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Baseball & Softball
Headlines 2022
Compiled and Copyright © 1997-2023 by Marco Stoovelaar
This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2022 covering baseball and softball from the Netherlands and international.

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Rosters Dutch Big League 2022 | Rosters Dutch Big League Softball 2022

News item Gov.: Further easing of coronavirus-measures. (March 15)

News item Gov.: 3 steps to reopen the Netherlands. (February 15)

News item Gov.: Nearly all locations can be open until 22:00. (January 25)

News item Gov.: Rules for sports, contact-based industries, shops, education to relax. (January 14)

Roberto Clemente remembered; Pittsburgh Pirates-star died 50 years ago. (December 31)

Denzel Richardson's season in Nicaragua ends with release. (December 29)

Cincinnati Reds pitching-great and Hall of Famer Tom Browning passed away. (December 20)

Dutch BB-legend, ex-international & HR-leader Jacky Jakoba passed away. (December 18)

Philadelphia Phillies-icon and Hall of Famer Curt Simmons passed away. (December 16)

Curaçao wins Bronze in Carib.BB Cup; Qualifies for Centr.Am.&Carib.Games. (December 11)

Curaçao loses Semi-Final vs. Cuba in Caribbean Baseball Cup. (December 10)

Curaçao suffers small loss vs. Cuba in Caribbean Baseball Cup. (December 9)

Xander Bogaerts signs 11-year contract with San Diego Padres. (December 8)

Kenley Jansen agrees to 2-year contract with Boston Red Sox. (December 7)
Surprise loss Curaçao on Day 3 Caribbean Baseball Cup. (December 7)

Curaçao records second win in Caribbean Baseball Cup. (December 6)

Curaçao opens Caribbean Baseball Cup with win. (December 5)
Fred McGriff elected into Baseball Hall of Fame. (December 5)

Pitcher Juancarlos Sulbaran also makes debut in Nicaraguan league. (December 4)

Legendary Major League-pitcher, Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry passed away. (December 3)

HCAW organizes 2023 Eur.Champions Cup; Also games in Amsterdam. (November 28)
Denzel Richardson has first week in Nicaragua in the books. (November 28)

Photographer, former ADO-contributor Fred Reuling passed away. (November 27)

Twins Oosterhout adds Czech pitcher Filip Čapka to 2023 roster. (November 23)

Roger Bernadina & Jiandido Tromp open new season in Nicaragua. (November 18)

Former regional administrator, Robur '58-icon Annie Kerkhof passed away. (November 17)


Amsterdam Pirates adds fifteen new players. (November 15)
Elton Koeiman new Head Coach of Quick Amersfoort. (November 15)

Shurty Tremus joins coaching-staff of DSS/Kinheim. (November 14)

Twins Oosterhout adds Curaçaoan lefthander Terrence Garcia. (November 13)

Marlon Frolijk steps down as Head Coach of Quick Amersfoort. (November 12)
René Rijst named Pitching Coach of DSS/Kinheim. (November 12)

Twins Oosterhout announces addition catcher Yurdion Martie (Orange U23). (November 9)
DSS/Kinheim also adds infielder Jesse van den Berg to roster. (November 9)

Hensley Meulens new Hitting Coach of Colorado Rockies. (November 8)
Outfielder Urving Kemp transfers from Twins Oosterhout to DSS/Kinheim. (November 8)
HCAW adds 1B Shurman Marlin and RHP Sedley Karel to roster. (November 8)

Former pro Donny Breek to pitch for DSS/Kinheim in 2023. (November 7)

DSS/Kinheim adds youth-international Amarensio Franka to team. (November 6)

Longtime Netherlands Youth Team Coach Floor Blaauw passed away. (November 2)

Twins adds Belgian C Axel Poesmans; RHP Koen Postelmans stays. (October 31)

Neptunus also acquires pitcher Shairon Martis. (October 28)

Etienne Meijer new Head Coach of DSS/Kinheim. (October 27)
Joshua Zara new Head Coach of RCH-Pinguïns. (October 27)

Neptunus adds sixth new player: outfielder Rayshelon Carolina. (October 26)
Pitcher Nathan Diaby to play for HCAW in new season. (October 26)

Neptunus also acquires pitcher Mike Groen for 2023 season. (October 18)

Neptunus announces return of infielder Tyriq Kemp. (October 12)

UVV returns to big league; Storks withdraws team. (October 10)

Neptunus announces addition of outfielder Arthur Bonevacia. (October 7)

HCAW also confirms return of pitcher Kaj Timmermans. (October 5)

HCAW announces return of infielder Delano Selassa. (October 2)

Neptunus acquires pitchers Tom de Blok and Ryan Huntington. (October 1)

Peter Kwakernaak named Interim Technical Director KNBSB. (September 28)

Rob Hendriks new Head Coach of Twins Oosterhout. (September 26)

Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort finishes in 1st place with small win vs. UVV. (September 25)
Pilot-Pool: Twins Oosterhout wins rainy double-header at Sparks Haarlem. (September 25)

Greg Muller new Head Coach of Neptunus. (September 24)
Pilot-Pool: Two make-up games cancelled again due to rain. (September 24)

Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort outscores UVV in second game. (September 22)
Pilot-Pool: RCH closes with W vs. Storks; Heij steps down as Head Coach. (September 22)

Pilot-Pool: RCH-Pinguïns wins big vs. Storks in make-up game. (September 21)

Pilot-Pool: UVV wins first of three make-up games vs. Quick Amersfoort. (September 20)
Pilot-Pool: RCH-Pinguïns vs. Storks cancelled again. (September 20)
Neptunus and Head Coach Raily Legito separate. (September 20)

Starting Pitchers coming make-up games postseason-series. (September 19)

Xander Bogaerts reaches milestone with 1,400th Major League-basehit. (September 18)
Pilot-Pool: All three games rain out; Busy schedule ahead. (September 18)

Ozzie Albies fractures pinky after comeback from injury. (September 17)
Pilot-Pool: Storks outscores RCH-Pinguïns in final home-game of season. (September 17)
Pilot-Pool: Same rainy scenario, one game cancelled, other halted. (September 17)

Pilot-Pool: Sparks Haarlem opens final series vs. Twins Oosterhout with win. (September 15)
Pilot-Pool: One game cancelled, other stopped due to rain. (September 15)

Starting Pitchers coming postseason-series. (September 14)
Adonis Kemp does not return as Head Coach of Twins Oosterhout. (September 14)
Jasper de Jong new Head Coach of Hoofddorp Pioniers. (September 14)

Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort wins rain-shortened make-up game vs. Twins Oosterhout. (September 13)
Pilot-Pool: RCH-Pinguïns shuts outs Sparks Haarlem in make-up game. (September 13)

HCAW shuts out Neptunus again to win third game in Holland Series. (September 11)
Pilot-Pool: UVV wins again and completes sweep against Storks. (September 11)
Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort shuts out Twins Oosterhout on 1-hitter. (September 11)
Pilot-Pool: Sparks Haarlem comes from behind to win vs. RCH-Pinguïns. (September 11)

Ronald Jaarsma steps down as Head Coach of Pirates; Mervin Gario succeeds. (September 10)
HCAW shuts out Neptunus to take 2-0 lead in Holland Series. (September 10)
Pilot-Pool: UVV also wins second game against Storks. (September 10)
Pilot-Pool: RCH Pinguïns opens series vs. Sparks Haarlem with small win. (September 10)
Pilot-Pool: 2nd game Twins Oosterhout vs. Quick Amersfoort rains out. (September 10)

HCAW strikes in 4th inning to win Holland Series-opener vs. Neptunus. (September 8)
Pilot-Pool: Quick opens vs. 2nd team Twins with comeback-win. (September 8)
Pilot-Pool: UVV records big win in series-opener vs. Storks. (September 8)
Pilot-Pool: Series-opener Sparks Haarlem vs. RCH-Pinguïns rains out. (September 8)

Starting Pitchers coming postseason-series. (September 7)

Walk-off win for Parma in Game 4 Italian Series vs. San Marino. (September 6)

One run enough for San Marino to re-take lead in Italian Series vs. Parma. (September 5)

Bonn Capitals captures German title by winning Final vs. Paderborn. (September 4)
Pilot-Pool: Second team Twins Oosterhout wins rubber-game vs. UVV. (September 4)
Pilot-Pool: Quick A'foort avoids sweep with convincing W vs. RCH. (September 4)
Pilot-Pool: Storks closes series vs. Sparks Haarlem with comfortable win. (September 4)

Pilot-Pool: RCH-Pinguïns also wins second game vs. Quick Amersfoort. (September 3)
Pilot-Pool: UVV records big win in 2nd game vs. Twins Oosterhout-2. (September 3)
Pilot-Pool: Sparks Haarlem wins at home against Storks. (September 3)

Parma equals Italian Series with big win vs. San Marino. (September 2)

San Marino opens Italian Series vs. Parma with win. (September 1)
Pilot-Pool: RCH-Pinguïns shuts out Quick Amersfoort in series-opener. (September 1)
Pilot-Pool: Opener between 2nd team Twins Oosterhout and UVV ends in tie. (September 1)
Pilot-Pool: Storks comes back twice to win opener vs. Sparks Haarlem. (September 1)

Starting Pitchers coming postseason-series. (August 31)

Pilot-Pool: UVV completes sweep vs. Sparks; Jurjen van Zijl almost Perfect. (August 28)
Pilot-Pool: RCH-Pinguïns wins to avoid sweep vs. 2nd team Twins Oosterhout. (August 28)
Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort completes sweep against Storks. (August 28)

Play-Offs: HCAW dethrones Amsterdam Pirates; First Holland Series-clinch in 17 years. (August 27)
Pilot-Pool: Second team Twins Oosterhout also wins second game vs. RCH-Pinguïns. (August 27)
Pilot-Pool: UVV wins big in second game vs. Sparks Haarlem. (August 27)
Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort nips Storks in second game. (August 27)

Pilot-Pool: Second team Twins Oosterhout wins opener vs. RCH-Pinguïns. (August 25)
Pilot-Pool: UVV outscores Sparks Haarlem in series-opener. (August 25)
Pilot-Pool: Quick Amersfoort wins big in opener against Storks. (August 25)

Starting Pitchers coming postseason-series. (August 24)

RCH-Pinguïns wins make-up game vs. UVV in Pilot-Pool. (August 23)

Neptunus completes PO-sweep vs. Twins to reach Holland Series. (August 21)
HCAW turns early deficit into extra-inning PO-win vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (August 21)
Hoofddorp Pioniers claims 5th place after completing sweep vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 21)
UVV records first win in Pilot-Pool vs. RCH-Pinguïns. (August 21)
Sparks Haarlem outscores Quick Amersfoort to win first game in Pilot-Pool. (August 21)
Storks wins big in 3rd Pilot-Pool game vs. 2nd team Twins Oosterhout. (August 21)

Amsterdam Pirates forces extra Play-Off game vs. HCAW with shutout-win. (August 20)
Neptunus wins 2nd Play-Off game vs. Twins Oosterhout with small score. (August 20)
Hoofddorp Pioniers has big rally and wins 2nd game vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 20)
RCH-Pinguïns wins Pilot-Pool opener vs. UVV with small shutout. (August 20)
Second team Twins Oosterhout outscores Storks in Pilot-Pool. (August 20)
Comfortable win for Quick Amersfoort vs. Sparks Haarlem in Pilot-Pool. (August 20)

HCAW opens Play-Offs with extra inning win vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (August 18)
Neptunus strikes late to win Play-Off opener against Twins Oosterhout. (August 18)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins opener 5th/6th Place Play-Off vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 18)
Sparks Haarlem comes close to opening-win in Pilot-Pool vs. Quick Amersfoort. (August 18)
Storks decides Pilot-Pool opener vs. 2nd team Twins with late rally. (August 18)
Pilot-Pool opener between RCH-Pinguïns and UVV rains out. (August 18)

Starting Pitchers coming postseason-series. (August 17)

Neptunus wins Wild Card Top Series vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (August 14)

Chadwick Tromp productive in first game back in Major League. (August 13)
Neptunus forces 3rd game in Wild Card Top Series vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (August 13)
HCAW needs extra inning to W vs. DSS/Kinheim and reach Play-Offs. (August 13)
Twins to Play-Offs after W vs. Pioniers in game with weird moments. (August 13)

Amsterdam Pirates strikes early, but wins Wild Card-opener vs. Neptunus in 11th. (August 11)
HCAW records convincing shutout in Wild Card-opener vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 11)
Twins Oosterhout decides Wild Card-opener vs. Pioniers in 6th. (August 11)

Amsterdam Pirates-pitcher Connor Prins signs contract with Seattle Mariners. (August 10)
Starting Pitchers coming postseason-series. (August 10)

League-leader Amsterdam Pirates closes regular season with win vs. HCAW. (August 7)
Neptunus wins final regular season-game in first inning. (August 7)

Neptunus wins to become 2nd team in Wild Card Top Series & Play-Offs. (August 6)
HCAW wins vs. Amsterdam Pirates, but finishes 3rd in Top-4 Pool. (August 6)
Pioniers wins Wild Card Qualifier with convincing win vs. DSS/Kinheim. (August 6)

Netherlands Women's BB Team eliminated for Final Eur. Championship. (August 5)

Didi Gregorius released by Philadelphia Phillies! (August 4)
Pirates takes 1st place in Top-4 Pool; Advances to Top Series & Play-Offs. (August 4)
Neptunus decides opener vs. Twins with 8th inning rally. (August 4)
Pioniers opens Wild Card Qualifier vs. DSS/Kinheim with win. (August 4)

Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully, Voice of the Dodgers, passed away. (August 3)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 3)

Former pitcher Win Remmerswaal, first Dutch-raised Major Leaguer, passed away. (July 27)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 27-28)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 20)

Roster Netherlands Team announced for Baseball Week Haarlem. (June 30)

Starting Pitchers coming series; New player Amsterdam Pirates. (June 29)

Longtime Neptunus Scoreboard Operator Lex Looijen passed away. (June 28)

Starting Pitchers coming series; New player for HCAW. (June 22)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 15)

Former player, BB/SB-coach, administrator Teun Gaartman passed away. (June 9)

Twins Oosterhout completes Top-4; Second Half Pools set. (June 6)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 1)

Jonathan Schoop hits 1,000th Major League-basehit. (May 30)

Amsterdam Pirates ends winning streak HCAW with walk-off homerun. (May 28)

'Field of Dreams'-actor Ray Liotta passed away. (May 27)

HCAW sets records with 19th consecutive win. (May 26)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 25)

UVV club-icon and do-it-all Frans van Elst passed away. (May 21)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 18)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 11)
Former pro-pitcher Rick vd Hurk new Technical Director KNBSB. (May 11)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 4-5)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 27)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 20)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 13)

Chinese Taipei withdraws from Baseball Week Haarlem; Curaçao replaces. (April 12)

RCH-Pinguïns opens season with win in record-setting game. (April 7)
Former sponsor, administrator and HCAW-icon Ron Jaarsma passed away. (April 7)


Dudley Leonora & Gilmer Lampe successfully open season in Italy. (April 5)


Tenerife unbeaten in openers Spanish baseball-season. (April 4)
DSS/Kinheim closes exhibition season with split in Belgium. (April 4)
Storks ends exhibition season with strong comeback in Belgium. (April 4)

HCAW wins Urbanus Tournament and exhibition season. (April 3)
Quick Amersfoort closes exhibition season with walk-off win. (April 3)

HCAW and Neptunus to play in Final Urbanus Tournament. (April 2)

Opener First Div & 2 games Urbanus Tournament cancelled due to cold and snow. (April 1)

Second team Hoofddorp Pioniers wins tournament in Belgium. (March 28)

HCAW wins Ringvaart Tournament after shutout-win in Final. (March 27)
Quick Amersfoort unbeaten winner of Wim Oosterhof Tournament. (March 27)
Amsterdam Pirates has productive weekend in Belgium. (March 27)
Win and loss for Neptunus in Germany. (March 27)

HCAW in Ringvaart-Final afer 2 wins; 2nd finalist comes Sunday. (March 26)
Quick Amersfoort wins twice on Wim Oosterhof Tournament. (March 26)

First Spring-games Simmons & Jansen; Kieboom injured; Apostel to Minors. (March 25)
Robberse, Collins, Rafaela on Major League prospect-lists. (March 25)

Former big league-umpire and coach John Barrett passed away. (March 24)

Former Haarlem BB Week, KNBSB-administrator Frank Voskuilen passed away. (March 22)

Hoofddorp Pioniers wins big twice in Germany. (March 21)

Twins Oosterhout & Quick Amersfoort on top in exhibition-season. (March 20)

Ray-Patrick Didder productive in Spring Training for new team. (March 19)
Six exhibition-games played; Amsterdam Pirates adds two veteran pitchers. (March 19)

Kenley Jansen to pitch for Atlanta Braves. (March 18)
Three 'Dutch' basehits on Day 2 Spring Training-season. (March 18)

Former big league-pitcher and Feyenoord-icon Marcel de Bruijn passed away. (March 17)
Spring-season opens; Two Antillian players in action. (March 17)

Andrelton Simmons signs one-year contract with Chicago Cubs. (March 15)

Two exhibition-wins Twins Oosterhout; More teams in action. (March 12-13)

Exhibition-win HCAW against Amsterdam Pirates. (March 12)

Major League and Players Association reach new agreement. (March 10)

Hoofddorp Pioniers & Quick Amersfoort open exhibition season. (March 6)

First two series Major League-season cancelled. (March 1)

Hensley Meulens back in Majors; Named Asst. Hitting Coach NY Yankees. (February 28)

Caimanes de Barranquilla first Colombian team to win Serie del Caribe. (February 3)

Roger Bernadina & Jiandido Tromp win Nicaragua title with Leones. (January 30)

Leones forces 7th game in Nicaraguan Final after marathon-win. (January 29)

Bernadina & Tromp again productive in 2nd win for Leones in Nicaragua. (January 26)

Bernadina & Tromp account for 1st win Leones in Nicaraguan Final. (January 25)
David Ortiz elected into Major League Hall of Fame. (January 25)

Roger Bernadina & Jiandido Tromp trail with Leones in Nicaraguan Final. (January 23)

Former National Team and big league-player Ruben Leysner passed away. (January 22)

First female-player debuts in Australian professional baseball. (January 10)


NL Team record-holder Britt Vonk to play for Olympia Haarlem. (November 15)
International Lizzie Clarijs returns to Amsterdam Pirates. (November 15)
Neptunus adds Laura Wissink, Damishah Charles, Rachel van Veen. (November 15)

Netherlands captures European title in convincing fashion! (July 30)

Suka Van Gurp homers Netherlands to EC-Final; Italy dethroned! (July 28)

Netherlands closes 2nd Round EC with two more wins. (July 27)

Netherlands adds two mercy-rule wins; Lindsey Meadows injured. (July 26)

Netherlands records another mercy-rule win on Day 2 European Championship. (July 25)

Netherlands Softball Team opens European Championship with shutout-win. (July 24)

Roster Netherlands Softball Team announced for European Championship. (July 20)

Netherlands wins Bronze in Canada Cup after loss vs. USA. (June 26)
Netherlands in Semi-Final Canada Cup after win vs. Chinese Taipei. (June 26)

Netherlands SB Team moves to next game Canada Cup, eliminates Czechs. (June 25)

Netherlands SB Team opens Play-Off Round Canada Cup with loss. (June 24)

Netherlands SB Team closes First Round Canada Cup with shutout-win. (June 23)

Netherlands SB Team suffers first loss in Canada Cup-tournament. (June 22)

Netherlands SB Team wins 3rd game of Canada Cup-tournament. (June 21)
Netherlands SB Team also wins 2nd Canada Cup-game vs. Philippines. (June 21)

Netherlands SB Team opens Canada Cup with win vs. Mexico. (June 20)

Netherlands SB Team closes series vs. Canada with DH-loss. (June 18)

Netherlands SB Team also loses second game vs. Canada. (June 17)

Netherlands SB Team opens exhibition series vs. Canada with loss. (June 16)

Netherlands Softball Team off to Canada with 20 players. (June 15)

Former Netherlands Team, big league-pitcher Mereille Hammink passed away. (June 13)


Onze Gezellen adds American & Australian pitcher to roster. (March 14)

Amsterdam Pirates opens exhibition season vs. Onze Gezellen. (March 12)

Former Haarlem-commissioner, Official Scorer Jan van Toorn passed away. (March 8)

Neptunus repeats as winner of Roef! Pre-Season Tournament. (February 13)

Veteran Belgian softball-player Griet De Schrijvere passed away. (February 8)

Former softball-umpire Piet Gabes passed away. (January 22)

Australia captures World-title; USA wins first Medal in 22 years. (December 4)

Netherlands Slowpitch Team wins Semi-Final, then ends up short in EC-Final. (June 18)

Netherlands Slowpitch Team loses twice in Play-Offs European Championship. (June 17)

Netherlands Slowpitch Team unbeaten after 3rd day European Championship. (June 16)

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