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Updated: October 12, 2010
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Update 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Division: Two more champions
AMSTERDAM / UTRECHT / NIEUWEGEIN / VLAARDINGEN / ROTTERDAM / RIDDERKERK / HEERLEN / MONNICKENDAM / OOSTERHOUT / SCHOONHOVEN / BADHOEVEDORP / ROSMALEN (Neth.) - Last weekend, two more championships were decided in the Fourth Division. Also, more decisions fell for last place-finishes, while severals pools closed their seasons.

First Division

AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam Pirates-2 (or Mokum Hawks) and Jeka will meet each other for the third time coming Sunday, October 17, in the final and decisive game of the best-of-three. Overall First Division Championship. That game will be played at the site of Pirates in Amsterdam, starting at 2:00 PM.

At Amsterdam, last Sunday, October 10, the Mokum Hawks won Game 2, 6-5 to force the third game, after having lost 6-5 the week before.

In the first inning, Amsterdam hit Jeka-starter Caspar Dunant hard, including a homerun by Pavèl van Zaane, taking a 2-0 lead. Hereafter, Dunant recovered and allowed only one batter to reach base in the next four innings, while a single by Bas Nooijens gave Jeka its first run. In the sixth inning, Ron Dix singled in the tying run, then hits by Stan Koolen (single) and Niels van Haeften (double) gave the team from Breda a 4-2 lead. But hereafter, Pirates re-took the lead on two doubles to make it 6-4. Jeka could add only one more run in the ninth off Bart van Wissen, who went the distance for Amsterdam.

Second Division D

UTRECHT / NIEUWEGEIN - Last weekend, the decision fell for last place in the Second Division D, when the last games of the regular season were played. Or you better can say, the decision didn't fall. On Friday, October 8, UVV-2 won 6-5 vs. Nuenen and on Sunday, October 10, Nieuwegein Diamonds lost 9-3 to Nuenen.

Because of these results, UVV-2 and Nieuwegein Diamonds finished in a tie for seventh place with a 3-18 record. These two teams now will play an one-game tiebreaker coming Sunday, October 17 at the site of Centrals in De Bilt, starting at 2:00 PM. The losing team will relegate to the Third Division.

The seasons in the remaining three Second Divisions were already completed.

Third Division E

VLAARDINGEN / ROTTERDAM - On Saturday, October 9, champion Vlaardingen Holy lost 13-2 to second placed Storks-2, but more important was the game between Saints and Orioles-2 the next day in Rotterdam. The Orioles were beaten 24-8, meaning they finished in last place.

There are still seven games without a score this season, but only three of them are scheduled. Coming Sunday, October 17, Orioles-2 meets Spikes at Rotterdam, while Braves-2 is playing vs. Storks-2 at Gouda. Hereafter, there is one more game scheduled for Sunday, October 24.

Third Division F

RIDDERKERK - At the site of Ridderkerk Rowdies, The Hawks-2 and The Islanders on Sunday, October 10, played an one-game tiebreaker to decide the relegation in this pool. The Hawks won the game 7-6, meaning The Islanders will play in the Fourth Division next season. With this, the season in this pool has ended.

other remaining action in the Third Division

Third Division A
This division likely is closed, as the remaining game between Cubs and Drachten Diamonds-2 is not re-scheduled.

Third Division B
The season in this pool already had ended.

Third Division C
AMSTERDAM - Last Saturday, October 9, Centrals closed its season, winning 20-12 at Ban-Topa Future Stars to finish three points behind champion Hoofddorp Pioniers-3 in second place. As the lone remaining game between Thamen and Quick Amsterdam is not (yet) re-scheduled, the season is likely to have ended.

Third Division D
The season in this pool was already completed.

Third Division G
HEERLEN - Champion Parkstad/Cheetahs (or Raptors) closed the season with a 22-6 win vs. MULO-2 to finish with a 19-2 record. With this, the season in this pool is now over.

Fourth Division E

MONNICKENDAM - Hoofddorp Pioniers-5 played vs. Sullivan's Green Devils last Sunday, October 10, to complete an earlier game, which was stopped with a 7-7 tie. In the remaining 30 minutes, Pioniers scored three runs last Sunday to win 10-7. With this, Pioniers, which was led by playing coaches Dominique Stroomer and Ralph Goedbloed, climbed from second place to first place, passing leader Amsterdam Pirates-3 and finishing one point ahead to claim the title in this pool! With this game, the season in this pool has ended.

Fourth Division M

OOSTERHOUT - Twins-3 won the championship by playing a 7-7 tie last Sunday, October 10 vs. Boosters. With this result, Twins, which was coached by Louis Diependaal, earned the one point it needed to become unreachable for DVS-2, which was in second place. At the moment, final scores for two games are still not listed, but no more games are currently scheduled, meaning the season in this pool probably has ended.

Fourth Division C

SCHOONHOVEN - At the site of Mets, Green Hearts won the one-game tiebreaker for relegation vs. Nieuwegein Diamonds-2, 15-6 last Saturday, October 9, to secure its spot in next years Fourth Division.

With this game, the season in this pool has ended.

Fourth Division D

BADHOEVEDORP / AMSTERDAM - The situation for relegation in this pool is still unclear. Last Sunday, October 10, Badhoevedorp closed its season with an 11-6 loss vs. De Metoor. Before the weekend, Badhoevedorp was in ninth place, one point ahead of last placed DVH-2. Also scheduled for Sunday was the match-up between DVH-2 and De Boekaniers. A loss by DVH would mean that the team from Amstelveen should end in last place, a win would mean that Badhoevedorp was to finish in last place. However, as the final score for the Boekaniers vs. DVH game has not been listed it remains unclear at the moment what the situation is.

other remaining action in the Fourth Division

Fourth Division F
In this pool, there are still two unlisted final scores.

Fourth Division G
ROTTERDAM - Last Sunday, October 10, Neptunus-2 won 8-6 vs. Sparta-Feyenoord-2 to end their season. Coming Sunday, October 17, last placed HitManics will close the season in this pool with a match-up vs. Zwijndrecht-2.

Fourth Division K
ROSMALEN - On Sunday, October 10, league-champion Royals-3 closed the season with a 13-3 win at Gryphons-3 to finish with a 16-2 record. With this game, the season in this pool was completed.

Fourth Division A, B, H, N
The seasons in these four pools were already completed.

(October 12)

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