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Updated: February 13, 2020
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...Iet Wennekes-Werner...
(1939 - 2020)...
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Former softball-administrator Iet Wennekes passed away

UTRECHT (Neth.) - Iet Wennekes-Werner, who has been very active in several positions, has passed away on Monday, February 10, at the age of 80.

The memorial service will be held on Monday, February 17 at 2 PM in the Church of O.L.V. van Altijddurende Bijstand at the Gregoriuslaan 8 in Bilthoven. This will be followed by the funeral service as the nearby cemetary.

It is also possible to say goodbye on Sunday, February 16 between 3 PM to 3:45 PM at Uitvaartcentrum Tap DELA Bilthoven at the Soestdijkseweg-Zuid 265 in Bilthoven.

Ida Catharina (Iet) Wennekes-Werner was born on March 16, 1939 in Bilthoven. It was in this city and neighboring De Bilt, that Iet Wennekes would always be closely involved in local sports activities. Most of these activities, she did for the baseball- and softball-section, as well as the tennis-section of FAK. In 1998, after having becoming an independent club, the baseball- and softball-section of this club changed its name into Centrals, the tennis-section continued under the name of FAK.

In 1984 FAK moved to its current location at Sportpark 'Weltevreden' in Groenekan, which is a small village within the municipality of De Bilt. Before that, the club was located at a site at the Spoorlaan in Bilthoven, situated behind the Koninklijke Fabriek Inventum, which was founded in 1908 and became the first company in the Netherlands to produce small household appliances. In the early thirties, employees of this factory created a soccer-club, which was named FAK. Later, tennis was added, as was baseball in 1962 and softball in 1966. In 1997, the soccer-section merged with two other clubs to become FC De Bilt. The tennis-section became an independent club in 1996.

At FAK and later Centrals, Iet Wennekes has held many positions. She played softball herself, has been a coach and worked in the clubhouse But she also served as member of the board. And in several commissions, including handling game affairs for either baseball and softball or both in the early eighties. From 1986 on, she oversaw the peanutball-section of the club for several years. For her many actvities for FAK/Centrals, Iet Wennekes was named Honorary Member. Also, some years ago, the new Peanutball-field (now BeeBall) of Centrals has been named after her.

Besides being very active for her club, Iet Wennekes also was productive in the then Rayon Midden-Nederland (Central Netherlands Region). In 1981, she was a member of the Youth and Technical Commission, which was then chaired by Henk Martens. A year later, two separate Youth Commissions were created, one for baseball, one for softball. Iet Wennekes was a member of the Youth Softball Commission (1982-1987, chairing in 1986). In 1988, a combined Youth Commission for both basebal and softball was set up again and Iet Wennekes chaired this one one year. Four years later, after the nine Regions were changed in four Districts, Iet Wennekes was a member of Youth Commission of Distict East.

In 1982, Iet Wennekes joined the board of the Rayon Midden-Nederland, handling softball-affairs. Other members of the board in that year included Paul Bokern (chairman), Henk Martens (secretary) and Wim Baas (treasurer). Fred Monden became secretary in 1986, while Wil Koet (1988-1989) and Ed Klokkers (since 1990) were the chairman in later years. Iet Wennekes was a boardmember until 1991 after which the Regions were dissolved.

In Midden-Nederland, she also was a member of the Protest Commission for one year (1982). In 1983-1990, she handled all baseball- and softball-equipment in the Region and in 1987-1991, she was a member of the Publicity Commission for Midden-Nederland. And she was one of the coaches for the regional youth softball-teams through from 1982 through the early nineties,

For her many activities, she was decorated by the Rayon in 1989, then was named Member of Merit of District East in 1994.

Iet Wennekes also has been a member of the Youth Commission of the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB). She joined the commission in 1988 when it was chaired by Jos Peters. Mrs. Wennekes was a member of this commission through 1993. Other members in those years included Fokke Jelsma, Bob Krijnen, Olga Lablans and Pim Balk.

Iet Wennekes, who had a lot of knowledge of the local sports activities, also has been a longtime member of the board of the Biltse Sport Federatie (BSF), which was founded in June 1991. Mrs. Wennekes not only represented her club, she did much more. Amongst her activities for the BSF was her passionate contribution to the annual collection for Handicapped Sports, something she did for many years. She also was closely involved in the organization of the annual Sportgala, which honors local athletes and clubs.

Iet Wennekes also has been very active for the tennis-section of FAK. For many years, she played tennis until a high age.

Iet Wennekes always has an enthousiastic approach in what she was doing. And she remained interested in what was going on in her club, whether it was the tennis-section or the baseball/softball-section. While Iet Wennekes never was in the foreground herself, she always was a keen listener. She didn't like talking about something too much, she was something who wanted to do things.

The webmaster of Grand Slam * Stats & News offers his condolences to the family of Iet and wishes them a lot of strength with this big loss.

(February 13)

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