loaded the bases by walking Linoy Croes and he then gave up a 2-run single to Jasper Keijzer that made it a 7-2 score.

In the ninth inning, closer Bayron Cornelisse retired the side to end the game.

...Winning pitcher Elton Koeiman...

...Dirk van 't Klooster in a new uniform...

...Short Stop Max Draijer => 5 Assists...

...HCAW-starter Tony Kreisel...

...The Easter-bunny also was in Hoofddorp...

...The view from the stands...

...Linoy Croes loses his bat...

...Danny Rombley is forced out at 2nd base...
...2B Barry Mastenbroek makes the out...

...Vince Rooi is greeted at first base... 1B Coach Peter Barentsen...

...The view from the outfield...
(© All Photos: Henk Seppen)

Vaessen Pioniers - Mr. Cocker HCAW 7-2
Mr. Cocker HCAW000000020-251
Vaessen Pioniers50011000X-7120
pitchers HCAWinn.SOBBHRER
Tony Kreisel, L (0-1)1 (*)-3555
Gijs van Els32-311
Daley Paalvast1--211
Bob Klaarenbeek2112--
Maickel Rietel1-1---
(*) - Kreisel pitched to one batter in 2nd inning
pitchers Pioniersinn.SOBBHRER
Elton Koeiman, W (1-0)62-1--
Sedley Karel1--1--
Swen Huijer1-1322
Bayron Cornelisse1-----
Box Score
Umpires: HP-Fred Groenewegen, 1B-Coen van Lierop, 3B-Niek Elshof.
Official Scorer-Dieks Bannink.
Play-by-Play-Jeanette van Drunen.
Time-2:51 hr.

Mampaey The Hawks vs. Corendon Kinheim
At Dordrecht, Corendon Kinheim rallied for four runs in the fourth inning to take a deciding 6-0 lead en route to a 9-3 victory vs. Mampaey The Hawks.

Kinheim opened the score with two runs in the opening at bat off of Ronald de Bont. With one out, rookie Sander Paap singled, then moved when Quintin De Cuba reached on an error. The bases got loaded when De Bont walked Bryan Engelhardt. A single by Jeffrey Arends and a force play-grounder by Mervin Gario then accounted for a quick lead.

...Bryan Engelhardt...
...first homerun of the season...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
In the second inning, Kinheim got the bases loaded, but failed to add a run. Niels van Weert led off with a walk, moved on a grounder and stole third base with two outs. The bases then got loaded when Paap and De Cuba also walked, but Engelhardt then flied out.

In the third inning, another runner stranded, but Kinheim then rallied for four runs in the fourth at bat. With one out, René Cremer doubled and Paap walked, then De Cuba singled in a run. Next, Bryan Engelhardt connected well for a 3-run homerun, which was the first one hit in the 2014 season and gave Kinheim a 6-0 lead.

While the 6-0 lead appeared to be comfortable, The Hawks narrowed the deficit to 6-3 in the next innings. In the home of the 4th inning, off of rookie-starter Glenn Wassink, The Hawks scored its first run, but also left the bases loaded. With two outs, Gregory Trinidad reached on an error and Steven Wharwood and Bob de Bruijn singled to bring in Trinidad. Aschwin Rokx then followed with the third consecutive single to load the bases, but a force play then ended the inning.

The Hawks scored its next run in the sixth inning off of Wassink. Berry van Donselaar led off with a double and then scored with two outs when De Bruijn again delivered an RBI-single.

The Hawks then scored again in the seventh at bat. Aschwin Rokx and Berend Ruben led off with singles, then moved on a sacrifice bunt by Jules Peters. A sacrifice fly by Gino Hersilia then brought in Rokx to narrow Kinheim's lead to 6-3. That brought in new pitcher Jean-Paul Gulinck and the lefthander ended the inning when he got Rodney Michel to groundout.

After The Hawks left two runners in the eighth inning, Kinheim took more distance by scoring three runs in the top of the ninth. Bryan Engelhardt led off with a double, then Jeffrey Arends and Mervin Gario singled to bring in a run. The next run was then scored on a sacrifice fly by pinch-hitter Calvin Martinus. Hereafter, Henk van Heijningen took over the pitching for The Hawks and gave up a 2-run single to Jefferson Muzo that made it 9-3.

Arshwin Asjes then pitched the ninth for Kinheim. He gave up pinch-hit singles to Remian Denis and Joris Naber, but Kinheim then turned a double play and a flyout ended the game.

Mampaey The Hawks - Corendon Kinheim 3-9
Corendon Kinheim200400003-9131
Mampaey The Hawks000101100-3101
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Glenn Wassink, W (1-0)6.251832
Jean-Paul Gulinck, H (1)1.111---
Arshwin Asjes1--2--
pitchers The Hawksinn.SOBBHRER
Ronald de Bont, L (0-1)516665
Kevin van Veen3.1--633
Henk van Heijningen0.2--1--
Homerun: Kinheim: Bryan Engelhardt (1)(3-run,4th,off De Bont).
Box Score
Umpires: HP-Martijn Bosschaart, 1B-Roy van de Wateringen, 3B-John Beltman.
Official Scorer-Dennis Duin.
Play-by-Play-Marijke van de Berge.
Time-2:56 hr.

UVV vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates
At Vleuten, L&D Amsterdam Pirates took a quick 3-0 lead in the first inning vs. UVV, then gave up two runs, but took more distance with a 5-run third and went on to win 10-2.

Pirates struck early off of veteran starter Duko Jansen in the first at bat. Roelie Henrique led off with a single, then Michael Duursma also singled, which was followed by an outfield-error to put runners on second and third base. Next, Remco Draijer tripled to bring in both runners and was able to complete his circle around the bases on a throwing error to make it 3-0.

...Michael Duursma...
...leads league after 3 games with 8 basehits...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Amsterdam-starter Jos de Jong gave up two runs in the first UVV-at bat. The righthander hit lead-off hitter Brennan Nijhof with a pitch, but he was forced out on a grounder by Norbert Jongerius. UVV then got runners on second and third base when a following single by Gilmer Lampe was followed by an outfield-error. Moments later, Jongerius and Lampe scored when Mike Bazuin also singled. But that were the only runs UVV would score and from that moment on, it was all Pirates.

After walking Joris van Ballegooy with one out in the first inning, Jos de Jong retired 17 of the next 19 batters, including nine in a row from the second through fifth inning. With two outs in the fifth, the righthander gave up singles to Jongerius and Lampe, but he then retired the next four batters again.

In the seventh inning, Kyle Ward took over and retired the side. In the eighth, the lefthander gave up two singles, including the third today by Gilmer Lampe, with one out, but UVV stranded two runners. Jurrian Koks then pitched the ninth for Amsterdam.

In the third inning, Amsterdam increased its lead from 3-2 to 8-2 by scoring five runs. Michael Duursma led off with a walk and Remco Draijer singled, then Kenny Berkenbosch followed with an RBI-single. The next run was then scored on a sacrifive fly by Percy Isenia. After Berkenbosch had stolen second base, Rashid Gerard was hit by a pitch. Moments later, Bas Nooij (one-run) and Jesse Aussems (2-run) hit back-to-back doubles to make it an 8-2 score. It marked the end for Duko Jansen, who was relieved by Jurjen van Zijl.

Van Zijl held Amsterdam scoreless in the next three innings, but then gave up another run in the seventh at bat. Kenny Berkenbosch then led off with a single and went on to score on an one-out single by Bas Nooij.

Amsterdam scored its last run in the ninth inning off of new pitcher Thijs Steenwijk. With one out, Bas Nooij (who had reached on a fielder's choice) scored on a 2-out single by Roelie Henrique.

Amsterdam collected 14 basehits, including four by Michael Duursma, who had hit three basehits yesterday. The experienced short stop now leads the league after three games with eight basehits.

UVV's Head Coach Ferenc Jongejan had himself inserted in today's starting line-up as the designated hitter. Jongejan batted sixth and went 0-for-3. The former lefthanded pitcher played his last game in the regular season of the Dutch big league in 2000 when he pitched for Hoofddorp Pioniers. He then played professionally for four seasons (2001-2004) in minor league-teams of the Chicago Cubs. Due to an arm-injury, he was released in 2004 and participated with Neptunus in the Dutch post-season, winning the Dutch championship. After the 2007 season, Jongejan returned to UVV, where he had played before making his debut in the Dutch big league in 1998 playing for Twins. With UVV, Jongejan played at first base in the second highest league and went on to become their Head Coach after the 2012 season.

UVV - L&D Amsterdam Pirates 2-10
L&D Amsterdam Pirates305000101-10141
pitchers Piratesinn.SOBBHRER
Jos de Jong, W (1-0)641521
Kyle Ward21-2--
Jurrian Koks121---
pitchers UVVinn.SOBBHRER
Duko Jansen, L (0-1)2.1-1888
Jurjen van Zijl5.212511
Thijs Steenwijk0.2-2111
Martijn van Soest0.1-----
Box Score
Umpires: HP-Peter Brink, 1B-Olav Steijger, 3B-Fred Oosterling.
Official Scorer-Linda Steijger.
Play-by-Play-Alex van den Berg.
Time-2:50 hr.

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