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Baseball & Softball
Headlines 2023
Compiled and Copyright © 1997-2023 by Marco Stoovelaar
This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2023 covering baseball and softball from the Netherlands and international.

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Rosters Dutch Big League 2023 | Rosters Dutch Big League Softball 2023

Andrelton Simmons announces retirement as Major League-player. (December 29)

Xaveer Obbens, baseball-pioneer Breda and club-icon Jeka, passed away. (December 22)

Hensley Meulens no longer Manager of Netherlands Baseball Team. (December 9)

Didi Gregorius, Andrelton Simmons, Jair Jurrjens in action in Dubai. (November 23)

Bernadina, Kelly and Martis open new season in Nicaragua. (November 22)

Team Europe and Samurai Japan will meet again in 2024. (November 21)

Veteran and driven television sports-director Jos Maathof passed away. (November 20)

Oakland Atletics will move to Las Vegas in 2028. (November 17)

Former Neth. Team Manager Pat Murphy new Manager Milwaukee Brewers. (November 16)


Sem Robberse added to 40-man roster of St. Louis Cardinals. (November 14)

Misja Harcksen will make pitching comeback with Twins Oosterhout. (November 13)

Former big league-player Hans Slaap passed away. (November 7)

Twins Oosterhout confirms addition of three new players. (November 1)

Longtime (international) administrator Jules de Pierre, Honorary Member KNBSB & Hall of Famer, passed away. (October 26)

Jurickson Profar back in Major League with San Diego Padres. (September 9)

Former administrator Leo van den Boomgaard, Zwijndrecht club-icon and KNBSB-Member of Merit, passed away. (September 6)

Harry Blijden, former big league-player Feyenoord, passed away. (September 6)

Jurickson Profar signs Minor League-contract with San Diego Padres. (August 31)

Boston Red Sox calls up Curašao-prospect Ceddanne Rafaela to Majors. (August 28)

Jurickson Profar released by Colorado Rockies. (August 27)

Starting Pitchers Wild Card Series. (August 23)

Carter Kieboom homers in first at bat in Major League-comeback. (August 22)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 16)

Former umpire, commissioner and administrator Willem Broertjes passed away. (August 7)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 2)

Sem Robberse in trade between Blue Jays and Cardinals. (July 30)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 26)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 19)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 12)

Dates announced for 2024-edition of Baseball Week Haarlem. (July 11)

Sem Robberse pitches in Futures All-Star Game. (July 9)

Jonathan Schoop designated for assignment by Detroit Tigers. (July 8)

Former Orange Team Manager & BB Week Admin. Ad Hendrikse passed away. (July 6)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 5)

Curašao finishes 5th in Central American & Caribbean Games. (July 2)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 28-29)

Curašao nips Venezuela in Central American & Caribbean Games. (June 27)

Curašao opens Central American & Caribbean Games with win. (June 26)

Former player/coach Boudewijn Maat, iconic 1B Nicols & Orange, passed away. (June 23)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 21)

Chadwick Tromp back in Major League; Richie Palacios traded. (June 18)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 14)

Didi Gregorius signs Minor League-contract with Seattle Mariners. (June 8)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 7)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 31)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Final start Diegomar Markwell. (May 24)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 17)

Kenley Jansen becomes seventh Major League-pitcher with 400 saves. (May 10)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 10)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 2)

HCAW completes sweep vs. RCH-Pingu´ns with small win. (April 30)
Amsterdam Pirates sweeps Quick Amersfoort with another mercy-rule score. (April 30)
Neptunus wins big in third game vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 30)
UVV closes series vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers with comfortable win. (April 30)

Hoofddorp Pioniers and UVV end up in tie in longest game ever. (April 29)
Second game Neptunus vs. Twins Oosterhout ends in 12-inning tie. (April 29)
HCAW needs extra inning to defeat RCH-Pingu´ns. (April 29)
Amsterdam Pirates records huge shutout-win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (April 29)

HCAW records another shutout in series-opener vs. RCH-Pingu´ns. (April 26)
Amsterdam Pirates opens series vs. Quick Amersfoort with mercy-rule win. (April 26)
Neptunus shuts out Twins Oosterhout on 2-hitter in series-opener. (April 26)
Hoofddorp Pioniers comes-from-behind to win opener vs. UVV. (April 26)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 26)

HCAW sweeps Quick Amersfoort with small, then bigger shutout. (April 25)
Twins Oosterhout nips Amsterdam Pirates on 9th inning walk-off single. (April 25)

Neptunus completes sweep vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers with late run-production. (April 24)
Make-up game Quick Amersfoort vs. HCAW rains out again. (April 24)

HCAW shuts out Quick Amersfoort in a pretimed game. (April 23)
Neptunus records convincing shutout-win vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 23)
DSS/Kinheim records big win in 3rd game vs. RCH-Pingu´ns. (April 23)
Third game Twins Oosterhout vs. Amsterdam Pirates rains out. (April 23)

RCH-Pingu´ns strikes early to win vs. DSS/Kinheim after long rain-delay. (April 22)
Amsterdam Pirates strikes in 5th inning to win 2nd game vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 22)
Second game Hoofddorp Pioniers vs. Neptunus cancelled after rain-delay. (April 22)
Second game Quick Amersfoort vs. HCAW rains out. (April 22)

Lars Huijer almost Perfect in 7-inning NO-HITTER vs. Quick Amersfoort. (April 20)
Three pitchers throws combined NO-HITTER for DSS/Kinheim vs. RCH-Pingu´ns. (April 20)
Amsterdam Pirates opens vs. Twins Oosterhout with convincing shutout. (April 20)
Neptunus outscores Hoofddorp Pioniers in series-opener. (April 20)
Two NO-HITTERS on one evening; HCAW & DSS/Kinheim write history! (April 20)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 19)

Remaining game RCH-Pingu´ns vs. UVV finally played; 8th sweep avoided. (April 18)

Chadwick Tromp makes comeback in Major League. (April 16)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. DSS/Kinheim with narrow win. (April 16)
Neptunus also decides third game late vs. RCH-Pingu´ns. (April 16)
Twins Oosterhout sweeps Hoofddorp Pioniers with third comeback-win. (April 16)
Quick Amersfoort completes sweep vs. UVV with convincing shutout. (April 16)

Amsterdam Pirates one-runs DSS/Kinheim on wild pitch. (April 15)
Neptunus trails, then nips RCH-Pingu´ns in second game. (April 15)
Twins Oosterhout also decides 2nd game vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers late. (April 15)
Quick Amersfoort nips UVV thanks to rally in 8th inning. (April 15)

Twins Oosterhout strikes in 9th inning in opener vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 14)

Amsterdam Pirates opens series vs. DSS/Kinheim with win. (April 13)
Neptunus shuts out RCH-Pingu´ns in series-opener. (April 13)
Quick Amersfoort has productive evening in opener vs. UVV. (April 13)
Opener Hoofddorp Pioniers vs. Twins Oosterhout cancelled. (April 13)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 12)

Game RCH-Pingu´ns vs. UVV cancelled for third time. (April 11)

HCAW completes sweep vs. Amsterdam Pirates on emotional afternoon. (April 9)
Neptunus shuts out DSS/Kinheim to complete opening-sweep. (April 9)
Hoofddorp Pioniers sweeps Quick Amersfoort in Opening Series with shutout-win. (April 9)
RCH-Pingu´ns wins big in home-opener against UVV. (April 9)

HCAW also shuts out Amsterdam Pirates in second game. (April 8)
Neptunus scores early to win second game against DSS/Kinheim. (April 8)
Hoofddorp Pioniers comes from behind and also wins 2nd game vs. Quick Amersfoort. (April 8)
RCH-Pingu´ns opens new season with shutout-win at UVV. (April 8)

HCAW shuts out Amsterdam Pirates; Timmermans flirts with No-Hitter. (April 7)
Neptunus wins, but strikes late against tough DSS/Kinheim. (April 7>
Young Hoofddorp Pioniers-team outscores Quick Amersfoort in season-opener. (April 7)
Home-opener RCH-Pingu´ns vs. UVV cancelled again. (April 7)

All four games rain-out on Opening Night Dutch Major League. (April 6)

Starting Pitchers Opening Series. (April 5)


Atlanta Braves to retire uniform-number of Andruw Jones. (April 3)

UVV first winner of international Frank Maduro Tournament. (April 2)
HCAW wins rainy Urbanus Tournament. (April 2)
DSS/Kinheim closes exhibition-season with fifth win. (April 2)

Belgians record double-figure wins on 1st day Frank Maduro Tournament. (April 1)

Son Andruw Jones makes Spring Training-debut with Arizona D'backs. (March 28)

Exhibition (tournament-)games played, cancelled or moved on cold Sunday. (March 26)
Josh Palacios and Kaylan Nicasia play in Spring Training-games. (March 26)

Rain disturbs exhibition-schedule; Some games cancelled. (March 25)

Longtime HCAW-scorer, superfan, club-icon-Adrie Berrevoets passed away. (March 24)
Former umpire (3 Little League World Series) Bobby Gumbs passed away. (March 24)

Hendrik Clementina, Aldrich De Jongh, Jakey Josepha in Spring Training. (March 22)
Japan wins World Baseball Classic by winning two thrillers. (March 22)

Jurickson Profar signs one-year contract with Colorado Rockies. (March 19)
Five more exhibition-games played; Sulbaran joins RCH. (March 19)
WBC: Cuba, Japan, Mexico, USA to Semi-Finals; Freeman, DÝaz, Altuve injured. (March 19)

Eight big league-teams play (international) exhibition-games. (March 18)

Amsterdam Pirates shuts out Hamburg in second exhibition-game. (March 16)

Juan Carlos Sulbaran signs with team in Independent League. (March 15)
Jendrick Speer succeeds Steve Janssen as Manager German National Team. (March 15)
WBC: Puerto Rico-quartet throws Perfect Game; Australia, Venezuela advance. (March 15)

Netherlands eliminated via tiebreak-rule after loss vs. Italy in WBC. (March 12)
Amsterdam Pirates opens exhibition-season with win vs. Cologne. (March 12)

Netherlands empty-handed vs. Chinese Taipei in 3rd game World Baseball Classic. (March 11)

Netherlands also outscores Panama in second game World Baseball Classic. (March 9)

Netherlands opens World Baseball Classic with win vs. Cuba. (March 8)

Netherlands closes exhibition-series in Taiwan with loss. (March 6)

Netherlands suffers small loss in exhibition in Taiwan; Fransen replaces Farley. (March 5)

Netherlands Team loses last exhibition-game in Arizona. (February 28)
Loopstok, Tromp, Profar, Martina to play in Independent Frontier League. (February 28)
Spring Training-debuts for Sem Robberse and Derek West. (February 28)

Netherlands Team wins first exhibition-game via homerun-comeback. (February 26)

Spring Training-season underway; Rafaela and Bogaerts first to play. (February 24)

Netherlands Team suffers big loss in second exhibition-game in Arizona. (February 22)

Longtime Dutch big league-player Jan van Wieringen passed away. (February 21)

Netherlands Team opens exhibition-series in Arizona with loss. (February 20)

Former Oakland & Milwaukee-great, Team Hall of Famer Sal Bando passed away. (February 14)

Edwin Louisa named WBSC Europe Baseball Umpire of the Year. (February 13)

Dominican champion Tigres del Licey wins Caribbean Series. (February 11)

Roster Netherlands Team announced for World Baseball Classic. (February 10)

WildCats Curašao eliminated after loss on Day 7 Caribbean Series. (February 9)

WildCats Curašao loses lead vs. Venezuela on Day 6 Caribbean Series. (February 8)

WildCats Curašao empty-handed vs. Puerto Rico in Caribbean Series. (February 7)

WildCats Curašao loses in 13th to Colombia in Caribbean Series. (February 6)

One run enough for 2nd win WildCats Curašao in Caribbean Series. (February 5)

WildCats Curašao nips Mexico in second game Caribbean Series. (February 4)

WildCats Curašao opens Caribbean Series with extra-inning loss. (February 3)

Legendary longtime BB-coach, De Spartaan-icon Gerard Stenzler passed away. (January 31)

Former Pittsburgh Pirates, NY Mets-slugger Frank Thomas passed away. (January 20)

Relief-great Bill Campbell passed away; ex-teammate Blyleven, Remmerswaal. (January 17)

Former San Diego Padres-star and Hall of Famer Nate Colbert passed away. (January 11)

Templiers SÚnart wins thrilling Final Loek Loevendie Indoor Tournament. (January 10)

German umpire Tim Meyer also invited for World Baseball Classic. (January 9)

Veteran coach John Noce honored with Lefty Gomez Award. (January 7)

Edwin Louisa invited as umpire for World Baseball Classic. (January 5)


Hall of Famer, former player, coach, administrator Janke Nijdam passed away. (August 2)

Netherlands qualifies for World Cup via two Play-Off wins. (July 22)

Netherlands advances to Play-Offs World Cup Qualifier with two wins. (July 21)

Netherlands also emtpy-handed in 2nd game World Cup Qualifier. (July 19)

Netherlands opens World Cup Qualifier with loss. (July 18)

Tex Town Tigers suffers huge loss in Mastenbroek-opener. (March 31)

Tex Town Tigers finishes third in Italian tournament. (March 28)

Neptunus also wins Pre-Season Indoor Tournament. (February 27)

Former Softball- and Conditioning Coach Ben Spel passed away. (January 31)

Neptunus wins Indoor Cup; Eva Voortman throws 3 Perfect Games. (January 18)

Danielle de Ruiter new Head Coach of Tex Town Tigers. (January 11)

Hubert Bomba new Head Coach of Amsterdam Pirates. (January 6)

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