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Updated: July 14, 2021
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Day 2 European Champions Cup: Loss Amsterdam Pirates, Game Neptunus suspended

OSTRAVA / FRİDEK-MÍSTEK (Czech Rep.) - On Wednesday (July 14), Day 2 of the European Champions Cup-tournament in the Czech Republic, L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curaçao Neptunus both faced a German opponent.

In Ostrava, Pirates ended up short against Bonn Capitals and lost 14-13. In Frıdek-Místek, Neptunus played against German champion Heidenheim Heideköpfe, but their game was halted halfway the fourth inning due to heavy rain and lightning. At that moment, Neptunus was leading 3-1. The game will resume on Thursday-morning. The evening-game in Ostrava was cancelled due to the weather conditions.

On Tuesday, Amsterdam Pirates came from behind in its opener against Arrows Ostrava (Czech Republic) and won 8-6, while Neptunus opened with a 14-4 win in eight innings against Rouen Huskies (France).

On Tuesday-evening, Pirates faced a 5-3 deficit after three innings, but came alongside, then took the lead in the eighth to win. Today, the Amsterdam-squad again trailed, 5-0 after three innings and 9-3 after five. Again, the team came alongside, trailed once more, but again took the lead late in the game. However, this time, Pirates was unable to hold onto its lead and was left empty-handed.

Due to the cancellations today, the game-schedule for Thursday was adjusted. Neptunus will first complete its game against Heidenheim in Frıdek-Místek, then transfers to Ostrava to play against UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna at 5:30 PM. That game was originally scheduled for 3:00 PM. Heidenheim will stay in Frıdek-Místek to play against Rouen in the afternoon in a game that was originally scheduled to be played in Ostrava.

Today's cancelled evening-game between Parma and Arrows Ostrava has been re-scheduled for Thursday-morning at 10 AM in Ostrava. With that, the game between Amsterdam Pirates and Parma has been moved from Frıdek-Místek to Ostrava and will follow the Parma vs. Ostrava game at 1:30 PM. As the game between Pirates and Parma was moved to Ostrava, it means there now will be four games played at the main-site of the tournament. Because of this, the evening-game between Ostrava and Bonn will now start at 9 PM, instead of 7:30 PM.

(July 14)

Other scores of Day 2:
Pool A: Arrows Ostrava vs. Parma Baseball Club cancelled (rain).
Pool B: Rouen Huskies vs. UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna 1-17 (5 inn.).

L&D Amsterdam Pirates vs. Bonn Capitals
Amsterdam Pirates scored 13 runs and collected 12 basehits in its second game of the tournament. However, its pitching gave up 14 runs and 15 basehits. The three Pirates-pitchers walked nine batters. By the way, the four Bonn-pitchers also walked nine batters in this long game, which took three hours and 41 minutes to complete.

Amsterdam Pirates got a chance to open the score right away in the top of the first inning off of Australian Wilson Lee. With one out, the lefthander walked Kalian Sams, saw Sharlon Schoop reach on an error and gave up a single to Denzel Richardson, which loaded the bases. But he then struckout Sicnarf Loopstok and got an inning-ending flyout from Delano Selassa.

Bonn Capitals left runners behind on first and second base in its first at bat off of Amsterdam-starter Jelle van der Lelie. The German team then opened the score in the bottom of the second inning when Wilson Lee led off with a homerun.

With a runner on first base in the top of the third, the 29-year old Wilson Lee struckout Richardson and Loopstok. Lee played professionally in the Rookie League in 2011-2012 in the Pittsburgh Pirates-organization. He also played in the professional Australian Baseball League for Adelaide Bite, where he was a teammate of Dutch pitcher Loek van Mil and catcher Bas Nooij. Wilson Lee, who also plays in the outfield, played for Draci Brno in the Czech competition in 2014, before moving to Bonn Capitals in 2015. After having played for the team from Bonn for three seasons, he played for Solingen Alligators in 2018, but then returned to Bonn. Last year, he was the Most Valuable Player of the German Bundesliga, but his team lost the best-of-five Championship Final against Heidenheim Heideköpfe.

In the bottom of the third inning, Bonn rallied for four runs off Jelle van der Lelie. All four runs were unearned, as the Amsterdam-defense made two errors, but the rookie-pitcher also gave up some productive basehits. With one out, Vincent Ahrens reached on an error by veteran first baseman Kenny Berkenbosch. That was followed by a flyout, which could have been the third out. But now with two outs, Van der Lelie walked 34-year old New Zealander Daniel Lamb-Hunt, who plays in Germany since 2010. Wilson Lee then showed that he also can handle the bat, as he delivered a 2-run triple. Moments later, Lee scored when Danny Lankhorst reached on an error by third baseman Mick Vos. And Lankhorst went on to score on a following single by Anthony Rodriguez Klinzing. Van der Lelie closed with a strikeout, but Bonn led 5-0!

Pirates narrowed the deficit to 5-3 in the top of the fourth. Delano Selassa led off with a walk, then moved on an one-out pinch-hit single by Rashid Gerard. With two outs, Gilmer Lampe connected well and hit a 3-run homerun.

In the bottom of the fourth, Bonn Capitals answered with another 4-run rally with some productive hitting off of Van der Lelie. With one out, he gave up a single to Joseph Wittig, then walked Vincent Ahrens and gave up a homerun to Terrell Joyce. Daniel Lamb-Hunt followed with a single and scored when next batter Wilson Lee delivered an RBI-double. With Capitals now leading 9-3, Gio de Graauw took over the Pirates-pitching. He walked a batter and got two flyouts, but the German team was clearly in command at this moment in the game.

After both teams were kept scoreless in the fifth, Pirates struck with a 6-run rally in the top of the sixth to come alongside! When Wilson Lee walked Kenny Berkenbosch and Rashid Gerard, the lefthander was relieved by Samuel Steigert. As Lee remained in the game as leftfielder, the new pitcher also entered the batting order. Steigert ran into problems immediately. He was greeted with a runscoring single from Roelie Henrique, then got the bases loaded when he walked Gilmer Lampe. And then Kalian Sams drove the ball into deep leftfield for a grand slam homerun! Steigert then walked Sharlon Schoop and was replaced by Nicholas Micheli. He got a foul-out and a flyout, but then gave up a single to Delano Selassa, which tied the score at 9-9.

Bonn Capitals immediately re-took the lead in the bottom of the sixth when Danny Lankhorst homered with two outs.

Again, Amsterdam Pirates staged a rally, this time scoring four runs in the top of the seventh to take the lead for the first time in the game. The bases got loaded when Rashid Gerard led off with a single, Roelie Henrique followed with a bunt-single and Gilmer Lampe walked. After Kalian Sams stuckout, Sharlon Schoop delivered a 2-run single to put Pirates ahead, 11-10. Hereafter, Denzel Richardson also struckout, but this time, Sicnarf Loopstok followed with a 2-run double. Nicholas Micheli then closed with a strikeout for Delano Selassa, but now it was the German team that faced a deficit.

The Amsterdam-lead was shortlived, as Bonn came alongside with two outs in the bottom of the seventh. Gio de Graauw gave up singles to Joseph Wittig and Vincent Ahrens, but followed with a strikeout. With one out, Mike Groen was inserted as new pitcher. He saw Daniel Lamb-Hunt hit a line drive into rightfield, but the ball was caught by Denzel Richardson. But next batter Wilson Lee drove the ball into deep leftfield for a 3-run homerun. His second in the game and third in the tournament. And that made it a 13-13 score!

After Pirates was retired in order in the top of the eighth, the Germans took over the lead again. With two outs, Mike Groen got the bases loaded. He gave up a 2-out single to Eric Brenk, who stole second base, then walked Joseph Wittig. After the two had advanced on a wild pitch, Groen also walked Vincent Ahrens. Terrell Jocye followed with a runscoring single that put Bonn ahead, 14-13. With the bases still loaded, a grounder ended the at bat.

In the top of the ninth, American Terrell Joyce, who had just put Bonn Capitals ahead, took the mound. He relieved Nicholas Micheli, who had earned a save on Tuesday in Bonn's 5-4 win against Parma. Joyce, who played three seasons (2012-2014) in Rookie League/Single-A in the organization of Houston Astros, faced the toughest part of the Pirates batting order, powerhitters Gilmer Lampe, Kalian Sams, Sharlon Schoop and Denzel Richardson. Joyce walked lead-off hitter Gilmer Lampe, but Sams flied out. Lampe then stole second base and advanced to third base on a grounder by Schoop. But the game then ended when Richardson also grounded out. And with that, Joyce not only had batted in the deciding run, he also earned a save.

Bonn Capitals - L&D Amsterdam Pirates 14-13
L&D Amsterdam Pirates000306400-13122
Bonn Capitals01440131X-14151
pitchers Amsterdam Piratesinn.SOBBHRER
Jelle van der Leliex3.154895

Gio de Graauw343433

Mike Groen, BS (1), L (0-1)1.212322

pitchers Bonn Capitalsinn.SOBBHRER
Wilson Lee5 (*)75555

Samuel Steigert- (**)-2244

Nicholas Miceli, BS (1), W (1-0)351544

Terrell Joyce, SV (1)1-1---

(*) - Lee pitched to two batters in the sixth inning
(**) - Steigert pitched to four batters in the sixth inning

Homeruns: Pirates: Gilmer Lampe (2)(4th,3-run,2 outs,off Lee), Kalian Sams (2)(6th,grand slam,0 outs,off Steigert); Bonn: Wilson Lee 2 (3)(2nd,solo,0 outs,off Van der Lelie; 7th,3-run,2 outs,off Groen), Terrell Joyce (1)(4th,3-run,1 out,off Van der Lelie), Danny Lankhorst (1)(6th,solo,2 outs,off De Graauw).
Box Score
HP-Mojmír Jankovič (Slovakia), 1B-Serge Makouchetchev (France), 3B-Marek Vičar (Czech Rep.)
Official Scorer-Kateřina Havrlantová (Czech Rep.).
Play-by-Play Scorer-Matěj Neděla (Czech Rep.).
Technical Commissioner-Alessandra Soprani (Italy).
Starting Time-10:30 AM.
Time Played-3:41 hrs.
Site-Arrows Park, Ostrava (Czech Republic) (site Arrows Ostrava).

Game Notes:
Weather conditions at game time:
Cloudy, 24° C (75,2° F); wind direction southeast; wind speed 10 kmh (6,2 mph); wind force 2 Bft; humidity 67%.

Curaçao Neptunus vs. Heidenheim Heideköpfe
At the baseball-field in Frıdek-Místek, the game between Neptunus and Heidenheim Heideköpfe was halted halfway the fourth inning due to heavy rain and lightning. It was not possible to wait, as the complex has no light-installation. And so, the game was suspended. The Technical Commission decided that the game will resume on Thursday-morning at 11 AM, also in Frıdek-Místek.

Neptunus opened the score with two runs with two outs in the top of the second inning without hitting a basehit. American lefthander Ross Vance walked five batters in this inning (four in a row), resulting in the two runs. In 2016-2017, Vance played professionally in Rookie League/Single-A/Double-A in the organization of St. Louis Cardinals.

Vance walked lead-off hitter Gianison Boekhoudt, then retired the next two batters, including a strikeout for Benjamin Dille. The lefthander then got the bases loaded when he walked Dashenko Ricardo and Shaldimar Daantji. Hereafter, Vance also walked Stijn van der Meer and John Polonius, which led to the two runs. With the bases still loaded, Dwayne Kemp hit a line drive, but that was caught by Belgian short stop Drew Janssen.

Heidenheim Heideköpfe got a chance to open the score in the bottom of the first inning off of starter Kaj Timmermans. With one out, he gave up a single to Drew Janssen, then Shawn Larry reached base when second baseman Dwayne Kemp made an error on his grounder. Janssen moved to third base on a flyout, but the two runners were left behind.

The German champion cut the deficit in half in the bottom of the second inning. Luke Sommer led off with a double. With one out, he moved to third base on a grounder, then scored on a single by Simon Liedtke. Timmermans walked the next batter, but a grounder ended the at bat.

Neptunus added a run in the top of the fourth when Shaldimar Daantji hit a homerun with two outs. Daantji's homerun was only the second basehit in the game for Neptunus.

Moments later, the game was interrupted due to rain, then was suspended definitively because of the weather conditions and lightning.

Heidenheim Heideköpfe - Curaçao Neptunus suspended (rain)
Curaçao Neptunus0201 -321
Heidenheim Heideköpfe010 -140
(game suspended halfway the fourth inning due to heavy rain and lightning)
pitcher Neptunusinn.SOBBHRER
Kaj Timmermans (pitcher-of-record)312411

pitcher Heidenheim Heideköpfeinn.SOBBHRER
Ross Vance (pitcher-of-record)425233

Homerun: Neptunus: Shaldimar Daantji (1)(4th,solo,2 outs,off Vance).
Umpires: HP-Vladimir Richter (Czech Rep.), 1B-Valerio Pizziconi (Italy), 3B-Andrea Caser (Italy).
Official Scorer-Martina Burkovicová (Czech Rep.).
Play-by-Play Scorer-Alexandra Slaná (Czech Rep.).
Technical Commissioner-Henk van der Linde (Netherlands).
Starting Time-5:00 PM.
Time Played-1:10 hrs.
Site-Complex Baseball Klub Klasik, Frıdek-Místek (Czech Republic) (site BK Klasik).

Game Notes:
Game halted due to heavy rain and lightning halfway the fourth inning, then suspended.
Game will resume on Thursday, July 15 at 11:00 AM in Frıdek-Místek.
Weather conditions at game time:
Cloudy, 26° C (78,8° F); wind direction southeast; wind speed 10 kmh (6,2 mph); wind force 2 Bft; humidity 70%.

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