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Updated: June 25, 2021
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Netherlands Softball Team also wins final exhibition game

CASTIONS DI STRADA (Italy) - The Netherlands Women's Softball Team played and won its fourth and final exhibition game on Friday-evening (June 25) against the Czech Republic to close its preparations for the European Championship, which opens on Sunday in Italy. The Orange Team won 12-3.

On Tuesday, the Netherlands won 7-3 in its first exhibiton game against Italy. The Orange Team recorded two convincing victories against France on Wednesday, winning 9-0 and 11-1.

Today's game was played in the small village of Castions di Strada, which is located 20 kilometers south of Udine and 60 kilometres northwest of Trieste. Through the years, several international games have been played here, including European Cup-tournaments.

(June 25)

In its final exhibition game, the Netherlands collected 14 basehits. Brenda Beers, Maxime van Dalen, Suka Van Gurp, Laura Wissink and Cindy van der Zanden all had two basehits. In today's game, Head Coach Ferenc Jongejan used all 17 players on his roster.

The Netherlands scored its first two runs in the bottom of the first inning off of starting pitcher Anna Zoulová. With one out, Brenda Beers and Jessie van Aalst both reached on a bunt-single, then scored when Maxime van Dalen followed with a double.

The Czech Team came alongside in the top of the second inning off of Kirsten Scheele, who was the first of five Orange-pitchers today. Kateřina Vacková led off with a single and next batter Jana Furková was hit by a pitch. With one out, Klára Čejková-Kolací singled and when that was followed by an error, the first run was scored. Hereafter, Ema Vódičková delivered a runscoring single to tie the score. With runners on first and third base, a following grounder led to an elimination at the plate and a flyout ended the at bat.

The Netherlands re-took the lead in the bottom of the second inning. With one out, Suka Van Gurp (fielder's choice) stole second base and scored on a 2-out triple by Britt Vonk, who scored herself on a single by Brenda Beers.

A 4-run rally followed in the third inning off of new pitcher Martina Bláhová. With one out, Cindy van der Zanden singled and scored on a single by Laura Wissink. With two outs, Suka Van Gurp also singled. An error then led to a run and when Wies Ligtvoet also singled, another error was made, resulting in the third run. Ligtvoet scored on a double by Dinet Oosting which lifted the lead to 8-2.

After Marjolein Merkx had pitched a scoreless third inning, the Czechs scored an unearned run in the fourth off of Lindsey Meadows.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, the Orange Team again rallied for four runs with two outs off of Kateřina Kindermannová. Suka Van Gurp led off with a triple, then Annemiek Jansen was hit by a pitch. In a double-steal situation, Van Gurp was eliminated. With two outs, the bases got loaded when Mariëlle Vleugels and Jessie van Aalst both walked. The three runners then scored when Maxime van Dalen cleared the bases with a triple. She then scored herself on a following single by Cindy van der Zanden.

Lisa Hop struckout four batters in the fifth and sixth inning, then Ginger de Weert closed the slow game with an one-two-three seventh inning.

Playing for the Orange Team were:
Jessie van Aalst (RF), Brenda Beers (DP), Lizzie Clarijs (3B/2B), Maxime van Dalen (1B), Annemiek Jansen (LF), Wies Ligtvoet (LF), Dinet Oosting (3B), Suka Van Gurp (2B/SS), Mariëlle Vleugels (PH/OPO), Britt Vonk (SS), Laura Wissink (C), Cindy van der Zanden (CF) and pitchers Kirsten Scheele, Marjolein Merkx, Lindsey Meadows, Lisa Hop and Ginger de Weert.

Netherlands - Czech Republic 12-3
Czech Republic0201000-384
pitchers Czech Republicinn.SOBBHRER
Anna Zoulová, L (0-1)211544

Martina Bláhová211641

Kateřina Kindermannová252344

pitchers Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Kirsten Scheele, W (2-0)22-621

Marjolein Merkx, H (3)1111--

Lindsey Meadows111-1-

Lisa Hop2421--

Ginger de Weert1-----

Umpires: .
Starting Time-8:00 PM.
Time Played-3:00 hrs.
Site-Campo da Softball, Castions di Strada (Italy) (site Softball Club Castionese).

Game Notes:
643rd international game of the Netherlands Women's Softball Team.
34th game in history between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.
25th victory in history of the Netherlands against the Czech Republic.
Weather conditions at game time:
Sunny, 26° C (78,8° F); wind direction south-southwest; wind speed 14 kmh (8,7 mph); wind force 2 Bft; humidity 44%.

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