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September 2006
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KNBSB-Executive Langevoort announces resignation. (September 15)

Dutch Baseball
Pioniers names coaching staff for next season. (September 2)
Clubrecord Kinheim-pitchers; Neptunus claims second place. (September 2)
ADO sweeps HCAW and clinch Play-Offs. (September 3)
KNBSB unveils Holland Series-logo. (September 3)
New Head Coach Sparta/Feyenoord. (September 4)
Neptunus wins first make-up game. (September 4)
Second make-up win for Neptunus. (September 5)
Dutch officials close Olympic Qualifier. (September 5)
ADO ends regular season with win. (September 6)
Play-Off Starters announced; Players added. (September 7)
Play-Off Rosters announced. (September 8)
KNBSB launches Play-Off Website. (September 8)
First Division: Jeka relegates. (September 9)
Kinheim and Pioniers open Play-Offs with win. (September 9)
Kinheim and Pioniers take 2-0 lead. (September 10)
Neptunus expand Play-Off roster. (September 10)
Tuesday-starters confirmed. (September 11)
Kinheim in Holland Series; Neptunus avoids sweep. (September 12)
Lefty match-up on Saturday. (September 14)
Pioniers dethrones Neptunus to reach Holland Series. (September 16)
Final Statistical Leaders. (September 18)
Holland Series website launched. (September 19)
Starting Rotations Holland Series. (September 19-20)
HCAW and Vielvoye separate. (September 21)
Pioniers open Series with big win. (September 21)
Pitcher Jurjen van Zijl joins Neptunus. (September 22)
Kinheim brings Series in balance. (September 23)
Pioniers re-takes lead in Holland Series. (September 24)
Starters for decisive weekend announced. (September 28)
Kinheim forces fifth game in Holland Series. (September 30)
Coverage Junior World Championships.

Dutch Softball Women
Shutout-loss and win for Dutch. (September 1)
Dutch close with win. (September 2)
Softball-season resumes on Saturday. (September 8)
Twins in Play-Offs. (September 9)
League-leaders win big; Autry Perfect. (September 12)
Sparks, DSC name coaches. (September 14)
Tex Town Tigers fourth Play-Off team; Birds regelates. (September 16)
Pirates returns to big league. (September 16)
Sparks Haarlem and Coach Langezaal separate. (September 22)
Terrasvogels claims first place. (September 23)
Softball Play-Off Website launched by KNBSB. (September 28)
Terrasvogels, Sparks open Play-Offs with shutout. (September 29)
Terrasvogels, Sparks also win Game Two. (September 30)

Dutch Softball Men
EHS, Kokolishi open Play-Offs with two wins. (September 2)
Kokolishi in Holland Series; Storks even Play-Off. (September 9)
Storks completes comeback to reach Holland Series. (September 10)
Holland Series halted after one game. (September 16)
Kokolishi 'wins' Game Two. (September 22)
Storks wins third title in a row! (September 23)

International Baseball
Cuba and USA first to qualify for Beijing. (September 3)
New York Mets win Division-title. (September 19)
New York Yankees again Division-champs. (September 22)

International Softball
USA again captures world title softball. (September 5)

News Archive 2006

KNBSB-Executive Langevoort announces resignation
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - Gijs Langevoort, who is a member of the Board for the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) since June 2, 2004, has announced his resignation, the Federation reported in a press release.
Langevoort, who is responsible for the Top Baseball section, will step down during the Annual Fall Council Meeting on November 25. Last Monday, September 11, he informed his colleagues of the Board of his decision.
Expansion of more and extensive work in his regular job, he has his own (medical) company, are mentioned as the reasons for his departure. Because of this, Langevoort is no longer capable of doing his work for the KNBSB for the full 100 percent. Langevoort feels sorry that he has to leave prematurely.
Langevoort, who also handled medical, doping and international affairs, will remain active until November 25. A successor has not yet been named.
(September 15)

Dutch Baseball
Pioniers names coaching staff for next season
HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - Konica Minolta Pioniers announced that Frank Koene will be their Head Coach in the 2007 season. Koene succeeds American Trevor Rooper, who made his debut with the team this season and guide them to the Play-Offs and captured the European CupWinners Cup.

...Trevor Rooper...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)

...Frank Koene...
(Photo: HCAW)
Joining Koene will be Maurice DeConge (Pitching Coach), Peter Barentsen (1B Coach) and Theo Geerman (Bullpen Coach).

Frank Koene, a former middle-infielder, played in the Dutch big league for Giants Diemen, Kinheim and HCAW and retired after the 1998 season. In 2001, he was Assistant Coach with HCAW, then became their Head Coach in 2002, but retired after that season. He then went on to coach HCAW-2 in the First Division thereafter, but wasn't active this season. In 1987, Koene played in the Dutch national team during the Chung Hua Tournament in Taiwan.

American Maurice DeConge has a professional background, including the Major League. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, DeConge pitched for Mr. Cocker HCAW, where he started this season as their Head Coach. In the end of May, DeConge stepped down as coach due to an internal conflict of interests, regarding the compilation of the coaching staff at that time after a 7-game losing streak.

Peter Barentsen (since 2002) and Theo Geerman (since last year) already are members of the Pioniers Coaching Staff.
(September 2)

Clubrecord Kinheim-pitchers; Neptunus claims second place

...Patrick Beljaards (left) and...
...David Bergman...
...12-game winners Kinheim...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - Konica Minolta Pioniers failed to hold onto an early 3-0 lead and lost 7-4 to league-leader Corendon Kinheim. Because of the loss by Pioniers, DOOR Neptunus claimed second place and will have the home field advantage in the best-of-five Play-Off vs. Pioniers, which starts next weekend.
Pioniers took a 3-0 lead in the first inning on five consecutive hits. Kinheim started to come back in the fourth and the game was tied 4-4 after five innings. In the seventh, Kinheim scored twice and went on to win.
Patrick Beljaards threw 7 1/3 inning to win his 12th game of the season and joins teammate David Bergman, who won his twelfth last Thursday. This is the first time ever that Kinheim has two pitchers who won at least 12 games and the first time in the big league since Patrick de Lange and Dave Draijer both won 12 in 2001 while pitching for Mr. Cocker HCAW.

At Bussum, ADO defeated Mr. Cocker HCAW 4-1 to win their season-series 4-1 and move within two points in the race for the remaining Play-Off spot. When ADO also wins on Sunday, they will qualify for the Play-Offs, based on the results of the games played between the two teams.
ADO lost centerfielder Harvey Monte in the second inning with an ankle-injury, but it was diagnosed that it wasn't as severe as initially thought. Kalian Sams homered for ADO in the eighth inning.

At Rotterdam, DOOR Neptunus won 11-7 vs. Sparta/Feyenoord in the evening. Yuji Nerei had four basehits, including two doubles and a triple.

At Almere, Amsterdam Pirates committed eight errors, but won 6-4 in eleven innings vs. Instant Holland Almere '90. Trailing 4-1 in the eighth inning, Almere managed to come alongside, but went on to give up two runs in the eleventh inning.
Early in the game, veteran Almere-pitcher René Rijst was honored for his 25-year career in the Dutch big league. He needs one game to reach the 700-mark.
(September 2)

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ADO sweeps HCAW and clinch Play-Offs
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - With a 4-1 victory, ADO on Sunday completed a 3-game sweep vs. Mr. Cocker HCAW to become the fourth and last team to reach the Play-Offs, while HCAW was eliminated. With the win, ADO also won the season-series vs. HCAW 5-1 and therefore secured itself of a spot in the final four, as the two teams are currently tied in points for fourth place. ADO has two play two make-up games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next Saturday, ADO opens the best-of-five Play-Off vs. league-leader Corendon Kinheim at Haarlem.
Rookie Jurrian Koks started for ADO and gave up nine hits in seven innings, but HCAW scored only once. That happened in the seventh inning, while trailing 3-0. ADO had taken the lead by scoring three runs in the fourth inning when HCAW-starter Nick Stuifbergen gave up four consevutive basehits, which led to the runs.

...René Rijst...
...700 games...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
This will be the first time since 1993 that HCAW will not play in the postseason. Since 1994, the Bussum-team played in twelve consecutive Play-Offs.

At Haarlem, Corendon Kinheim completed a 3-game sweep vs. Konica Minolta Pioniers and won 9-2.
Kinheim-rookie Jean-Paul Gulinck gave up only three hits in seven innings and won his fourth game.

At Amsterdam, Instant Holland Almere '90 shutout Amsterdam Pirates 5-0. Winning pitcher Forstin Coenraad threw a 6-hit shutout in his first complete game of the season.
Almere-veteran René Rijst appeared as pinch-hitter in the eighth inning to play in his 700th career game, while Pirates' first baseman Ralph Lagas played in his last game of his career, as he is retiring.
Rijst became the fourth player in history to reach the 700-game mark. The other are Marcel Joost (859), Marlon Fluonia (755) and Marcel Kruyt (700).

At Rotterdam, the game between Sparta/Feyenoord and DOOR Neptunus was canceled because of field conditions due to rain and was re-scheduled for Monday-evening.
Neptunus also will play a make-up game on Tuesday vs. ADO and will open the Play-Offs on Saturday at home vs. Pioniers. A make-up game vs. Almere '90 has not yet been scheduled.
(September 3)

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KNBSB unveils Holland Series-logo
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - The Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) has unveiled the official logo for the 2006 Holland Series in the weekend.
The best-of-five championship series for the Dutch title is scheduled to start on Thursday, September 21. The best-of-five Play-Offs will open next Saturday, September 9.

The logo mentions the name 'Holland Series' and the year, accompanied by the word 'honkbal', which is the Dutch translation for 'baseball'.
In the lower lefthand-corner, part of a baseball is visible besides the colors of the Dutch national flag: red, white and blue. Below that is a space which will be filled when the two finalists are known.
In the top righthand-corner, the logo of the KNBSB is visible.

The 2006 Holland Series-logo will be used by the KNBSB in all official releases and reports regarding the post-season. Besides that, the clubs and news media also can use the logo.

There also will be a logo for the Softball Holland Series, which will be unveiled soon.
(September 3)

New Head Coach Sparta/Feyenoord; Fujii will return
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - On Monday, the day they closed the regular season with a make-up game, Sparta/Feyenoord announced that former national team-player Adonis Kemp is the prime candidate to become their new Head Coach in 2007. Kemp will succeed Wim Martinus, who led the team in 2005 and 2006.

...Wim Martinus...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)

...Adonis Kemp...
(Photo: Ton van Elewout)
Adonis Kemp played in the Dutch big league in 1987 and from 1989-2002 (15 seasons) for three different teams. While playing for Sparta (1987, 1989-1990), ADO (1991-1994; 2000-2002) and Neptunus (1995-1999), he appeared in 551 big league games.
From 1993-2000, Kemp was a member of the Dutch National Team, appearing in 48 official games. With the national squad, he participated in the 1996 Olympic Games, the 1994 World Cup, three European Championships, two Haarlem Baseball Weeks and two World Port Tournaments, amongst other events.

After getting coaching experience on the baseball school of Dutch national team Manager Robert Eenhoorn where he coached the junior-team of the Unicorns, Kemp made his coaching debut as the Head Coach of DOOR Tridents, the second team (farm team) of DOOR Neptunus, in 2005. This season, he guided the young team of Tridents to the national title in the First Division.

It marks the second time that Kemp succeeds Martinus and the second time that the Head Coach of Tridents moves to Sparta/Feyenoord. In 2005, Kemp succeeded Martinus with Tridents, when the latter went to Sparta/Feyenoord.
As Neptunus and Sparta/Feyenoord have a working agreement, it meant that both teams reached a quick agreement to name Kemp as the candidate for the coachingjob with Sparta/Feyenoord. It is expected that some players of Tridents will follow their coach to his new club.

Sparta/Feyenoord on Monday also announced that its Japanese pitcher Satoru Fujii will return for his third season in Rotterdam in 2007.
(September 4)

Neptunus wins first make-up game
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - DOOR Neptunus won the first of its three remaining make-up games, defeating Sparta/Feyenoord 11-7 on Monday-evening. On Tuesday, Neptunus will play against ADO. The third game, vs. Instant Holland Almere '90, isn't scheduled yet.
With this game, the regular season ended for Sparta/Feyenoord, which ended in seventh place. Neptunus still has two games left and will open the best-of-five Play-Offs next Saturday.

In the first inning, Benjamin Dille homered to open the score for Neptunus, which took a 3-0 lead in this at bat. Sparta/Feyenoord answered with four runs, but hereafter Neptunus scored six runs in the next two innings to take a decisive 9-4 lead.
There were 27 basehits in this game off six pitchers, including 15 by Neptunus.
(September 4)

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Second make-up win for Neptunus
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - DOOR Neptunus on Tuesday-evening won its second make-up of the week, beating ADO 5-3.

Neptunus collected 12 basehits, including four by Raily Legito (4-for-5), who moved into the leading position to become batting champion of the season. As Legito went 3-for-6 on Monday, he was 7-for-11 in the two make-up games two pass teammate Johnny Balentina, who went only 1-for-9 in the two games and dropped to third place. Balentina has one more chance of moving into the leaders position, as Neptunus has a make-up game left vs. Instant Holland Almere '90. But as Almere has to play a make-up game on Wednesday vs. ADO and the best-of-five Play-Offs open next Saturday, the final make-up game for Neptunus has not yet been scheduled and it is doubtful if it will be, as there is no time left to play.

ADO will probably miss Kalian Sams in Wednesday's game as well as coming weekend in the Play-Offs, as he injured himself (hamstring?) while running from first to third base on a double in the fourth inning and had to be replaced by a pinch-runner. ADO tonight also had to do without outfielder Harvey Monte, who sprained his ankle last weekend. His status is day-by-day, but he might play coming weekend.
Neptunus tonight played without Japanese outfielder Yuji Nerei, who left yesterday's game with a leg-injury after hitting himself on the shin with a foul ball. Nerei probably will be available again in the Play-Off opener.
(September 5)

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Dutch officials close Olympic Qualifier
HAVANA (Cuba) - The four Dutch officials, who were assigned for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Cuba, closed the event on Tuesday, when the last games were played. Cuba and USA qualified for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (China).
In the final game of the tournament on Tuesday-evening, USA surprised with an 8-5 win vs. unbeaten Cuba to win the event. Bobby Hill (San Diego Padres), Mike Bourn (two) (Philadelphia Philles) and Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Atlanta Braves all homered for the team of Manager Davey Johnson.

On the last day, Umpire Edwin van den Berk worked on second base in the game between Nicaragua and Canada. This was Edwin's ninth game of the tournament.
Official Scorer Feiko Drost was assigned for the game between Dominican Republic and Venezuela. This was Feiko's eighth game. Feiko, who scored the opening game of the event between Cuba and Colombia, has been invited to be one of the international Official Scorers during the upcoming Intercontinental Cup Tournament in Chinese Taipei in November.
Technical Commissioner André Schrijber also did the game between the Dominicans and Venezuelans, which was his ninth game.
Jan Esselman, who was a member of the Technical Committee and worked one game as Commissioner, also has been invited for the Intercontinental Cup Tournament.
(September 5)

ADO ends regular season with win
ALMERE (Neth.) - ADO closed its regular season on Wednesday-evening with a 6-3 make-up win vs. Instant Holland Almere '90 to finish two points ahead of Mr. Cocker HCAW and claim fourth place for themselves. While being a home game for ADO, the game was played in Almere, as this was the second of two games being declared invalid earlier, because ADO had used an in-eligible player in those games.
It is unclear if the regular season ends here, as the lone remaining game to be played (DOOR Neptunus vs. Almere) is still not scheduled, but there also has been no confirmation that the game was scrubbed and will not be scheduled again. Next Saturday, the best-of-five Play-Offs are scheduled to begin and Neptunus is one of the participants.

On Wednesday, 31 players were used in the game, including 18 by Almere. Both teams used ten pitchers combined, including five position-players. Of them, third baseman Marvin Bleij earned the win, while first baseman Percy Isenia made his pitching debut, threw one inning and earned a save.
ADO trailed 2-0 when its scored four runs in the sixth inning. A 2-run double by Adrian Anthony tied the score, then a sac-fly and a single gave ADO the lead and made a winning pitcher of Marvin Bleij, who had taken over in the top of the sixth. Shaldimar Daantji homered for Almere in the seventh, but ADO added two runs in home of the seventh to lift the lead to 6-3.
(September 6)

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Play-Off starters announced; Players added
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - On Saturday, the best-of-five Play-Offs open. Reigning champion DOOR Neptunus will meet Konica Minolta Pioniers, while season-winner Corendon Kinheim meets ADO, which qualified last weekend in the almost last game of the regular season.
For the upcoming weekend, the starters have been announced for Game One (on Saturday) and Game Two (on Sunday). Who will start on Tuesday-evening in Game Three depends on how the games are going in the weekend. Only ADO announced a 3-man rotation.

DOOR Neptunus will add an extra arm to its pitching staff, as RHP Calvin Maduro will arrive on Saturday-morning.
Maduro last played in the Dutch big league in 2004 when he threw for Mr. Cocker HCAW. In nine games, the Aruban threw in 45 innings and struckout 36 batters. Maduro had a 5-1 record.
In 2003, Maduro made his debut in the Dutch national team during the World Championships in Cuba. Since then, he played seven official games, including two during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) and one earlier this year during the World Baseball Classic in Puerto Rico.
This season, Maduro pitched for the Bowie Baysox, the double-A team of the Baltimore Orioles. He threw in 24 games (one as a starter) and was 1-5. In 38 innings, the righthander struckout 47 batters. On June 9, he announced his retirement and threw his last game the next day. Maduro then joined the Aberdeen IronBirds (single-A Orioles) to become their Pitching Coach when their season started a few days later.
Maduro played professionally for 14 seasons in the organisations of the Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. With the Orioles and Phillies, he threw in 68 games in the Major League in a period of five years and was 10-19.
During the transfer period of last year, Maduro came to Neptunus from HCAW.
Neptunus also confirmed that Japanese Outfielder Yuji Nerei, who hit a foul ball off his shin earlier in the week, will be available again to play.
Neptunus recalled infielder Rien Vernooy and outfielders Andy Leer and Edison Bito from DOOR Tridents and added them to their Play-Off roster.

Corendon Kinheim also added a player to its Play-Off roster. On Wednesday, infielder Vince Rooi returned after completing his minor league-season in the oragnisation of the Pittsburgh Pirates. On Thursday-evening, he practiced with the team and will be available to play in the weekend.
Vince Rooi made his Dutch big league-debut in 1998 when he played in eleven games with Amsterdam Pirates. It were to be his only games on the highest level, as he started his professional career the next year. After playing for seven seasons in the organisations of the Montreal Expos and Washington Nationals, he played in his first season in the Pittsburgh Pirates-organisation this year. In all those years, Rooi remained on the member list with Amsterdam Pirates, but never was able to join them later in the season. During the transfer period of last year, Rooi came to Kinheim from Pirates. Rooi played in 20 games for the Dutch National Team.
Kinheim also confirmed that outfielder Dirk van 't Klooster, who injured two ribs recently, will be able to play again coming weekend.

ADO might have to do without two of its most important players: Harvey Monte and Kalian Sams, both outfielders.
Monte injured his ankle last weekend, but was on the team practice on Thursday-evening. His status is day-by-day, so he might play. Sams, however, almost surely will not play. Last Tuesday, he had to be replaced in the make-up game vs. Neptunus with a leg-injury. It was diagnosed that he has a slight tear in his hamstring. ADO would have missed Sams after the weekend anyhow, as he is scheduled to travel to the USA to start his professional career.

Konica Minolta Pioniers reported no injuries. Recently, it added LHP Conrad Orman, the nephew of LHP Richard Orman, to its roster.
The team added catcher Bart Sabel and RHP Daan de Jong, both second team-players, to its Play-Off roster.
(September 7)

Play-Off Rosters announced
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - On Friday, the four clubs that participate in the Play-Offs have confirmed their rosters for the best-of-five semi-finals. The Play-Offs open on Saturday, September 9 at Haarlem and Rotterdam.
In the last few days, some players from second teams (farm teams) have been added to the active rosters. It always remains possible to add and drop players during the postseason. Next Tuesday, some rosters have to be adjusted, as a few players will then leave with the National Junior Team to Cuba for the Junior World Championships.
(September 8)

Complete Play-Off Rosters

KNBSB launches Play-Off Website
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - With the start of the best-of-five Play-Offs, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) launched a special (Dutch-language) website, focusing on the postseason. With this site, the KNBSB wants to generate even more interest for these interesting and exciting games, who are the highlight of the season. A site for the softball-postseason will be activated soon.
(September 8)


First Division: Jeka relegates
HEERHUGOWAARD / BREDA (Neth.) - On Saturday, Jeka relegated from the First Division after a five-year stay in the second highest league. In 2001, Jeka promoted, then finished in fifth place in 2002. After finishing in third place in 2003 and 2004, Jeka ended in seventh place last season, before dropping to the eighth this year. Jeka will play in the Second Division next year.

The decision fell on the last day of the regular season and came despite Jeka ended it with a big victory. Playing at home in Breda, Jeka shutout Alcmaria Victrix, 12-0, which could have been enough. However, at Heerhugowaard, The Herons, which is in second-last place and also was in jeopardy of relegating, also won their last game. Playing at home, they beat Mr. Cocker HCAW 2, 3-2, to finish one point ahead of Jeka and secure its First Division-spot for next season. Because of the victory by The Herons, Jeka relegated.
(September 9)

Kinheim and Pioniers open Play-Offs with win
HAARLEM / ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - Corendon Kinheim and Konica Minolta Pioniers opened the best-of-five Play-Offs on Saturday with a victory. Game Two will be played on Sunday, Game Three follows Tuesday-evening.

At Haarlem, Corendon Kinheim won 6-1 vs. ADO, which committed four errors, leading to five unearned runs.
Kinheim-starter David Bergman gave up only five hits, while his colleague Rob Cordemans already faced a 4-0 deficit in the fourth inning. Only the first run was earned. The others followed after a dropped fly ball in the infield. A throwing error led to two runs in the eighth.
Offensively, Kinheim hit on the right moments and made some fine defensive plays.

At Rotterdam, Konica Minolta Pioniers scored ten runs in the last five innings vs. DOOR Neptunus to hand the reigning champion their second biggest defeat in their Play-Off history, 11-2. Their biggest loss came in 1997, when the lost 12-2 to....Pioniers, which went on to reach the Holland Series and win the title.
Dè Flanegin led off the seventh inning with a homerun to greet veteran Ken Brauckmiller, who had just come on in relief of starter Diegomar Markwell. Pioniers broke a 1-1 tie in the fifth when Norbert Lokhorst doubled and scored on a single by Michael Duursma. In the seventh, Lokhorst had an RBI-triple, while in the ninth inning, Mark Duursma hit a 3-run double to increase the lead to 11-2.
(September 9)

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Kinheim and Pioniers take 2-0 lead
THE HAGUE / HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - Corendon Kinheim and Konica Minolta Pioniers are one victory away from clinching a spot in the Holland Series, as both team also won their second game on Sunday to take a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five Play-Offs. These series can be decided on Tuesday-evening when Game Three is scheduled. When the series continues, Game Four will be played next Saturday. When both Play-Offs are decided on Tuesday, the Holland Series, which are scheduled to open on Thursday, September 21, probably will be moved up forward and start next Saturday.

...Singer Wolter Kroes...
...throws out first ball... Hoofddorp...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
In Sunday's games the pitchers dominated and every situation seemed to be important and crucial.

...Richard Orman (left) and Gregory Gustina...
...pitching duel in Hoofddorp...
(Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)
At The Hague, Corendon Kinheim won 3-1 vs. ADO behind fine pitching of Patrick Beljaards, who struckout nine and gave up seven hits in the 8-plus innings he threw. Michiel van Kampen pitched the ninth inning to earn a save.
Kinheim opened the score in the first inning on a single by Edward Illidge, who scored the second run in the sixth at bat. In the home sixth, ADO scored its run, but Kinheim the added an insurance run in the eighth on a single by Tjerk Smeets to make it 3-1.

At Hoofddorp, Dutch singer Wolter Kroes threw out the ceremonial first pitch, then an attractive and interesting pitching duel unfolded between lefthanders Richard Orman (Pioniers) and Gregory Gustina (Neptunus), won by Pioniers, 2-1.
Orman took a Perfect Game into the sixth inning, but then Jeroen Sluijter singled after the lefthander had retired the first 17 batters he faced. Gustina gave up his first basehit in the fourth when Dè Flanegin hit a pop-fly single between short and the outfield.
In the sixth inning, Pioniers scored twice on a 2-out, 2-run single by Glennsig Polonius just inside the third base foul-line. Neptunus answered with a run in the eighth on a double by Evert-Jan 't Hoen.
Neptunus might have add a run in the ninth, but then Johnny Balentina (who led off with a walk) tried to advance from first to third on a sac-bunt down the 1B line and was thrown out in a double play. The next two hitters followed with singles, then closer Dave Draijer ended the game with a strikeout.
(September 10)

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Neptunus expand Play-Off roster
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - DOOR Neptunus, which is behind 0-2 in its best-of-five Play-Off vs. Konica Minolta Pioniers, on Sunday-evening announced it will have two additional players on its roster for the remainder of the Play-Offs.

On Monday-morning, outfielder Rogearvin Bernadina is scheduled to return home from the USA, where he finished his professional season.
Bernadina last played in the Dutch big league in 2002, appearing in eight games with Sparta/Feyenoord, going 6-for-29 and scoring three runs. In 2001, the outfielder made his big league-debut, playing in 25 games for Sparta/Feyenoord, from which he club came to Neptunus in last years transferperiod.
Since 2002, Bernadina is playing professionally in the organisation of the Montreal Expos, which last year became the Washington Nationals.

Neptunus also added Ingemar Rooijer to its team from DOOR Tridents, its First Division-farm team. Rooijer will serve as the team's bullpen-catcher.
On Sunday, it was also confirmed that RHP Calvin Maduro will start in Game Three on Tuesday-evening. Maduro arrived in Rotterdam on Saturday-morning after returning from the USA.
(September 10)

Complete Play-Off Rosters

Tuesday-starters confirmed
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - The starting pitchers for Tuesday's Game Three in the best-of-five Play-Offs have been either confirmed or announced.

At Haarlem, Corendon Kinheim will start with RHP Duko Jansen in the third game vs. ADO, which confirmed that Japanese righthander Akira Okomato will take the mound. Kinheim leads the Series, 2-0.

At ROtterdam, RHP Calvin Maduro will start for DOOR Neptunus in its third game vs. Konica Minolta Pioniers, which will start with LHP Conrad Orman. In this Series, Pioniers is leading, 2-0.

When the Play-Offs are decided on Tuesday-evening, the Holland Series will indeed be moved upward. But it is not yet decided when the final will start in this case, as both Saturday-afternoon and Friday-evening are being mentioned.
When ADO and Neptunus win on Tuesday, the Play-Off of course will continue with Game Four on Saturday and Game Five (if needed) on Sunday. In this case, the Holland Series will open on Thursday-evening, September 21.
(September 11)

Kinheim in Holland Series; Neptunus avoids sweep
HAARLEM / ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - For the first time since 1996, Corendon Kinheim will return to the Holland Series, as the team came from behind to win 5-4 on Tuesday-evening vs. ADO after having trailed 4-1. With the win, Kinheim completed a 3-0 sweep and became the first team to reach the final.
Konica Minolta Pioniers was also en route to their third win, taking a 2-0 lead, but lost 5-2 to reigning champion DOOR Neptunus, which therefore avoided a sweep. A compilation of this game will be broadcast on Wednesday-afternoon at 1:10 PM in NOS Sportjournaal, while in the evening TV Rijnmond will also have hightlights.
Pioniers and Neptunus will continue their series next Saturday with Game Four inn Hoofddorp.
(September 12)

Complete Recaps, Line Scores & Box Scores

Lefty match-up on Saturday
HOOFDDORP / ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - Game Four of the best-of-five Play-Off between Konica Minolta Pioniers and DOOR Neptunus next Saturday will see a match-up between two lefthanders.

Pioniers, which leads the series 2-1, will start with Richard Orman, the winner of Game Two last Sunday, while Neptunus named Diegomar Markwell, the losing pitcher of Game One on Saturday.
When Pioniers wins next Saturday, it will clinch a spot in the Holland Series. When Neptunus wins, a fifth and deciding game will follow on Sunday in Rotterdam. No starters have been named for an eventual fifth game, as both teams confirmed that they will have all pitchers available for Saturday's game and use them when needed.
The winner of this Play-Off will face Corendon Kinheim, which qualied last Tuesday. The Holland Series open on Thursday, September 21.
(September 14)

Pioniers dethrones Neptunus to reach Holland Series
HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - Konica Minolta Pioniers won 4-1 on Saturday to not only win their Play-Off vs. DOOR Neptunus 3-1 and reach the Holland Series, but also dethrone Neptunus, which was the Dutch champion the last seven years.
Pioniers returns to the Holland Series for first time since 1997, the last year Neptunus wasn't in the final. In 1997, Pioniers also eliminated Neptunus and went on to win the title. In the next eight years, Neptunus played in the Holland Series and faced Mr. Cocker HCAW the last five years.
Pioniers will meet Corendon Kinheim in the best-of-five final, which opens next Thursday. This is the first time two teams from the same region are playing in the final.
(September 16)

Game Recap, Line Score & Box Score
Standings, Scores & Schedule
Play-by-Play Game Four

Starting Rotations Holland Series
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Corendon Kinheim as part of its starting rotation set for the best-of-five Holland Series, which opens next Thursday. Opponent Konica Minolta Pioniers announced its rotation on Wednesday.

Kinheim sends RHP David Bergman to the mound for the opener on Thursday-evening, when the plays at home. On Sunday, LHP Patrick Beljaards will start in Game Two, which will be played in Hoofddorp.
The starter for the third game, to be played again in Haarlem and already starts at 1:00 PM, has yet to be announced and partly depends on who is needed in relief in the first two games.

Pioniers named LHP Conrad Orman as its starter for the opener on Thursday. This is the only possibility for the lefthander to throw, as he will return to the USA on Friday. There, he will re-join the Baltimore Orioles-organisation to play in the Instructional League.
LHP Richard Orman will start in Game Two, RHP Roger Kops is scheduled to throw Game Three on Sunday. As mentioned, Sunday's game will start at 1:00 PM and that has to do with live TV-coverage by the NOS. The eventual fifth game on Sunday, October 1, also will start at 1:00 PM.

All games can be followed on this site with a Live Play-by-Play.
(September 19-20)

Complete Holland Series Rosters

Holland Series Website launched
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - As was done during the Play-Offs, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) also created and launched a special website for the Holland Series.
On this site,, there is news about the Series, as well as the two participating teams.
(September 19)

HCAW and Vielvoye separate

...Patrick Vielvoye...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
BUSSUM (Neth.) - Mr. Cocker HCAW and its Head Coach Patrick Vielvoye have separated, the club announced in a press release on Thursday. This is another chapter in an already stormy season in Bussum.
After completion of the season, Vielvoye already hinted in an interview with local newspaper De Gooi- en Eemlander that he didn't know yet if he would continue as coach.

After the game played on May 27, then-Pitching Coach Cliff Foster asked to be relieved of his duties to concentrate more on his own pitching. In the days thereafter, it was decided that Patrick Vielvoye was to join the coachingstaff of then-Head Coach Maurice DeConge. However, DeConge stated he wasn't consulted about the addition and had no confidence in the new construction, which came on a moment that a clubrecord-setting seven game winning streak from the start of the season was followed by a seven-game losing streak and a scoreless tie game. Stating a conflict of interests with HCAW's General Manager Ron Jaarsma, DeConge stepped on June 1. The next day, Vielvoye was appointed new Head Coach. Foster, who also was active as a pitcher, later resumed duties as Pitching Coach, but was released later in the season. But, the players also reacted to the moves in the coaching staff and part of them initially didn't want to play on June 3. Eventually, about 20 minutes before game time, they took the field, but Pitcher Patrick de Lange and Catcher Nick Fridsma left the team.

In the remainder of the season, HCAW had its ups and downs, but it was almost clear that they wouldn't reach the Play-Offs. But when ADO got eight points subtracted for using an in-eligible player, HCAW suddenly was back in the race. However, in the final weekend of the season, ADO swept HCAW in a 3-game series to reach the Play-Offs after all, leaving HCAW empty handed for the first time in 12 year. HCAW finished in fifth place with 19 victories. Under Vielvoye's guidance, the team was 11-13-1 since he made his debut on June 3. Roy Berrevoets filled in as interim-coach twice (due to work commitments of Vielvoye) and was 1-1.
(September 21)

Pioniers open Series with big win
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Konica Minolta Pioniers opened the 2006 Holland Series on Thursday-evening with a big 10-5 victory vs. Corendon Kinheim. Game Two will be played next Saturday in Hoofddorp.
The win was both unexpected and big, but Pioniers played very well. They hit at the right moment and turned four double plays.
(September 21)

Game Recap, Line Score & Box Score
Complete Play-by-Play Game One
Holland Series Website KNBSB

Pitcher Jurjen van Zijl joins Neptunus

...Jurjen van Zijl...
(Photo: Ron Wicklert)
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - Righthanded Pitcher Jurjen van Zijl will be on the mound for DOOR Neptunus next season, the club announced on its website this week. Last weekend, Neptunus was dethroned as Dutch champion by Konica Minolta Pioniers. Neptunus won the title the last seven years in a row. Because Neptunus finished in second place in the regular season, it qualified to participate in the European CupWinners Cup-tournament next year.
Last season, the 22-year old pitcher made his big league-debut, playing for Mr. Cocker HCAW, for whom he also pitched this season. This year, Van Zijl made his debut in the Dutch National Team.
While there have been several rumours of player moves, the transfer of Van Zijl is the first one that is confirmed. Players have until midnight October 31 to change clubs.

Jurjen van Zijl came to HCAW after the 2004 season when he pitched for UVV in the Second Division. In his rookie season, Van Zijl finished with a 5-1 record, this season he was 3-3 for HCAW, which had a stormy season and missed the Play-Offs for the first time in 12 year. Van Zijl was used both as a starter and reliever in his two seasons with HCAW. In his first season, he appeared in nine games (six as a starter) and struckout 28 batters. This season, the righthander threw in 19 games, including 10 as a starter. He struckout 38 batters in 74 1/3 inning.

On July 8 of this year, Van Zijl made his national team debut, throwing the last 2 1/3 inning of the second game against Italy in the 6-game European Baseball Series, which was held for the first time. After this Series, Van Zijl didn't made the roster for the Haarlem Baseball Week, but currently practices with the national team and is a candidate to participate with the squad in the Intercontinental Cup-tournament, which is held in November in Chinese Taipei.
(September 22)

Kinheim brings Series in balance
HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - Corendon Kinheim on Saturday won Game Two of the best-of-five Holland Series vs. Konica Minolta Pioniers, 6-1, to even the Series at one game apiece.
Patrick Beljaards went the distance for Kinheim. Game Three will be played on Sunday at Haarlem at starts at 1:00 PM.
Sunday's scheduled starting pitchers are LHP Jean-Paul Gulinck (Kinheim) vs. RHP Roger Kops (Pioniers).
(September 23)

Game Recap, Line Score & Box Score
Complete Play-by-Play Game Two
Holland Series Website KNBSB

Pioniers re-takes lead in Holland Series
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Konica Minolta Pioniers on Sunday won Game Three of the best-of-five Holland Series to take a 2-1 lead. In Haarlem, Pioniers defeated Corendon Kinheim, 7-4, and turned four double plays to set a Series-record.
The Series continues next Saturday with Game Four in Hoofddorp.
(September 24)

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Starters named for decisive weekend
HAARLEM / HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - The starting pitchers for Game Four of the Holland Series have been named. Game Four will be played on Saturday in Hoofddorp. Konica Minolta Pioniers leads the best-of-five vs. Corendon KinheimM 2-1. If needed, Game Five will be played on Sunday in Haarlem.

The (lefty) pitching match-up on Saturday will be the same as in Game Two last Saturday, which was won by Kinheim.
Kinheim sends LHP Patrick Beljaards to the the mound to face Pioniers' LHP Richard Orman.
Starters for an eventual fifth game have not been announced, as all pitchers will be available for the fourth game. When Pioniers wins, they will be Dutch champion and there will be no fifth game.

A live Play-by-Play will be available again on this site.
(September 28)

Holland Series Website KNBSB

Kinheim forces fifth game in Holland Series
HOOFDDORP (Neth.) - The Holland Series will be decided on Sunday, as Corendon Kinheim forced a fifth and deciding game after coming from behind to win 6-5 on Saturday vs. Konica Minolta Pioniers to even the Series, 2-2.

Pioniers rallied for four runs in the fourth inning to take a 5-2 lead, but after scoring once in the sixth inning, Kinheim came back with three runs in the seventh at bat to win the game.

RHP David Bergman will start for Kinheim in Game Five, while RHP Roger Kops takes the mound for Pioniers.
(September 30)

Game Recap, Photos, Line Score & Box Score
Complete Play-by-Play Game Four
Holland Series Website KNBSB

Dutch Softball Women
Shutout-loss and win for Dutch
BEIJING (China) - The Dutch Softball Team suffered another shutout-loss, this time losing 5-0 to Greece, but also registered a 7-0 shutout-win vs. Colombia. They didn't had to play in the second game, as this was a forfeit-win, because Colombia had withdrawn its team.

Against Greece, the Dutch team had only one basehit, a lead-off single in the second inning by Sandra Gouverneur, who also walked twice. Only two more times, the Dutch reached base. After Gouverneur advanced on a sac-bunt in the second, Debbie Connor was walked intentionally, then Kinge Bouma reached on a fielder's choice.
Judith van Kampen started for the Dutch and was relieved by Rebecca Soumeru in the seventh, who added two basesloaded walks.

Because of the results so far, the Dutch team has been eliminated for the Play-Offs.
(September 1)

Dutch close with win
BEIJING (China) - The Dutch Softball Team closed the preliminary round of the World Championships with a 4-2 win vs. Australia, but are finished playing, as they were eliminated for the Play-Offs.

The Dutch team took a 2-0 lead in the fifth inning when Daisy de Peinder singled with two outs, followed by back-to-back doubles by Sandra Gouverneur and Debbie Connor.
Australia came back to tie the score with runs in the fifth and sixth at bat, but the Dutch then again scored twice in the seventh inning. With one out, Petra van Heijst walked, then Sandra Gouverneur hit a homerun to make it 4-2.
Kristi DeVries went the distance and gave up five hits.
(September 2)

Softball-season resumes on Saturday
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - The National Softball Team returned home from the World Championships in China, so the regular season will resume again on Saturday, September 9.

There are three weekends left, before the best-of-five Play-Offs are scheduled to open on Friday, September 29.
When the Play-Offs are going the distance, the best-of-five Holland Series will start on Friday, October 13. If all five games are needed in this final, the last game is scheduled to be played on Sunday, October 22, which will be the latest date ever to play a championship game. After that date, there are only nine days left, before the transfer period ends at midnight on October 31.
On Saturday, Twins can become the third team to secure a spot in the Play-Offs. Sparks Haarlem and A4 Terrasvogels, who will meet each other on Saturday, already qualified earlier.
Twins is playing twice vs. Birds, which is currently in last place. A double loss also might seal the fate of this team, leading to relegation to the First Division.

In the First Division, league-leader Amsterdam Pirates is playing a double-header on Saturday vs. last-placed Storks, while Gryphons, which is in second place, meets number three Koldijk Elektrotechniek Almere '90. When the combination is right, Pirates could claim the championship title on Saturday to promote back to the Major League.
(September 8)

Twins in Play-Offs
ZOETERMEER (Neth.) - By winning 11-0 vs. Birds in the first game of their double-header, Twins on Saturday became the third team to qualify for the Play-Offs. In Game Two, Twins lost 5-2, meaning Birds extended its stay in the highest league a little more.
A4 Terrasvogels took over first place from Sparks Haarlem by beating them 1-0 and 4-0.
In the First Division, league-leader Amsterdam Pirates shutout Storks twice with a 7-0 score, but couldn't celebrate the championship and promotion yet, as second placed Gryphons won vs. Koldijk Elektrotechniek Almere '90 after losing their opener.
More later.
(September 9)

League-leaders win big; Autry Perfect
SANTPOORT / ZOETERMEER (Neth.) - League-leaders A4 Terrasvogels and Sparks Haarlem both registered a big shutout-victory on Tuesday-evening, as the final decisions are approaching in the softball big league.
Coming Saturday, everything can be decided. Computer SOS Tex Town Tigers can become the fourth team to qualify for the Play-Offs. Van der Peijl DSC '74 and Euro Stars, who share fifth place, only have a theoretical chance to reach the final-four. They not only have to win all four remaining games, but Tex Town Tigers has to go winless in their remaining games. In case of a tie for fourth place by DSC and Euro Stars, the first team would clinch the Play-Offs, based on the games played against Euro Stars, which is 3-2 in their favor. Tex Town Tigers, which meets seventh placed Centrals next Saturday, needs one win to qualify for the Play-Offs.

On the other hand, DSC and Euro Stars also remain theoretical candidates to finish in seventh place. The team in that spot has to play a promotion/relegation best-of-five Play-Off against the number two of the First Division. In the cellar of the league, Centrals and Birds are the two remaining teams to finish in eighth place, which means direct relegation to the First Division. Birds can only avoided this by winning all four remaining games, but then Centrals has to go winless in the remainder of the season. In that case, Birds and Centrals will end in a tie and meet in an one-game Play-Offs to decide who will relegate directly and who will have to play the relegation Play-Off. Next Saturday, Birds will meet reigning champion Sparks Haarlem and will relegate when it is losing one game.

At Santpoort, A4 Terrasvogels shutout Euro Stars 10-0 on Tuesday-evening in only 4 1/2 inning. Terrasvogels rallied for six runs in the first inning. After Sandra Gouverneur scored the first run, Olga Kleinlooh, Dana Horeman and Annemiek van Riessen all scored on an one-out triple by Linda Hoenderdos, which hightlighted the inning. In her second at bat in the inning, Gouverneur added a 2-run double. In the fourth, Terrasvogels scored four more runs.
Euro Stars had only two basehits off starter Kirsten Scheele, who threw three innings. Judith van Kampen threw in the fourth and fifth and retired six batters in a row, ending the game with a strikeout for pinch-hitter Kris Spierings, who made her big league-debut.

At Zoetermeer, Crissy Autry threw a 5-inning Perfect Game, as Sparks Haarlem shutout Birds, 12-0. Autry struckout eleven of the 15 batters she faced. Only one batter, Michelle van Driel was able to hit the ball into the outfield, but she was thrown out on first base by the rightfielder in the third inning.
Leading 2-0, Sparks rallied for seven runs in the third inning. Noémi Boekel and Mariska Greve then scored on a triple by Chantal Versluis. Later in the inning, Lynn Geertman added a 2-run single. In the fifth, Sparks added three runs, including two on RBI-triples by Marloes Fellinger and Kinge Bouma.
(September 12)

Sparks, DSC name coaches

...Ton van Koeverden...
(Photo: Dennis Duin)
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Sparks Haarlem and Van der Peijl DSC '74 have named their Head Coaches for coming season, while the current one still has two weeks to go, before the Play-Offs are starting.

Reigning champion Sparks Haarlem announced that Peter van der Aart will be their Head Coach in the new season. He will succeed Bas Langezaal, who is in his second season as Head Coach with the team and is assisted by Johan Kluijskens, whom he succeeded after the 2004 season.
Van der Aart, who has been a board executive for DSC '74 the last years, will be assisted by Frank van der Sanden. In the past, Van der Aart has been the Head Coach for DSC '74.

Van der Peijl DSC '74 announced that Ton van Koeverden will return next year for his second season as their Head Coach. It will mark his third year with the club, as he was Assistant Coach of Glyniss Kenepa last season.
Current Assistant Coach Carolien Theunissen, who succeeded Van Koeverden when he became Head Coach, confirmed that she will not return. A successor has not yet been named.

Sparks Haarlem is currently in second place, but qualified for the Play-Offs, which will open on Friday, September 29. DSC '74 only has a theoretical chance left to reach the final-four.
(September 14)

Tex Town Tigers fourth Play-Off team; Birds relegates
ENSCHEDE / ZOETERMEER (Neth.) - With a 7-0 shutout vs. Centrals, Computer SOS Tex Town Tigers on Saturday became the fourth and last team to reach the Play-Offs. TTT, which played at home in Enschede, also won Game Two, 9-2. As a result, Centrals will finish in seventh place and has to play a best-of-five prmotion/relegation Play-Off vs. the number two of the First Division, which is Gryphons.
At Zoetermeer, Birds lost the opener vs. Sparks Haarlem 4-1 and therefore relegated to the First Division. Birds was shutout 13-0 in Game Two.
More later.
(September 16)

Pirates returns to big league
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Amsterdam Pirates on Saturday won 7-6 in their opener vs. Van der Peijl DSC '74 2 to win the First Division-title and promote back to the big league, from which it relegated last season.
Pirates led 5-0 in the opener, then committed five errors, resulting in a 6-5 deficit, but came back to win after all. The winning run was scored in the seventh inning with two outs when Madelon Bronner scored on a single by Montana van Maris.
More later.
(September 16)

Sparks Haarlem and Coach Langezaal separate
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Bas Langezaal has resigned as Head Coach of reigning Dutch champion Sparks Haarlem, effective immediately, the Haarlems Dagblad newspaper reported on Friday. Last season, Langezaal made his debut with the team and led them to the national title.

,,When there is no confidence, you don't want to continue'', Langezaal said in the article. On Wednesday-evening, the group of players requested a meeting with their coach, but that didn't happen, as Langezaal resigned. There already was an earlier conflict of interest between the players and the coach. And a disappointing European Cup-tournament also contributed to the problems. A meeting followed and that appeared to be successful, but after last weekend's double-header against Birds, things went wrong again. ,,There was no confidence anymore'', team-captain and national team-player Lynn Geertman is saying in the Haarlens Dagblad article.

Johan Kluijskens, who was Langezaal's assistant coach this season, will be the acting Head Coach in the remainder of the season. Sparks Haarlem is currently in second place and is one of four teams that will participate in the Play-Offs, which start next Friday-evening.
Kluijskens didn't coach last season, but in 2004 was the team's Head Coach, leading them to both the Dutch title and capturing the European Cup. In 2005, Langezaal succeeded Kluijskens, who this season returned as his assistant.
(September 22)

Terrasvogels claims first place
OOSTERHOUT (Neth.) - League-leader A4 Terrasvogels closed the regular season on Saturday with two victories vs. Twins, 1-0 and 6-0, to finish in first place. The team from Santpoort finished only one point ahead of reigning champion Sparks Haarlem, which won twice vs. Centrals, 15-0 and 11-4.

As a result, Terrasvogels will play in the best-of-five Play-Offs vs. Computer SOS Tex Town Tigers, which finished in fourth place and will play in the Play-Offs for the first time.
Sparks Haarlem will play against third placed Twins in the semi-finals, which are opening next Friday in Santpoort and Haarlem respectively. The Play-Offs continue in the weekend.

This marks the sixth time in the last ten years and third in a row that Terrasvogels finished in first place in the regular season. In this span, Terrasvogels won the Dutch title three times from 1998-2000. Since 2001, Sparks Haarlem won the title four times in the last five years, including the last two.
(September 23)

Softball Play-Off Website launched by KNBSB
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - With the start of the best-of-five Play-Offs on Friday-evening, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) also launched a special (Dutch-language) website, focusing on the softball postseason. With this site, the KNBSB wants to generate even more interest for these interesting and exciting games, who are the highlight of the season. A site for the baseball-postseason was launched earlier.
(September 28)


Terrasvogels, Sparks open Play-Offs with shutout
SANTPOORT / HAARLEM (Neth.) - League-leaders A4 Terrasvogels (first place) and Sparks Haarlem (second place) opened the best-of-five Play-Offs on Friday-evening with a shutout-win. Game Two will be played on Saturday.

At Santpoort, Terrasvogels won 7-0 vs. Computer SOS Tex Town Tigers on a 3-hitter by Kirsten Scheele.
Terrasvogels had eight basehits, including two doubles by Sandra Gouverneur and a lead-off triple in the sixth by Nicole Wessels, that started a 4-run rally to end the game. Dana Horeman had three RBI's.

At Haarlem, Sparks Haarlem needed an extra inning to hand Twins an 1-0 loss in its opener. Sparks, which left 16 runners behind, scored the winning run in the home eighth on an one-out single by Lynn Geertman.
Winning pitcher Crissy Autry struckout ten batters and gave up only one basehit.
(September 29)

Recaps, Line Scores & Box Scores

Terrasvogels, Sparks also win Game Two
ENSCHEDE / OOSTERHOUT (Neth.) - A4 Terrasvogels and Sparks Haarlem also won the second game of their best-of-five Play-Offs on Saturday. Game Three will be played on Sunday.

At Enschede, Terrasvogels trailed 1-0 after the first inning vs. Computer SOS Tex Town Tigers, then came alongside in the fourth inning on an error.
In the fifth, Terrasvogels took a 2-1 lead when Nicole Wessels homered, then added a run in the sixth inning.

At Oosterhout, Sparks Haarlem again needed an extra win to win against Twins, but this time scored more than one run. With the score tied, 2-2, Sparks scored seven runs in the eighth and went on to win 9-3.
Sparks had 13 hits, including three by Noémi Boekel and Chantal Versluis.
(September 30)

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Dutch Softball Men
EHS, Kokolishi open Play-Offs with two wins
HAARLEM / THE HAGUE (Neth.) - DeMo EHS and Kokolishi have taken a 2-0 lead in their best-of-five Play-Offs, which opened on Saturday.

At Haarlem, the two teams that last week won a European Cup met each other. DeMo EHS, which won the CupWinners Cup, defeated Storks, which had captured the European Cup. EHS won 6-2 and 3-2.
In the opener, EHS trailed 2-0 when it scored three runs in the fourth inning on a triple by Jeffry Visser, a wild pitch and a single by Michel Groenhart. EHS then added three more runs in the fifth at bat when Anthony Beaumont hit a 3-run homerun.
In the second game, EHS again trailed 2-0 and came alongside in the third inning on a single by Darren Davies and a grounder by Michel Groenhart. EHS broke the 2-2 tie when Anthony Beaumont hit a walk-off homerun in the seventh inning to win 3-2.

At The Hague, Kokolishi won 7-5 and 7-3 vs. Centrals.
In the first game, Kokolishi led 3-2 when it added four runs in the fourth inning on three hits and an error. Centrals came back with three runs in the fifth, but Kokolishi hold onto the lead.
In Game Two, Kokolishi broke a 3-3 tie in the fourth inning on a single by Aldric Dunlop, then took more distance in the next three at bats by adding three runs on a grounder by Enio Kwas and a single by Eugene Martha.
(September 2)

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Kokolishi in Holland Series; Storks even Play-Off
DE BILT / THE HAGUE (Neth.) - For the first time in their history, Kokolishi will play in the Holland Series after winning their Play-Off vs. Centrals, 3-1. In the other semi-final, reigning champion Storks evened their Play-Off vs. DeMo EHS by winning twice.

At De Bilt, Kokolishi lost the opener 8-7, the won the next game, 11-9. Last weekend, Kokolishi opened with two victories.
At The Hague, Storks won twice comfortably, 10-1 and 7-0, vs. EHS, to bring their series to a 2-2 tie after having lost the first two games last week. The deciding Game Five will be played on Sunday in Haarlem.
More later.
(September 9)

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Storks completes comeback to reach Holland Series
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Reigning Dutch champion Storks on Sunday completed a comeback to win their best-of-five Play-Off vs. DeMo EHS and clinch a spot in the Holland Series.
Storks was one loss away from elimination after losing the first two games last week. But on Saturday, they evened the series by winning twice, then won 3-1 on Sunday to return to the all-deciding final. It marks the fourth consecutive time that Storks eliminates EHS in the Play-Offs. Storks earlier won in 2001, 2002 and 2004.
In the Holland Series, Storks will meet Kokolishi, which qualified on Saturday. This means, it will be the first one-city final in history, as both teams are coming from The Hague.
In the first inning, winning pitcher Ed Hoet hit a 2-run homerun. EHS answered with a run when Michel Groenhart also homered, but Storks added a run in the second.
In the sixth inning, the game had to be interrupted after a bench clearing brawl started to erupt, leading to the ejection of both coaches.
More later.
(September 10)

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Holland Series halted after one game
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - Reigning champion Storks won the opener in the Holland Series vs. Kokolishi 6-2 on Saturday, but Game Two was halted in the first inning.
In Game Two, Kokolishi took a 3-0 lead in the first inning on a 2-out, 2-run homerun by Jeanric Ursula, but then Storks-pitcher Ed Hoet hit next batter Irvin Redan with a pitch. This resulted in some players coming from the bench. After things appeared to be settled, Storks filed a protest stating it felt ''threatened'', then left the field three minutes later. The umpire crew could do nothing else than halt the game. The status of this game has yet to be determined.
(September 16)

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Kokolishi 'wins' Game Two
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - The KNBSB has declared Game Two of the Holland Series a victory for Kokolishi. It was decided that opponent Storks was guilty of the game being stopped.
Last Saturday, Game Two had to be halted in the bottom of the first inning, after things heated up when Storks-pitcher Ed Hoet hit Kokolishi-batter Irvin Redan after just giving up a 2-run homerun that gave Kokolishi a 3-0 lead. Storks left the field and didn't want to continue playing.
As a result, the best-of-five final is now tied, 1-1. Games Three and Four will be played on Saturday.
(September 22)

Line Scores & Box Scores

Storks wins third title in a row!
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - Storks on Saturday completed a remarkable comeback to win their third consecutive Dutch title after winning their double-header vs. Kokolishi, 7-4 and 11-1, to win the Holland Series, 3-1 and capture the title.

In the opener, winning pitcher Ed Hoet struckout ten batters and threw a 3-hitter, but trailed 3-1 in the fourth inning. In the home fourth, Storks came alongside when Tim Verbrugge tripled and scored on a single by Bob Bik, who himself scored on a sac-fly. After both teams scored once in the fifth inning, Storks scored three runs in the sixth at bat to decide the game. With Lars Op den Brouw (double) and Joost Droog (hit by pitch) on base and two outs, Kenny Dame hit a 3-run homerun to give Storks a 7-4 lead.

In the second game, Ed Hoet pitched again and this time gave up only two basehits. Storks had eleven basehits off three pitchers, including three by Rob van der Vlist. Storks decided the game early, scoring four runs in the first inning, then three more in the second at bat, which was highlighted bu RBI-triples by Joost Droog and Ed Hoet.

In the Play-Offs, Storks came back after losing the first two games against DeMo EHS to win the next three games and reach the Holland Series.
In the regular season, Storks finished in fourth place. It is the second time in history that a team that finished fourth captures the Dutch title. The first time was in 2001 and back then, it also was Storks that accomplished the feat. In that year, Storks also eliminated first placed EHS in the Play-Offs, then defeated TIW-Survivors in the Holland Series.
(September 23)

Final Standings & Scores
Line Scores & Box Scores

International Baseball
Cuba and USA first to qualify for Beijing
HAVANA (Cuba) - The baseball-team of Cuba on Sunday-evening became the first team to secure a spot in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (China).
On Sunday, Cuba shutout Mexico 4-0 in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Cuba had only four basehits, but all were extra-basehits, including homeruns by Alexander Mayeta, Ariel Pestano and Yulieski Gourriel. The fourth was a double by Frederich Cepeda.
Mexico had only three hits, including two off starter Frank Montieth, who threw eight innings. Pedro Luis Lazo threw the ninth inning for the Cubans.

Moments later, the USA became the second team to qualify for the Olympics after beating Panama, 11-5.
Two years ago, the USA, which is managed by former Dutch Team Coach (and interim manager) Davey Johnson, missed the Olympics in Athens after being eliminated by Mexico the year before.
(September 3)

New York Mets win Division-title
NEW YORK, New York (USA) - The New York Mets won their first National League East Division-title since 1988 on Monday with a 4-0 shutout-win vs. Florida Marlins, which eliminated the Philadelphia Phillies. This is the fifth division-title for the Mets, who are being managed by Willie Randolph.
By winning the title, the Mets dethroned the Atlanta Braves, who won the NL East-championship the last fourteen seasons in a row!

In 1999 and 2000, the Mets also played in tge postseason, but then won the National League Wild Card. In 2000, the Mets won the National League-title and went on to play in the World Series against the New York Yankees. Another Subway Series is possible this season.

Besides winning the title, the Mets also set a single season attendance-record on Monday with 3.087.648. The old record dates from 1988.
(September 19)

New York Yankees again Division-champs
TORONTO (Canada) - Despite losing 3-2 to Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, the New York Yankees had reasons to celebrate. Thirty minutes after completion of their game, the match-up between the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox ended. As the Twins won 8-2, it meant that the Yankees were the champions of the American League East Division. Again, as this was their ninth consecutive title.
Earlier in the week, the New York Mets captured the National League East-title, making a Subway World Series possible again for the first time since 2000.
(September 22)

International Softball
Americans again capture world softball-title
BEIJING (China) - The American Softball Team on Tuesday captured the world title for the sixth time in a row after a 3-0 shutout-win vs. Japan in the final. Earlier in the day, the Americans reached the final by winning 5-1 vs. Australia. Team USA had to play the additional game, as they lost to Japan the day before, which therefore clinched the final.

In the final, the USA broke a scoreless tie in the sixth inning on back-to-back homeruns. With one out, Natasha Watley reached on a bunt-single, then Jessica Mendoza homered. Next batter Crystl Bustos also homered to make it 3-0. Pitcher Cat Osterman threw a one-hitter after also having thrown in the first game of the day. Osterman struckout 24 batters in the two games combined.

In the bronze medal game, Australia took a 1-0 lead on a 2-out homerun by Stacey Porter, but that was to be their lone run. USA turned the game around and took the lead. In the sixth, Crystl Bustos hit a 2-run homerun. Bustos and Jessica Mendoza both went 3-for-4, the both hit 2-for-3 in the final. Last season, Mendoza played briefly for A4 Terrasvogels in the Dutch big league and participated with the team in the European Cup Tournament.

In the game for fifth place, Canada shutout Italy, 3-0 on a No-Hitter. With this, Canada qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games, as host China finished in fourth place. USA, Japan and Australia also secured itself of the Olympics. Italy and The Netherlands can qualify for the Olympics in next years Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Europe and Africa. That event probably will be organized by Italy, which is highest finished European team in the World Championships.
(September 5)

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