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Updated: April 11, 2013
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Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem unbeaten winner Jan de Wit Tournament
HAARLEM (Neth.) - Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem remained unbeaten in five games over the weekend to win the annual Jan de Wit Tournament in Haarlem.

Sparks Haarlem opened the event on Saturday with a 6-0 shutout-win against Carrousel from Russia, then also shutout host FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem, 3-0. The team ended Day 1 with a 5-3 win vs. Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels.

On Sunday, Sparks Haarlem won big twice, beating reigning champion Alcmaria Victrix, 12-3 and Centrals with a 7-0 score.

Carrousel ended up in second place after winning the final game of the tournament with a 7-0 score vs. Olympia Haarlem, which therefore finished in third place. Terrasvogels followed in fourth place and Alcmaria Victrix and Centrals completed the ranking.

There were no individual awards during this event. But the webmaster compiled the statistics of the 15 games played and lists some of the accomplishments on page 2 of this recap.


Nine umpires were active during the two days
of the international Jan de Wit Tournament

Eight of them are pictured on the right.

Back row:
Bert Loggen (Umpire Commissioner),
Martin Lemstra, Louis Rohan,
Rob Veldkamp, Patrick Reus
and Bob Gieskens.

Front row:
Sander Bootsman, Carolien Stadhouders
and Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven.

On Sunday, Albert Tolen joined the crew.

...The Umpire-crew...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)

...Lindsey Meadows struckout 13 batters...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
Game 1: FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem vs. Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels
In the first of the two opening games of the tournament, Olympia Haarlem shutout Terrasvogels, 4-0. The organizing club got a strong pitching performance from Lindsey Meadows, who retired the first 12 batters she faced and struckout 13 batters. After having played in Italy the last two seasons, Lindsey Meadows returns to the big league this year, playing for Olympia Haarlem. In 2005-2010, she played an important role for Tex Town Tigers, with whom she won the Dutch championship-title twice.

After having retired the first 12 batters in order, Lindsey's Perfect Game ended in the fifth inning when Yonina Sint Jago led off with an infield-hit. A stolen base and error brought her to third base, but she stranded there. In the sixth, Myrthe Smid reached on a error to become the second and last player allowed to the bases by Meadows.

Olympia Haarlem decided the game in the first inning. A walk, wild pitch, passed ball, error and two basehits contributed to three runs. Merel Oosterveld, who also is a new player in the Olympia-squad coming from Tex Town Tigers, led off with a walk, then moved on a wild pitch. She then scored when an error was made on a sac-bunt by Laura Burggraaf, who advanced on a passed ball. A single by Lindsey Meadows brought her to third base and she then scored when Meadows stole second base. Meadows herself scored on a 2-out single by Dominique Sprengers, the third new player for Olympia, coming from DSS.

Olympia added its fourth run in the fifth inning when Oosterveld led off with a single and scored on a 2-out double by Dinet Oosting.

FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem - Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels 4-0
Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels000000 -011
FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem30001x -462
pitchers Terrasvogelsinn.SOBBHRER
Ginger de Weert, L (0-1)462431
Svenja de Lincel13-211
pitcher Olympia Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Lindsey Meadows, W (1-0)613-1--
Umpires: HP-Sander Bootsman, 1B-Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven.
Official Scorer-Marco Stoovelaar.
Time-1:27 hr.

...A blue sky and sun during this game...

...Ginger de Weert started for Terrasvogels...
(© Both Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)

Game 2: Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem vs. Carrousel
In the opener on Field 2, Sparks Haarlem shutout Carrousel from Russia, 6-0.

Pitchers Kirsten Scheele and Rebecca Soumeru allowed only three Russian players to reach base. Kirsten started the game and threw three hitless innings, then Rebecca gave up the only Russian basehit with two outs in the fifth inning.

In the first inning, Anastasya Buchenkova reached on an error with one out and advanced on a wild pitch, but then stranded. Hereafter, Kirsten Scheele retired the next seven batters in a row. Then, with two outs in the third, Tatyana Zuchkova reached on an error, but she was caught stealing moments later.

In the fourth inning, Rebecca Soumeru took over and retired the side. In the fifth, with two outs, the No-Hitter ended when Daria Semyonova doubled, but was left behind.

Sparks Haarlem reached base eight times in the first inning off of starter Maya Shalvadze, but scored only twice, as three runners were eliminated, while the bases were left behind loaded. Chantal Versluis and Nathalie Gosewehr led off with singles, but then the first was forced out on a grounder by Areke Spel. The bases got loaded when Debby Connor walked, but then another force out followed at home on a grounder by Virginie Anneveld. The first run was then scored on a wild pitch and the bases go re-loaded when Karin Tuk walked. A single by Shannah van der Kaaij brought in the next run, then the third force out followed on a grounder by Michelle van Driel to end the inning.

After leaving two runners in the second inning, a run was added in the third. Virginie Anneveld then walked and went on to score on a 2-out single by Michelle van Driel.

The lead was increased to 6-0 when three runs were scored in the fourth inning. With one out, Nathalie Gosewehr walked and Areke Spel singled, then both scored on a 2-out single by Virginie Anneveld, who scored herself on a following double by Karin Tuk.

Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem - Carrousel 6-0
Carrousel00000 -010
Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem2014x -682
pitchers Carrouselinn.SOBBHRER
Maja Shalvadze, L (0-1)344532
pitchers Sparks Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Kirsten Scheele, W (1-0)32----
Rebecca Soumeru, SV (1)21-1--
Umpires: HP-Louis Rohan, 1B-Martin Lemstra.
Time-0:00 hr.

...Virginie Anneveld, 2 runs, 2 RBI's...

...Manoa Weijgertse blows her hands...
(© Both Photos: Fred Versluis)

Game 3: FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem vs. Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem

...Chantal Versluis batted in the first run...
(© Photo: Fred Versluis)
Sparks Haarlem recorded its second win of the day by shutting out Olympia Haarlem 3-0, but scored its runs in the final two innings of this 6-inning game.

The game was scoreless in the first four at bats. Rebecca Soumeru, the starter for Sparks Haarlem, held Olympia Haarlem to four basehits, while Olympia-starter Dominique Sprengers gave up only one basehit in the first four innings.

For Sparks, Virginie Anneveld walked twice in the first four at bats. Michelle van Driel accounted for the lone basehit in that period, a lead-off single in the third inning.

Dinet Oosting (2nd inning) and Lisette Untied (3rd inning) singled for Olympia, which came close to a run in the fourth. With one out, Lindsey Meadows and Dinet Oosting singled, then advanced on a sac-bunt by Maranca Ham. But Rebecca Soumeru then ended the threat with a strikeout.

Sparks Haarlem opened the score in the fifth inning. Shannah van der Kaaij led off with a single and moved on a passed ball and a grounder. With one out, Beau van Gelder walked and stole second base. A sac-fly by Chantal Versluis then led to the first run.

Two runs were added in the sixth inning. Areke Spel led off with a single and moved on a sac-bunt by Debby Connor, then scored when Virginie Anneveld followed with a triple. Next, Karin Tuk walked and took off to steal second base, enabling Virginie to score the third run.

Olympia got another scoring chance in the fifth and sixth inning off of new pitcher Kirsten Scheele, but failed to score. In the fifth, with one out, Lindy van der Wal singled and Marit Molenaar reached on an error. But a following flyout by Merel Oosterveld then led to a double play. In the sixth, Lindsey Meadows singled with one out, then was forced out on a grounder by Dinet Oosting. A walk for Maranca Ham gave Olympia gave Olympia another runner, but they both were left behind.

FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem - Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem 0-3
Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem000012 -342
FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem000000 -061
pitchers Sparks Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Rebecca Soumeru, W (1-0)45-4--
Kirsten Scheele, SV (1)2-12--
pitcher Olympia Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Dominique Sprengers, L (0-1)634432
Umpires: HP-, 1B-.
Time-0:00 hr.

...Rebecca Soumeru started...

...and Kirsten Scheele finished...

...Areke Spel scores...
(© All Photos: Fred Versluis)

Game 4: Alcmaria Victrix vs. Centrals
Dutch champion Alcmaria Victrix won its first game of the event, winning 4-2 vs. Centrals, which also played its first game. Alcmaria Victrix is currently bothered by some injured players, as Kimberly Jones, Maxime van Dalen and Brenda Beers all were unavailable to play. Besides that, some players left after last season, while pitcher Femke van Dusschoten and catcher Anne Blaauwgeers left to play in Italy this season. As a result, Alcmaria has a very small roster and added several rookies to its squad.

Centrals opened the score with two unearned runs in the first inning off of Jessie van Aalst. Lead-off hitter Kayleigh Adelina reached on an error, moved on a sac-bunt by Eliza Rikkelman and scored on a 2-out triple by Richelle van Gennip, who will make a comeback this season in the Dutch big league. Richelle scored moments later when a throwing error followed on a grounder by Stephanie Ruiter. In the remainder of the game, Centrals was held to only two basehits and didn't add more runs.

Alcmaria came alongside in the home of the first off of Sara Pesonen. Suzanne Meiring led off with a single. A throwing error on a grounder by Maaike Blaauwgeers ended up in foul territory in rightfield, enabling both the runner and the batter to score. Later in the inning, Alcmaria left two runners.

Alcmaria was then held scoreless in the next three innings, leaving five runners, including three in scoring position. In the third, Jessie van Aalst led off with a double, but stranded at third base. In the fourth, Patricia Hesterman reached on a bunt-single with one out, then the bases got loaded when Suzanne Meiring and Maaike Blaauwgeers singled with two outs. But three runners then were left behind, as a flyout ended the inning.

Alcmaria took the lead in the home of the fifth. Laura Treurniet led off with a double, moved on a grounder by Sophie Bugter and scored on a single by Raina Hunter. This led to a pitching change and Puck van der Kolk took over. Everyone was safe on a fielder's choice-hit by Quinta Borst, then a 2-out single by Desiree Adriaansz made it 4-2.

Alcmaria Victrx - Centrals 4-2
Centrals20000 -231
Alcmaria Victrix20002 -493
pitchers Centralsinn.SOBBHRER
Sara Pesonen, L (0-1)4.132842
Puck van der Kolk0.11-1--
pitcher Alcmaria Victrixinn.SOBBHRER
Jessie van Aalst, W (1-0)55132-
Umpires: HP-, 1B-.
Time-0:00 hr.

Game 5: Carrousel vs. Alcmaria Victrix
Carrousel registered its first win after beating Alcmaria Victrix, 7-0, on eight basehits.

Alcmaria was held to only one basehit by Russian pitcher Katya Eronina. In the first inning, Alcmaria got its first three batters on base, but was unable to open the score. Suzanne Meiring led off with a walk, then was safe when an error was made on a force play-grounder by Maaike Blaauwgeers. The bases got loaded when Jessie van Aalst also walked. But a strikeout, comeback-grounder and flyout then ended the inning, leaving the bases loaded.

Katya Eronina retired eight batters in a row, then gave up a 2-out single to Jessie van Aalst in the third inning. Jessie was the last batter to reach base, as Eronina retired the next seven batters again in a row. Eronina struckout eight batters and struckout the side twice.

Alcmaria-pitcher Raine Hunter gave up four runs in the second inning. Lead-off hitter Elena Povarova reached on an error, then the bases got loaded after singles by Tatyana Beltyukova and Irina Ilyashenko. A triple by Virginia Levich then cleared the bases to make it 3-0. With two outs, the latter scored the fourth run on a single by Narine Stepanyan.

After leaving the bases loaded in the third inning, Carrousel added three runs in the fourth at bat. Narine Stepanyan reached on an error and Darya Shemyonova followed with a single, then both scored on a 2-out triple by Elena Povarova. A single by Tatyana Beltyukova (who was 3-for-3) made it 7-0.

Carrousel - Alcmaria Victrx 7-0
Alcmaria Victrix00000 -013
Carrousel0403x -781
pitcher Alcmaria Victrixinn.SOBBHRER
Raina Hunter, L (0-1)431872
pitcher Carrouselinn.SOBBHRER
Katya Eronina, W (1-0)5821--
Umpires: HP-, 1B-.
Time-0:00 hr.

...Malou van Dusschoten struckout 10 batters...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
Game 6: Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels vs. Centrals
In their second game, both Terrasvogels and Centrals were unable to score, meaning the game ended in a scoreless tie.

Centrals got into scoring position four times, but good pitching by Malou van Dusschoten and solid defense prevented runs. In the first inning, Kayleigh Adelina led off with a walk and stole second base, but then stranded. After issuing the lead-off walk, Malou van Dusschoten retired eight batters in a row. With two outs in the third inning, she gave up a triple to Adelina, but then ended the inning with a strikeout. In the fourth inning, Richelle van Gennip walked with one out and Alma Hooi reached on an infield-hit, but again the inning ended with a strikeout. In the fifth, Donna Hartman led off with a single en stole second base, but this time Malou van Dusschoten followed with three strikeouts. Malou recorded 10 strikeouts and ended the four innings in which Centrals got into scoring position each time with a strikeout.

Terrasvogels collected only one basehit off of Richelle van Gennip, who struckout six batters. In the second inning, she walked Marije Schoenmaker with one out, but she was left behind. In the fourth, Petra van Heijst led off with a walk, but was caught stealing, then Yonina Sint Jago reached on an error with two outs, but stranded. In the fifth (and final) inning, Van Gennip's No-Hitter was broken when Cheryl Hiele lined a single into leftfield, but she also was left behind.

Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels - Centrals 0-0
Centrals00000 -031
Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels00000 -010
pitcher Centralsinn.SOBBHRER
Richelle van Gennip5621--
pitcher Terrasvogelsinn.SOBBHRER
Malou van Dusschoten51023--
Umpires: HP-Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven, 1B-Louis Rohan.
Official Scorer-Marco Stoovelaar.
Time-1:25 hr.

...Alma Hooi hit one of Centrals' 3 basehits...

...Cheryl Hiele hit the lone hit for Terrasvogels...
(© Both Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)

Game 7: Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem vs. Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels
With the temperatures dropping towards the end of the day, Sparks Haarlem remained unbeaten in its third game and won 5-3 against Terrasvogels.

Sparks Haarlem took an early 2-0 lead in the first inning off of starter Svenja de Lincel. The rookie began by striking out Chantal Versluis. Next, Nathalie Gosewehr reached on an error, which ended up in rightfield, but then, while trying to advance to second base, was thrown out there on a strong throw by rightfielder Solange Starrenburg. Hereafter, Areke Spel doubled and Debby Connor followed with a towering homerun to make it 2-0.

Sparks Haarlem added three runs in the second inning. Michelle van Driel led off with a walk and stole second base with one out. Beau van Gelder then also walked. Both runners then advanced on a wild pitch and scored when Chantal Versluis followed with a double. After Ginger de Weert took over the pitching, a sac-fly by Nathalie Gosewehr made it 5-0.

Terrasvogels narrowed the deficit to 5-2 in the third inning. With two outs, starting pitcher Areke Spel (who normally is an outfielder) gave up a single to Petra van Heijst, then a triple off the fence by Marisèla de Wind. A walk for Yonina Sint Jago followed and a single by Solange Starrenburg then accounted for the second run. Shannah van der Kaaij took over the pitching, saw the runners advance on a passed ball, but then ended the inning with a groundout.

Terrasvogels added a run in the fourth. Lisa Waasdorp led off with a walk and moved to third base on a single through the middle by Marije Schoenmaker. A single by Cheryl Hiele then made it 5-3, but then two outs followed. Hereafter, while there were still 10 minutes left in the game (a game lasted 90 minutes or seven innings, according to the tournament-rules), the game was stopped due to the dropping temperatures.

...Debby Connor is greeted after hitting her 2-run homerun in the first inning...
(© Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)

Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem - Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels 5-3
Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels0021 -352
Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem230x -560
pitchers Terrasvogelsinn.SOBBHRER
Svenja de Lincel, L (0-1)1.132455
Ginger de Weert1.22-2--
pitchers Sparks Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Areke Spel, W (1-0)2.232322
Shannah van der Kaaij, SV (1)1.1-1211
Umpires: HP-Patrick Reus, 1B-Bob Gieskens.
Official Scorer-Marco Stoovelaar.
Time-1:20 hr.

...Areke Spel started...

...nice move...

...Shannah van der Kaaij closed...
(© All Photos: Fred Versluis)

...The temperatures dropped during this game... Malou van Dusschoten and Lisa Waasdorp show...

...Marisèla de Wind on 3rd base after her triple...
...Karin Tuk played third this game...
(© Both Photos: Marco Stoovelaar)

Game 8: Alcmaria Victrix vs. FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem
In their final game of the day, Olympia Haarlem won narrowly with a 2-1 score vs. Alcmaria Victrix in a game which was halted before reaching the tournament-playing time of 90 minutes, due to the dropping temperatures. With the win, Olympia Haarlem moved into second place, trailing unbeaten Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem, who they meet in the first game on Sunday.

Both teams got into scoring position in the second inning. For Olympia Haarlem, Maranca Ham walked with one out, then Lisette Untied reached on an error with two outs. But a grounder ended their at bat.

Olympia's starter Lindsey Meadows saw the first two Alcmaria-batters reach in the home of the second. Jessie van Aalst reached on an error and Sophie Bugter singled. The two moved on an one-out sac-bunt by Quinta Borst, but both were left behind.

Alcmaria got another runner in scoring position in the third inning off of new pitcher Domonique Sprengers. Desiree Adriaansz led off with a walk and moved when Maaike Blaauwgeers walked with one out. But these two runners also stranded.

Olympia then took a 2-0 lead in the top of the fourth inning. Lindsey Meadows led off with a single and Dinet Oosting walked. Both then scored on an one-out triple by Dominique Sprengers. Next, Lisette Untied grounded out to short and a double play was completed at home when Sprengers tried to score.

Alcmaria got one run back in the home of the fourth. Sophie Bugter led off with a single, moved on a passed ball, then scored on two consecutive wild pitches. Quinta Borst (with one out) and Desiree Adriaansz (with two outs) then walked, but the two were left behind.

Alcmaria Victrix - FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem 1-2
FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem0002 -221
Alcmaria Victrix0001 -121
pitchers Olympia Haarleminn.SOBBHRER
Lindsey Meadows23-1--
Dominique Sprengers, W (1-1)224111
pitcher Alcmaria Victrixinn.SOBBHRER
Laura Treurniet, L (0-1)422222
Umpires: HP-, 1B-.
Time-0:00 hr.

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