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Updated: November 1, 2012
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Baseball Transfers 2012
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Traditionally, this site will publish the complete listing of all transfers in the Dutch big league again. Now that the transfer-deadline has expired at 5 PM on Thursday, November 1, the updated list is now available on this site.

Go here for the Baseball Transfer List 2012

In recent days, the eight big league-clubs already annnounced their transfers:

ADO Lakers expands roster. (October 31)
Veteran pitcher Koeiman to play for The Hawks. (October 31)
Fifteen new players for UVV. (October 31)
HCAW adds 9 players, 10 leave. (October 31)
Kinheim adds Arends to roster. (October 31)
Yntema, Van Heydoorn join Neptunus. (October 31)
Pirates announces transfers; adds three internationals. (October 19)
Pioniers announces transfers; acquires Rombley, Rooi. (October 15)

(October 31-November 1)

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