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Updated: May 14, 2014
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Starting Pitchers coming series
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Everything is almost back to normal what the pitching rotations are concerned. Since last Thursday, a total of 17 games had to be cancelled due to the weather conditions. On Friday, only one make-up could be played, then two followed on Monday. On Tuesday-evening the complete 4-game scheduled could be played as scheduled. There are still five games to be made up, which are scheduled for Tuesday, May 20 and 27.

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On Thursday-evening, the new 3-game series begins. And despite the adjustments in the pitching rotations the last days, most of them are back to normal.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates, DOOR Neptunus, Mr. Cocker HCAW and Corendon Kinheim are able to begin the upcoming series with their regular rotation. This means that RHP Rob Cordemans (Amsterdam), LHP Diegomar Markwell (Neptunus), RHP Sander Helmendach (HCAW) and RHP David Bergmana (Kinheim) will be on the mound on Thursday. Cordemans and Markwell missed their start due to the rain, but Helmendach and Bergman started in last Friday's make-up game. However, it has yet to be confirmed who Kinheim's starter will be on Saturday.

The rotation for Vaessen Pioniers also remains unchanged, but the order has changed. Regular Game 1 starter Ricardo Hernandez Sanchez started the make-up game on Tuesday and now will start Game 3 next Sunday. This means that RHP Steven van Groningen and RHP Elton Koeiman now will start the first and second game respectively.

ADO Lakers already announced its rotation for the coming series earlier and will stick to that.

UVV and Mampaey The Hawks still have to do with an injured pitcher. And so, they will look at their games day-by-day and only announced a starter for Thursday-evening. The Hawks will add Venezuelan righthander Danny Forte Salvador in the coming days and he might see action in the coming weekend.

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