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Updated: November 9, 2018
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Dinet Oosting Most Valuable Player; Stephanie Trzcinski Best Pitcher 2018

NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - Dinet Oosting (FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem) is the Most Valuable Player of the 2018 season in the Golden League, while righthander Stephanie Trzcinski (DSS) won the award for Best Pitcher. It is the third consecutive year that Dinet Oosting wins the MVP Award. This is the first Best Pitcher Award for Stephanie Trzcinski, who made her debut this year in the highest Dutch softball-league.

For the first time in history, the KNBSB Awards were not handed out during a get-together evening at one location where the best players in both baseball and softball are honored. Since the first time that Awards were handed out in 1953, it always was done at one location in 65 consecutive years in different cities, including Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Rotterdam and Nieuwegen. Last year, the Awards were handed out at Claus Park Collection in Hoofddorp.

This year, the KNBSB introduced a new way of handing out the Awards using social media to do so. In the first days of November, Norbert van Oosterhout, who was one of the co-hosts of the Award-evening two years ago, traveled throughout the country to the homes of the nominees and winners to hand out the Awards for the Best Players in the regular season. There, he surprised the players and the results could be seen in short items on YouTube. With this, the KNBSB hoped to reach a bigger audience, as the short items of course could (and can) be seen by everyone. On the other hand, as the Awards were handed out on different days and on different locations, no one (for example members of the media and photographers, teammates or club-boardmembers), was able to attend the handing out of the Awards in person, except for some family-members or friends who just happen to be at the home of the winner or the nominee. And of course, we don't have a group photo now with all the winners.

Some of the other Awards that normally were handed on 'the evening' in previous years, already have been handed out earlier. The Riet Vermaat Trophy, Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy (both softball), Roel de Mon Award and Ron Fraser Award (both baseball) were all handed out on Wednesday, September 19 during the Super 6 Baseball Softball in Hoofddorp. The Egbert van der Sluis Award (softball) was handed out on Sunday, October 14 during the Season's Final Softball in Haarlem. On Saturday, November 3, two new Awards for Official of the Year were handed out during a meeting of Game-Officials in Almere.

Some Awards still have to be handed out. The Nol Houtkamp Award (softball), Leen Volkerijk Award (baseball), Club Official of the Year Award, Club of the Year Award and the Slugger will be handed out on December 8 during the annual KNBSB Congress in Nieuwegein.

(November 9)

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...Dinet Oosting...
...Most Valuable Player...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)

Most Valuable Player

Just as in 2016 and last year, the Most Valuable Player Award went to Dinet Oosting, the catcher of Dutch champion FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem. It was the fourth time that Oosting was nominated for the Award, the first time was in 2014. In 2013, she won the Egbert van der Sluis Memorial Trophy and in 2011, she had won the Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy for most talented youth player.

Dinet Oosting became the second player in history to win the MVP Award in three consecutive years. The other is Anouk Mels, who was the MVP in 1993, 1994 and 1995. The lefthanded pitcher is the lone player to have been crowned as Most Valuable Player four times, as she also won the Award in 1988.

Oosting became the fourth player to be named MVP three times in her career. Besides Mels, the others are Fredy van Offeren (1978, 1984, 1989) and Kim Kluijskens (2005, 2006, 2010).

This season, Dinet Oosting batted .419 (54-for-129) to share second place in the regular season with Wies Ligtvoet (Roef!), behind league-leader Laura Wissink (Tex Town Tigers), who batted .431. Oosting was sixth in Slugging Percentage (.566) and third in On Base Percentage (.510). With 38 Runs Scored, the catcher shared first place with teammate Brenda Beers. She also led the league with 54 Basehits and 28 Stolen Bases and shared second place in Doubles (12) and Triples (7). Oosting finished in eleventh place with 23 Runs Batted In.

In the previous two seasons, Dinet led Olympia Haarlem in Batting Average, Runs Batted In and Homeruns to win a Team Triple Crown. This year, she only led the team in Batting Average. Virginie Anneveld led the Haarlem-team (and the league) with 34 RBI's, while Brenda Beers and Rachel van Veen led with two Homeruns. Oosting hit one homerun this year.

Defensively, Dinet Oosting made five errors errors in 277 chances, which gave her a .982 fielding average.

It marks the fourth year in a row that a player of Olympia Haarlem wins the MVP Award. In 2015, Mariëlle Vleugels won, then Dinet Oosting won in the next three years. In 2003, Jocelyn Forest was the Most Valuable Player of the Dutch big league, while playing for DSC '74, the predecessor of Olympia Haarlem. In the previous six seasons (2009-2014), the Award was won by a player from Sparks Haarlem.

...Maxime van Dalen...
...Wies Ligtvoet...
...Dervisa Mutic...
...Nominated Players for MVP Award...
(© Photos: Fred Versluis, Henk Seppen & Jan Kruijdenberg)
Including Dinet Oosting, four players were were nominated for the MVP Award. The others were Maxime van Dalen (Sparks Haarlem), Wies Ligtvoet (Roef!) and Dervisa Mutic (Terrasvogels). Van Dalen was nominated for the third time. She also was nominated in 2015 and 2016. For Ligtvoet and Mutic, this is the first time that they were nominated for the MVP Award.

Maxime van Dalen was the fourth best hitter this season with a .404 Batting Average and fifth best in Slugging Average with .596. Van Dalen shared ninth place in Runs Scored (29) with Katharina Szalay (Terasvogels) and was eighth in Basehits (44) She ended in a tie for second place with 32 Runs Batted In with Mariëlle Vleugels (Olympia Haarlem).

Wies Ligtvoet finished in second place with a .419 Batting Average, sharing the spot with Dinet Oosting. She also was second in Slugging Average (.637). With 37, Ligtvoet scored the second-highest total Runs this year and also was second in Basehits (52). She was fourth in On Base Percentage (.493) and led the league with eight Triples. The short stop shared third place in Stolen Bases (17) with Chantal Versluis, who had led the league in this category several seasons.

Dervisa Mutic batted .346 to finish in tenth place. With a Slugging Average of .496, she finished in eleventh place. Mutic shared seventh place in Runs Scored (30) with Elizabeth Snow (Roef!) and shared sixth position in Basehits (46) with Jessie van Aalst (Olympia Haarlem). The outfielder/catcher shared 13th place in Runs Batted In (20) with teammate Lisa Waasdorp and Charlotte Drijvers (Roef!). Mutic ended up in ninth place with 10 Stolen Bases.

...Stephanie Trzcinski...
...Best Pitcher...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)

Best Pitcher

The Best Pitcher Award this year went to Australian righthander Stephanie Trzcinski of DSS, who was nominated for the first time. It marks the third year in a row that the Award goes to a pitcher from DSS, as Dagmar Bloeming was Best Pitcher in the previous two seasons. She retired after last season.

In 2016, Dagmar Bloeming became the first pitcher of DSS to win the Best Pitcher Award in 39 years! The last DSS-pitcher to win the Award before her was Ineke Mulder, who won in 1974, 1976 and 1977. Terrasvogels leads all clubs with 17 Best Pitcher Awards through the years.

Stephanie Trzcinski led the Golden League this season with an 1.90 ERA, 13 victories and 143 StrikeOuts. In ERA, she was followed by Ginger de Weert (Sparks Haarlem), who had a 2.42 ERA. Second-best in Wins were Alyson Spinas (Olympia Haarlem) and Marjolein Merkx (Roef!), who both won eleven games. Trzcinski was one of only two pitchers to finish the regular season with 100 or more StrikeOuts. The other was American righthander Jacquelyn Sertic (Terrasvogels), who threw exactly 100.

Stephanie Trzcinski was second in Innings Pitched (125 1/3), trailing only Jessica Tolmie (Tex Town Tigers), who threw 134 in a league-leading 37 appearances. The righthander's Opposing Batting Average of .248 was second-best behind Ginger de Weert (Sparks Haarlem), whose opponents batted .195. Trzcinski pitched in 21 games for DSS, but missed part of the season, as she played in the National Pro Fastpitch in the USA. After returning to Haarlem, she missed the last few weeks of the season with a severe arm-injury.

...Marjolein Merkx...
...Ginger de Weert...
...Nominated for Best Pitcher Award...
(© Both Photos: Fred Versluis)
Two other regular pitchers closed the seaon with a lower ERA than Trzcinski. Jacquelyn Sertic (Terrasvogels) closed with an 0.80 ERA and Ilona Andringa (Olympia Haarlem) with 0.94. They respectively threw 78 1/3 and 74 2/3 inning for their team, but this total was not enough to be eligible for the Best Pitcher Award. Pitchers needed 92 innings to qualify.

Stephanie Trzcinski became the first Australian player to win one of the regular season Awards since Leigh Godfrey won two in 2013. The outfielder of Sparks Haarlem then was the Most Valuable Player and was the Best Hitter.

Stephanie Trzcinski was one of three pitchers nominated for the Best Pitcher Award. The others were Marjolein Merkx (Roef!) and Ginger de Weert (Sparks Haarlem). Merkx was nominated for the first time, for De Weert, this was her fifth nomination. She won in 2015.

Marjolein Merkx had the third best ERA (2.44) of the five pitchers who threw enough innings to qualify for the Award. She also was third in Opposing Batting Average (.254) and Innings Pitched (120 2/3). Marjolein Merkx shared second place in Wins (12) with Alyson Spinas (Olympia Haarlem) and the fourth place in StrikeOuts (89) with Eva Voortman (Olympia Haarlem). Both Spinas and Voortman also threw not enough innings to qualify.

Ginger de Weert was second in ERA (2.42) and had the lowest Opposing Batting Average (.195). She finished in fourth place in Innings Pitched (98 1/3). Ginger de Weert struckout 80 batters to finish in seventh place. She shared sixth place with Jacquelyn Sertic (Terrasvogels) with nine Wins.

...Laura Wissink...
...Best Hitter...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)

Statistical Awards

Best Hitter
Laura Wissink (Tex Town Tigers) was the Best Hitter of the Golden League in 2018 with a .431 Batting Average (47-for-109). In the past two seasons Dinet Oosting (FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem) won the Award. This year, Oosting shared second place with Wies Ligtvoet (Roef!) with a .419 average.

Only two other players batted above .400 this season, being Maxime van Dalen (Sparks) and Brenda Beers (Olympia Haarlem). They respectively batted .404 and .400.

The last time that a player of Tex Town Tigers was the Best Hitter in the highest league was in 2010. Back then, it was Britt Vonk, who had the highest average.

It marks the fourth time that the Best Hitter comes from Tex Town Tigers. Before Vonk led the league, Nathalie Timmermans was the Best Hitter in 2007, then Lindsey Meadows in 2008.

Through the years, the most batting champions played for Terrasvogels and Sparks Haarlem, who both had 12 Best Hitters. For Sparks Haarlem, six of them played for predecessor HHC. The last time that a player from Sparks Haarlem led was in 2015 when Chantal Versluis was the Best Hitter. The last time that the Best Hitter played for Terrasvogels was in 2005, which was Sandra Gouverneur.

...Feline Poot...
...Most Homeruns...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)
Homerun Queen
Feline Poot (Sparks Haarlem) led the Golden League this season with six Homeruns. She was followed by seven players, who hit two homeruns in the regular season. One of them was Karin Tuk, who last year led the league in Homeruns for the sixth time. Tuk is the all-time recordholder, but because of an injury, she missed most of this season, which was her first with Terrasvogels.

It marks the ninth time in ten years that a player of Sparks Haarlem leads the highest league in Homeruns. Overall, it marked the twelfth time that a player of Sparks Haarlem hit the most Homeruns since this award was first handed out in softball in 1993. Back then, Marjolein de Jong was the first player to win this award. Hereafter, Lynn Geertman and Jacqueliene de Heer both won in 1997, then Blake Hoorelbeke hit the most homeruns in 2006. They were followed by Marloes Fellinger (2009), Noèmi Boekel, Chantal Versluis (both in 2010) and Debby Connor (2011). Hereafter, Karin Tuk led in four consecutive years (2012-2015), then again last year.

...Dinet Oosting...
...Most Stolen Bases...
(© Photo: Henk Seppen)
Most Stolen Bases
For the second year in a row, Dinet Oosting (FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem) also led the league again in Stolen Bases. After having stolen 21 bases last season, she now led the league with 28.

She was followed on the list by Anne Blaauwgeers (Sparks Haarlem), who stole the most bases in 2016. This season, she was second-best with 26.

Third place was shared by Wies Ligtvoet (Roef!) and Chantal Versluis (Sparks Haarlem), who both had 17. Versluis led the league in Stolen Bases six times between 2008 and 2014.

Last year, Dinet Oosting became the second player of Olympia Haarlem to win the Award. Eva Voortman was the first in 2015.

Before that, several players led the league in Stolen Bases while playing for , the predecessor of Olympia Haarlem. They were Ellen Venker (2005), Nathalie Gosewehr, Jacqueline Wesselink (both 2004), Mariska Greve (1998, 1999, 2000) and Nathalie Franssen (1995).

...Brenda Beers...
...Holland Series MVP...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)

Other Awards

Most Valuable Player Holland Series
The winner of this Award was announced after completion of the best-of-three Holland Series on Sunday, October 14. The Award then was handed out during the Award Ceremony to honor both finalists of the regular season.

In the best-of-three against Terrasvogels, reigning champion FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem won 2-1 in the opening game on Saturday, then followed with a 6-0 shutout in Game 2 on Sunday. With that, Olympia Haarlem captured its second consecutive Championship-title.

Afterwards, Olympia Haarlem-centerfielder Brenda Beers was named MVP of the Holland Series. In Game 2, she was 2-for-4 with a double, run scored, run batted in and started an important double play as centerfielder. In the first game, she scored the tying run.

...Laura Wissink...
...Egbert van der Sluis Award...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)
Egbert van der Sluis Award
This award is for the most talented softball-international under 23. The award is named after Egbert van der Sluis, who was active for many years in the area of player development, as well as recreation and promoting softball to be played at schools. He also had been a member of the board for the KNBSB for several years, while also being involved a long time in the then-extisting Eastern District and Region.

The Award, which until last year was named Egbert van der Sluis Memorial Trophy, was handed out on Sunday, October 14 in Haarlem, before the start of Game 2 of the Holland Series between FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem and Terrasvogels.

This year, the Award was handed out to Laura Wissink (Tex Town Tigers), who made her official debut in the Netherlands National Softball Team during the World Championship in Japan in August. There, the catcher played in all eight games for the Orange-squad, most of them as the designated player.

It marks the fifth time that a player of Tex Town Tigers wins the award. The others are Jacqueline Knol (1996), Saskia Kosterink (2005), Virginie Anneveld (2009) and Britt Vonk (2010).

...Roos-Marijn Kramer...
...Riet Vermaat Trophy...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)
Riet Vermaat Trophy
This Award is handed out annually to the most talented youth pitcher of the year. The Award is named after Hall of Famer Riet Vermaat, a softball-pioneer and a longtime pitcher of the Netherlands National Team. She also promoted the sport throughout the country.

The Trophy was handed out during the inaugural edition of the Super 6 Baseball Softball in Hoofddorp on Wednesday, September 19 before the game of the Netherlands Softball Team against Italy.

This year, the Trophy went to Roos-Marijn Kramer, who played for Onze Gezellen in the Silver League. As that club has a working agreement with Terrasvogels, the righthander also pitched in six games for this Golden League-team. Besides that, she also pitched in eleven games in the highest league for the Talent Team Holland.

In July, Roos-Marijn Kramer was one of the pitchers of the Netherlands Under-19 Team during the European Championship in Staranzano (Italy). During the event, Kramer was 2-1 and struckout 24 batters in 25 innings. The Netherlands finished in fourth place.

Following this tournament, Kramer also played for the Netherlands Under-22 Team in the European Championship in Trnava (Slovakia). In this event, the righthander was 1-1 with eleven strikeouts in fourteen innings. The Netherlands lost the Final against Italy, 5-4.

When looking at players from Onze Gezellen, Roos-Marijn Kramer is the third player of that Haarlem-based club to win the Riet Vermaat Trophy. The others are Jeanine Blom (1991) and Nadine van Roode (2004).

When looking at Terrasvogels, Kramer is the second player of that club to win the Trophy. The first was Ivette van Berkel, who won in 1995.

...Onaisha Franka...
...Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)
Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy
This Award is handed out to the most promising youth-player. The Award is named after softball-pioneer and Hall of Famer Bep van Beijmerwerdt, who in 1948 organized the first-ever softball-game and then also founded the softball-affiliate of Kinheim in Haarlem, which became one of the first softball-clubs in the country. She also made the contacts for the Netherlands National Team to play against American teams, some of which were coming from military bases in Europe.

Like the Riet Vermaat Trophy, the Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy was handed out during the first edition of the Super 6 Baseball Softball in Hoofddorp on Wednesday, September 19 before the game of the Netherlands Softball Team against Italy.

The Trophy went to infielder Onaisha Franka of Sparks Haarlem. In 37 games in the regular season, she batted .242 (22-for-91) with four doubles, scored 13 runs and batted in eight.

Like Roos-Marijn Kramer, the winner of the Riet Vermaat Trophy, Onaisha Franka played for the Netherlands Under-19 Team in the European Championship in Italy, as well as for the Netherlands Under-22 Team in the European Championship in Slovakia.

In Italy, Onaisha Franka was the best hitter of the Netherlands Team with a .433 batting average (13-for-30) with one doube, one triple and one homerun. She also led the Orange-squad with 16 Runs Scored and 13 Basehits. Franka batted in ten runs, which gave her third place behind Charlotte Drijvers (14) and Sterre den Duijn (12).

In Slovakia, she batted .250 (3-for-12) with one homerun, scored four runs and batted in four.

In September, Onaisha Franka made her official international debut in the Netherlands National Team during the Super 6. She played in all six games for the team, either as short stop or at second base.

Onaisha Franka is the fourth player of Sparks to win the Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy. The others are Rebecca Soumeru (2000), Chantal Versluis (2006) and Manoa Weijgertse (2016).

...Stanley Doney...
...Coach of the Year Award...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)

Coach of the Year Award
For the second year in a row, the Coach of the Year Award was handed out to Stanley Doney, the Head Coach of FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem.

While Olympia Haarlem finished in a disappointed and unexpected fourth place this year in the European Premiere Cup in Italy, the team dominated throughout the season in the Golden League.

The team advanced to the Holland Series via the Play-Off Round, then swept Terrasvogels 2-0 in the best-of-three. For Olympia Haarlem, this was its second consecutive Championship-title after also having swept Sparks Haarlem in two games last year. In 2003, the club's predecessor DSC '74 also won the title.

For Stanley Doney, this was his fourth and final season as Head Coach of Olympia Haarlem. Doney will return home to New Zealand and has confirmed that he will continue coaching softball there.

It marks the eighth time since 2004 and sixth time in the past nine years that the Coach of the Year Award is handed out to the Head Coach of the team that captured the Championship-title. The others are Johan Kluijskens (Sparks Haarlem, 2004), Monti Van Brunt (Tex Town Tigers, 2008), Juni Francisca (Sparks Haarlem, 2010), Gonny Farley (Alcmaria Victrix, 2012), Marco Molleman (Terrasvogels, 2013) and again Juni Francisca (Sparks Haarlem, 2014).

In the other years in this period, the Award was handed out six times to a Head Coach of another team, being Darwin Tolzin (Terrasvogels, 2006), Liz Kelly (Netherlands Team, 2007), Berend Mannessen (DSS, 2009), Craig Montvidas (Netherlands Team, 2011, 2012), Daisy de Peinder (Twins, 2015) and Juni Francisca (Netherlands Team, 2016). The Award was not handed out in 2005 and there were two Awards in 2012.

Stanley Doney is the fifth foreign coach to win the Award and the second to win the Award twice. The other foreign coaches to win are Darwin Tolzin (Head Coach Terrasvogels) in 2006, Liz Kelly (Head Coach Netherlands Softball Team) in 2007, Monti Van Brunt (Head Coach Tex Town Tigers) in 2008 and Craig Montvidas, who won the Award for his successes as Head Coach with the Netherlands National Team in 2011 and 2012.

...Linda Steijger and Daniël Bouman with their Awards...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)

Official of the Year Award & Fred van Groningen Schinkel Award
These two new Awards were handed out on Saturday, November 3 during the annual end-of-the-season meeting of Game-Officials at the clubhouse of Almere '90 in Almere.

In the past, the Umpire of the Year Award for both baseball and softball had been handed out several times annually, but that tradition ended in 2002. Back then, the Awards were handed out to Piet Sterk (baseball) and Anne de Bruijne (softball).

Recently, it was decided to introduce three new Awards for officials. One for the Most Promising Official, one for the Official of the Year and one for the Club Official of the Year. The latter will be handed out on December 8 during the KNBS Congress.

The Award for the Most Promising Official is named after Fred van Groningen Schinkel, who last year retired as an umpire after having officiated games in the Dutch big league for a record 46 years (1972-2017). The first winner of this Award is softball-umpire Daniël Bouman. Van Groningen Schinkel mentioned that Bouman is a very talented umpire, who got good reviews this season, not only from accompanying experienced umpires, but also from the clubs he officiated. With that, Bouman not only is a talented umpire, but also someone who can promote to the Golden League in the near future.

The Official of the Year Award was handed out to official scorer Linda Steijger, who is active in both baseball and softball. She not only is an Official Scorer for 21 years, but she also is very active in scoring development, conducting scoring courses, writing scoring scourses and translating scoring rules for both the European as well the World Federation (WBSC). Since 2002, she was a member of the Scoring Work Group, later Scoring Commission of the European Baseball Confederation (CEB) of which she became the Chairman last year. Linda Steijger made her international scoring debut in 2001, then traveled abroad as official scorer for the first time in 2006 for the World Women Baseball Championship in Taiwan. Later, she also became a Scoring Director for both baseball and softball.

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