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Updated: October 15, 2014
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Dutch Slowpitch Team to play exhibition game this Friday
ALMERE (Neth.) - This coming Friday, October 17, the Netherlands Slowpitch Softball Team will play an exhibition game at the site of Almere '90 in Almere. The game starts at 7:30 PM and the squad meets the slowpitch-team of host Almere '90.

In slowpitch, the ball is the same as used in regular softball (in some recreational slowpitch leagues a ball can be somewhat bigger), the ball must arch on its path to the batter and there are 10 players in a team. Bunting and stealing are prohibited.

...The Dutch Team during the Windmill Classic in July...
Slowpitch is played by many in the USA and was already played during the World's Fair of 1933 in Chicago. Thereafter, the pitching distance was lenghthened to 50 feet (15,24 m). Slowpitch became more official in 1953 when it was added to the program of the American Softball Association (ASA), the national softball federation of the USA.

In Europe, slowpitch is played in several countries for some years, but it is Great Britain which dominates in European slowpitch softball. In 1998, a European Coed Slowpitch Championship was held for the first time. Since the, the British squad has captured nine consecutive European titles. Next year, from July 28 through August 1, the tenth European Coed Championship will be held in Dupnitsa (Bulgaria).

Slowpitch is also big in the Czech Republic and Ireland. Since then introduction of the European Championship, the British, Czech and Irish teams participated in all events and mostly formed the top-3. They were joined throught the years by Guernsey, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Jersey, Belgium, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Slowpitch was also introduced a few years ago in the Netherlands. In 2012, the first Netherlands Coed Slowpitch Team was compiled and it played three international games against reigning European Champion Great Britain. These games were played in Haarlem, Rosmalen and Zeist.

Last year, a big slowpitch tournament was held during the World Port Baseball Tournament in Rotterdam with participation of club-teams.

This year, in July, Almere '90 organized the Windmill Classic Slowpitch Tournament, which was huge success. During that event, the Netherlands Men Slowpitch Team also participated.

And now, Almere '90 will host an exhibition game of the Netherlands Men Slowpitch Team, next Friday at the Fanny Blankers-Koen Sportpark.

(October 15)

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