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Updated: August 27, 2019
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Halted game Play-Downs Final declared loss for DSS

NIEUWEGEIN (Neth.) - The second game of the best-of-five Play-Downs Final Series between DSS and Silicon Storks that was halted by the umpires last Saturday, has been declared a loss for DSS on Monday (August 26) by the KNBSB-Board. With this decision, Storks now leads 2-1 in the Series.

DSS opened the Series last Thursday-evening with a 3-1 victory. Last Sunday, Storks won Game 3 with a 6-3 score.

The second game was halted in the eighth inning by the umpiring crew on Saturday-afternoon. At that moment, Storks was leading 4-2.

DSS led 1-0 after three innings, but Storks then scored twice in the fourth and sixth inning. DSS got one run back in the bottom of the seventh.

When the eighth inning went underway, the fourth pitch from DSS-pitcher Nick Keur to Storks-batter Jurriaan Dijk went into the ground, but then hit the hand of Home Plate Umpire Yme van der Lugt. An injury delay followed and the umpire walked to the dug-out of home-playing DSS to take care of his hand. Moments later, the 2-man umpiring crew left the game as they had halted the game after something had happened near the dug-out.

As this was a halted game by the umpires, the status of it had to be determined by the Board of the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB), which they did in a meeting on Monday. The Board discussed the situation, looking into the report of the umpires, as well as the clubs. In a brief publication on Tuesday, it was stated that ''DSS has been determined guilty for halting of the game. The game is declared a 2-0 loss for DSS''.

With that, it means that the game was forfeited to Storks, which won the game.

All statistics of a forfeited game remain valid up to the moment the game was halted. When a regulation game is forfeited and the winning team by forfeit is ahead at the time of forfeit, the Official Scorer shall enter as winning and losing pitchers the players who would have qualified as the winning and losing pitchers if the game had been called at the time of forfeit. When the winning team by forfeit is behind or if the score is tied at the time of forfeit, there will be no winning and losing pitcher.

Game 4 will be played coming Saturday in Haarlem.

The team that wins this Series secures a spot in next years big league. The losing team has to wait four weeks to play its next games. Starting on Saturday, September 28, the team will play a best-of-five Promotion/Relegation Series against the champion of the second highest league ('Overgangsklasse'). That league closes on Sunday, September 22.

The last time that a postseason-game was halted by the umpires and ended in a forfeit was in 2011. On September 4 of that year, the third game of the Promotion/Relegation Series between ADO and Euro Stars was halted by the umpires in the top of the eighth inning. At that moment, ADO was leading 10-2. The game was declared a loss for Euro Stars and forfeited to ADO.

(August 27)

DSS - Silicon Storks 2-4 (8 inn.)
Silicon Storks00020200-490
(Game halted by umpiring crew in top 8th inning with no outs, no runners, 3-1 count on the batter and Storks leading 4-2)
pitcher Storksinn.SOBBHRER
Jurrian Koks, W (1-0)742622

pitchers DSSinn.SOBBHRER
Alexander Valdez, L (0-1)5.151842

Robyn Clara0.22----

Nick Keur1 (*)111--
(*) - Keur was pitching in the top of the 8th inning when the game was halted)

Box Score
Team Rosters
Umpires: HP-Yme van der Lugt, 1B-Aad Otsen.
Official Scorer-Sten Wessel.
Play-by-Play Scorer-Feiko Drost.
Technical Commissioner-Peter Brink.
Public Address Announcer-Bert DaniŽls.
Scoreboard Operator-Bert DaniŽls.
Starting Time-2:00 PM.
Time Played-2:03 hrs.
Site-Honkbalveld DSS, Pim Mulier Sportpark, Haarlem.

Game Notes:
Game 2, best-of-five Play-Downs Final Series.
Dirk van 't Klooster (Hitting Coach DSS) ejected in top 7th by Home Plate Umpire Yme van der Lugt.
Patrick Howell (Assistant Coach DSS) ejected in top 8th by Home Plate Umpire Yme van der Lugt.
Game halted in top 8th inning by umpiring crew with an 3-1 count on the batter, no outs, no baserunners and Storks leading 4-2.
Game declared a 2-0 loss for DSS and forfeit for Storks by KNBSB Board on Monday, August 26.
All statistics remain valid up to the moment of calling the game.
Weather conditions at game time: Sunny, 28,4° C (83,1° F); wind direction east-northeast;
wind speed 19 kmh (11,8 mph); wind force 3 Bft; humidity 45%.

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