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Updated: November 19, 2013
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World Championship Softball Promo Tour opens November 30
NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - For the first time, an Indoor Holland Tour Softball will be held during the coming winter months. Since 2008, the Netherlands Women Softball Team travels through the country to play games or conduct clinics for clubs and school on various locations in the country. In the upcoming months, for the first time, there will be an Indoor Tour, which is called the World Championship Softball Promo Tour 2014.

On four Saturdays in November, December, January and February, indoor-tournaments will be organized on four locations in the Netherlands. The World Championship Softball Promo Tour opens in the south of the country, followed by the east, north and west. On Day 4, the finales are scheduled. The first day of the event will be on Saturday, November 30, with Sporthal T-kwadraat in Tilburg being the playing site.

The goal for the World Championship Softball Promo Tour is not only to promote softball in the Netherlands, but als to gain more members for clubs and raise funds for the Dutch National Softball Teams. The Tour provides attention for the Netherlands Softball Team, as well as for the World Championship, which will be organized on home soil next year. 2014 will be an important year for the national softball-team(s) and softball in general. The World Championship, which will be held August 15-24 at the Nol Houtkamp Sportpark in Haarlem, has to become the absolute highlight in the 70 year history of softball in the Netherlands. For the first time in history, there will be a World Championship Softball in Europe and that will be in the Netherlands!

The Netherlands Softball Team is on its way to an unique event: the World Championship in Haarlem. For several years now, Dutch softball is playing in the top of Europe. The National Team captured the European title three times in a row unbeaten and are connecting with the top-6 of the world. The National Youth Teams also belong to the European top. The Juniors Red Team captured the European Junior-title in 2012 and the Juniors White Team won title European Cadets-title in 2011 and the bronze medal this year. Also on the club-level, Dutch softball belongs to the top: Hotel Ambassador Haarlem Terrasvogels won two gold medals in a row on the European Cup Winners Cup-tournaments in 2012 and 2013 and Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem this year won silver in the European Cup-tournament this year after winning the Cup last year. But despite all these accomplishments, the sport remains relatively unknown to the general public. The World Championship Softball Promo Tour wants to change that with these top-softball indoor-tournaments and created the slogan Be part of the challenge.

During the four tournament-days of the Promo Tour, tickets for the World Championship 2014 can be ordered via the Netherlands National Team.

Participating in the World Championship Softball Promo Tour are six teams with a regional character. The players of the Netherlands Softball Team will be devided over these six teams. All teams are playing in the tournaments with the same rosters. There are six games scheduled on each game day, starting at 11:05 AM.

The day begins with a clinic for elementary schools from 9-10 AM, followed by a Beeball-tournament for local teams from 10-11 AM. There are also will be several workshops, including 'sports and healthy food' and 'sports and physical therapy', but also 'what is softball' for companies. The World Championship and Netherlands Softball Team will both have their own promotional stands during the tournaments.

The tournaments are scheduled for Saturday, November 30 (Tilburg), Saturday, December 21 (Enschede), Saturday, January 25 (Veendam) and Saturday, February 22 (Amsterdam).

(November 19)

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