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This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2019 covering Dutch and international baseball and softball.

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Former baseball-umpire Paul Barts passed away. (December 16)

Didi Gregorius to play for Philadelphia Phillies. (December 11)

Xander Bogaerts chosen in All-MLB Team. (December 10)

Hensley Meulens named Bench Coach of New York Mets. (December 8)
Ted Simmons & Marvin Miller elected into Hall of Fame. (December 8)

Jurickson Profar traded to San Diego Padres. (December 2)

Daam Hoogendijk, founder of HCAW and The Hawks, passed away. (November 25)

Former big league BB/SB player/coach Peter Hondius passed away. (November 24)

Japan wins Premier12; South Korea, Mexico qualify for Olympics. (November 17)


Michael Crouwel to coach DSS/Kinheim-combination in big league. (November 15)

Australia, Chinese Taipei, Japan, South Korea advance to Super Round Premier12. (November 8)

Netherlands closes Premier12 with loss vs. Mexico in farewell Stuifbergen. (November 5)

Didi Gregorius becomes Free Agent. (November 4)

Netherlands eliminated for Super Round Premier12. (November 3)

Netherlands loses big vs. Dominicans in 2nd game Premier12. (November 3)

Netherlands suffers big shutout-loss in Premier12-opener vs. USA. (November 2)

Netherlands Team wins rainshortened exhibition game in Mexico. (October 31)

Netherlands Team plays first exhibition game in Mexico. (October 30)

Fukuoka completes Japan Series-sweep; Another title for Van den Hurk. (October 23)
Former Italian pitching-great Paolo Cherubini passed away. (October 23)

Fukuoka Hawks one win away from Japan Series-title. (October 22)

Major League Umpire Eric Cooper unexpectedly passed away. (October 21)

Former big league/Orange Team catcher/coach Dolf de Zwart passed away. (October 15)

Hensley Meulens returns as Orange-Manager for Premier12; Roster announced. (October 14)

DSS comes from behind to defeat Kinheim and to stay in big league. (October 13)

Kinheim wins vs. DSS to force 5th game. (October 7)

Michael Duursma succeeds Brian Finnegan as Head Coach of Pirates. (September 29)

Former Amsterdam-administrator Wim van der Poel passed away. (September 23)

Nick Stuifbergen new Head Coach of DSS. (September 19)

Netherlands opens Olympic Qualifier with solid win vs. Czechs. (September 18)

Pitcher Shuruendy Valeriano replaces Randolph Oduber on Orange-roster. (September 17)

Eugene Henson new Head Coach of Storks. (September 16)

EC: Netherlands defeats Italy to capture 23rd European title. (September 15)

EC: Netherlands advances to Final after tough win vs. Spain. (September 14)

EC: Orange to Semi-Final & Olympic Qualifier with offensive show (8 HRs). (September 13)

EC: Netherlands advances to Quarter Finals; Rifaela homers twice. (September 11)

EC: Ademar Rifaela powers Netherlands to win vs Germany with 3 HRs. (September 10)

German pitcher Markus Solbach advances to Double-A Final. (September 9)
EC: Strong Orange shuts out Sweden; Fine outings Breek (10 K), Schoop (5 H). (September 9)

Surprise loss Netherlands vs. Czechs at European Championship. (September 8)

Xander Bogaerts hits 1,000th career basehit in Major League. (September 7)
Opener Netherlands at European Championship halted by darkness. (September 7)
Neptunus adds John Polonius to roster for next season. (September 7)

Roster Netherlands Team (14 pros) announced for European Championship. (September 6)

Delano Selassa named Most Valuable Player Holland Series. (September 5)

DSS and Kinheim discuss possible cooperation. (September 3)
Spencer Kieboom briefly back in Major League. (September 3)

Amsterdam Pirates completes historic comeback with shutout to win title! (September 1)

Amsterdam Pirates wins on walk-off walk, forces winner-takes-all 7th game. (August 31)
Storks secures big league-spot; Season DSS continues. (August 31)

Tom de Blok's season ends; Game cancelled due to Hurricane. (August 30)

Amsterdam Pirates forces 6th game by nipping Neptunus in Series G5. (August 29)

Frank Koene takes over coaching at UVV. (August 28)

Amsterdam Pirates turns G4 vs. Neptunus around after long rain-delay. (August 27)
Halted game Play-Downs Final declared loss for DSS. (August 27)

Former big league-pitcher and administrator Benno Niemeijer passed away. (August 26)

Neptunus trails, but wins in 12 vs. Pirates in Game 3 Holland Series. (August 25)
Storks outscores DSS in 3rd game Play-Downs Final. (August 25)

Neptunus nips Amsterdam Pirates in Game 2 Holland Series. (August 24)
Second game DSS vs. Storks halted in 8th inning. (August 24)

Neptunus opens Holland Series vs. Amsterdam Pirates with home-win. (August 22)
DSS wins opener Play-Downs Final against Storks. (August 22)

Kalian Sams joins Amsterdam Pirates for Holland Series. (August 19)

Quick secures big league spot; Storks to play vs. DSS in Play-Down Final. (August 18)

Storks forces 5th game in series vs. Quick Amersfoort. (August 17)

German Max Kepler sets European Major League HR-record. (August 16)

Xander Bogaerts hits 100th Major League-homerun. (August 14)
First win of season for Tom de Blok. (August 14)

Orange U23 closes with No-Hitter; Finishes in 6th place. (August 11)

Orange U23 shuts out Ukraine on one basehit. (August 10)

Orange U23 defeats Germany in last inning. (August 9)

Neptunus wins exhibition game against Storks. (August 8)
Orange U23 loses again, dethroned, misses World Championship. (August 8)

Orange U23 opens European Championship with surprise loss. (August 7)

Dutch pitchers Sem Robberse & Jiorgeny Casimiri make professional debut. (August 4)

Orange/Neptunus-pitcher Loek van Mil unexpectedly passed away. (July 29)

Former big league-pitcher Hans Bouwen passed away. (July 23)

Netherlands wins World Port Tournament; First title in 20 years. (July 21)

WPT: Japan second finalist after win vs. Chinese Taipei. (July 20)
New professional team for Kalian Sams. (July 20)

WPT: Netherlands shuts out Chinese Taipei to reach Final. (July 19)

WPT: Netherlands wins convincingly vs. American squad. (July 18)

WPT: Curaçao records huge win vs. North Americans. (July 17)

WPT: Netherlands wins vs. Chinese Taipei with good pitching. (July 16)

Netherlands empty-handed vs. Curaçao in 3rd game WPT. (July 14)
23-year old player Shavently Profar unexpectedly passed away. (July 14)

Orange shutout by USA in 2nd game World Port Tournament. (July 13)

Orange comes from behind, wins WPT-opener vs. Japan in 10th. (July 12)
Tom de Blok still waits for first win; Donny Breek won once. (July 12)
Darryl Collins and Denzel Bryson active in Rookie League. (July 12)

Kalian Sams released by High Point Rockers. (July 7)

HCAW adds Aruban pitcher Gillian Wernet to roster. (July 6)

Xander Bogaerts added to All Star Game-roster. (July 3)

Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep against Neptunus. (June 27)

Dutch Hall of Famer, Coach, Promoter Gé van Berkel passed away. (June 19)
Marco Wels steps down as Head Coach of DSS. (June 19)

ECC: Neptunus dethroned after big loss vs. Bologna. (June 7)
ECC: Amsterdam Pirates 1st finalist after win vs. Parma. (June 7)

Didi Gregorius to return to Major League-action on Friday. (June 6)
ECC: Amsterdam Pirates in Semi-Final after winning huge. (June 6)
ECC: Neptunus advances to Semi-Final after late win. (June 6)

ECC: Amsterdam Pirates records big win vs. Deurne. (June 5)
ECC: Neptunus turns deficit into big win vs. Bonn. (June 5)

Amsterdam Pirates homers to win in European Cup-opener. (June 4)
Neptunus nips Parma in European Champions Cup-opener. (June 4)

Former Major League-veteran Bill Buckner passed away. (May 27)

Former Haarlem BB Week President Piet Tromp passed away. (May 26)

Amsterdam Pirates adds infielder Sharlon Schoop to roster. (May 25)

Amsterdam Pirates renames home-site after Loek Loevendie. (May 18)
Amsterdam Pirates 'retires' uniform number Charles Urbanus. (May 18)

Former baseball-umpire Jos Loogman passed away. (May 14)

Legendary Actress, Singer Doris Day ('The Winning Team') passed away. (May 13)

Quick Amersfoort shuts out Amsterdam Pirates. (May 12)
Neptunus shuts out Hoofddorp Pioniers to complete sweep. (May 12)
HCAW completes sweep against Storks. (May 12)
DSS nips Twins Oosterhout in series-finale. (May 12)

Neptunus saves small lead, survives bases loaded in 9th inning. (May 11)
Amsterdam Pirates wins convincingly vs. Quick Amersfoort. (May 11)
Twins Oosterhout wins big to celebrate 50th anniversary. (May 11)
HCAW overpowers Storks and records second win. (May 11)

Quick Amersfoort rallies in 8th inning to win vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (May 9)
Neptunus wins rain-shortened game vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (May 9)
Twins Oosterhout strikes late to win opener vs. DSS. (May 9)
HCAW defeats Storks, but decides game late. (May 9)

Carter Kieboom returns to Triple-A. (May 7)

Neptunus wins, but has hands full in 1600th game. (May 5)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep with 22-hit victory. (May 5)
Twins Oosterhout completes first sweep of season. (May 5)
HCAW productive in 3rd game vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (May 5)

HCAW and Hoofddorp Pioniers play 1st scoreless tie in 17 years. (May 4)
Quick Amersfoort strikes late to beat Neptunus. (May 4)
Amsterdam Pirates again wins big vs. DSS. (May 4)
Twins Oosterhout also wins 2nd game vs. Storks. (May 4)

Amsterdam Pirates records huge win; Rookie writes history. (May 2)
Neptunus turns opener vs. Quick Amersfoort around in 7th inning. (May 2)
Opener Hoofddorp Pioniers vs. HCAW ends in tie. (May 2)
Twins Oosterhout ends losing streak thanks to 5th inning rally. (May 2)

Quick Amersfoort wins make-up game vs. HCAW. (April 30)

Carter Kieboom hits 2nd homerun and makes history. (April 28)
Neptunus closes vs. DSS with big win; Milestone for Daantji. (April 28)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 28)
Comfortable win Hoofddorp Pioniers vs. Storks. (April 28)
Third game HCAW vs. Quick Amersfoort halted by rain. (April 28)
Quick Amersfoort and Head Coach Glenn Romney separate. (April 28-29)

Carter Kieboom hits homerun in Major League-debut. (April 26)
Lars Huijer No-Hits Storks; Throws 50th No-Hitter in history. (April 26)
Amsterdam Pirates records 7-inning shutout vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 26)
Neptunus also decides second game vs. DSS. (April 26)
Quick Amersfoort records small victory vs. HCAW. (April 26)

Amsterdam Pirates opens series vs. Twins Oosterhout with big win. (April 25)
Neptunus scores late in shutout against DSS. (April 25)
HCAW outhit, but homers to win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (April 25)
Storks nips Hoofddorp Pioniers thanks to curfew-rule. (April 25)
Carter Kieboom to promote to Major League-team of Washington Nationals. (April 25)

Amsterdam Pirates nips Neptunus in pitching-duel. (April 21)
Hoofddorp Pioniers turns deficit into win to complete sweep. (April 21)
DSS scores late vs. HCAW and avoids sweep. (April 21)
Storks records big victory vs. Quick Amersfoort. (April 21)

Kaj Timmermans misses No-Hitter in one-run win for HCAW. (April 20)
Neptunus rallies in 4th inning to win vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (April 20)
Hoofddorp Pioniers outhit, but wins vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 20)
Convincing win Quick Amersfoort vs. Storks. (April 20)

Rob Cordemans reaches SO-milestone in loss vs. Neptunus. (April 18)
HCAW wins 1st game of season on rally in 8th inning. (April 18)
Hoofddorp Pioniers decides opener vs. Twins Oosterhout early. (April 18)
Quick Amersfoort scores late, but wins big vs. Storks. (April 18)

Misja Harcksen throws 3rd PERFECT GAME in history! (April 14)
Pirates decides game early to record 2nd sweep. (April 14)
DSS trails 4-0, then wins on walk-off wild pitch. (April 14)
Pioniers outscores Quick to move into 3rd place. (April 14)

Neptunus scores late, but wins comfortable in Oosterhout. (April 13)
Amsterdam Pirates wins after trailing, but scoreless streak ends. (April 13)
DSS strikes in last 3 innings in win vs. Storks. (April 13)
Quick Amersfoort nips Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 13)

Pirates records 3rd ShO in row; Cordemans 1 SO from 2,000. (April 11)
Neptunus rallies in 3rd inning to win 4th game. (April 11)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins convincingly in Amersfoort. (April 11)
Storks turns deficit into first win of season. (April 11)

Kinheim scores 37 runs vs. The Hawks in Opening Weekend. (April 7)
Uganda and Kenya qualify for Baseball Africa Cup. (April 7)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins heated game vs. DSS in extra innings. (April 7)
Quick Amersfoort avoids sweep by winning big in series-finale. (April 7)
Neptunus avoids loss vs. HCAW to complete sweep. (April 7)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. Storks with 2nd shutout. (April 7)

Twins Oosterhout nips Quick Amersfoort in 2nd game. (April 6)
Neptunus wins 2nd game thanks to productive 1st inning. (April 6)
Amsterdam Pirates shuts out Storks in The Hague. (April 6)
DSS turns deficit into win against Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 6)

Twins Oosterhout wins big in season-opener. (April 4)
Hoofddorp Pioniers decides opener in ninth inning. (April 4)
Amsterdam Pirates opens with win; Rob Cordemans nears milestone. (April 4)
Neptunus shuts out HCAW on Opening Night. (April 4)

Opening Day Rosters Dutch Big League. (April 3)

Pioniers adds American/British pitcher Paul Kirkpatrick. (April 2)

Pioniers has successful weekend in Nijmegen. (March 31)
DSS wins Mastenbroek Tournament. (March 31)
Pirates wins Urbanus Tournament; Australian debut for Twins. (March 31)

Tex Town Tigers and DSS in Final Mastenbroek Tournament. (March 30)
Amsterdam Pirates leads Urbanus Tournament after 2 days. (March 30)

Amsterdam Pirates outscores HCAW in Urbanus-opener. (March 29)
Tex Town Tigers opens Mastenbroek Tournament with win. (March 29)

DSS outscores Hoofddorp Pioniers on cold evening. (March 28)

Quick Amersfoort wins big vs. Storks on chilly evening. (March 26)
Burkina Faso and Nigeria advance to Baseball Africa Cup. (March 26)

Apostel & Helder in Spring Training; Kieboom-brothers to Minors. (March 25)

Pioniers shuts out HCAW to win Ringvaart Tournament. (March 24)
DSS empty-handed on Day 2 Wim Oosterhof Tournament. (March 24)
Twins wins in Amsterdam; Jason Halman joins Oosterhout-team. (March 24)
Convincing win Quick Amersfoort vs. Saarlouis Hornets. (March 24)
Neptunus loses in last inning vs. Rouen Huskies. (March 24)

HCAW leads after first day of Ringvaart Tournament. (March 23)
DSS plays first two games in tournament. (March 23)
Amsterdam Pirates nips Twins in Oosterhout. (March 23)
Neptunus also wins second game in France. (March 23)
Quick Amersfoort wins big against German team. (March 23)

Ademar Rifaela & Kirvin Moesquit added to Baltimore Orioles. (March 22)
Neptunus wins big in first game in France. (March 22)
Righthander Juan Carlos Sulbaran joins pitching-staff of DSS. (March 22)

Juremi Profar in action for Texas Rangers in Spring Training. (March 20)

Amsterdam Pirates adds lefthanded pitcher Jhan Rifaela. (March 19)

Spencer Kieboom contributes in win; Nigerian player in Spring Training. (March 18)
Seattle wins 2nd exhibition game in Tokyo; Oakland plays tie. (March 18)

Quick Amersfoort wins 12-inning exhibition game in Bussum. (March 17)
Seattle Mariners & Oakland A's win exhibition game in Tokyo. (March 17)

Saturday exhibition-games cancelled. (March 16)

Carter Kieboom hits 2 HRs off Verlander; Clementina debuts. (March 12)

Hoofddorp Pioniers signs agreement with YaYa Bats. (March 11)
Geoffry Kohl steps down as Chairman of Neptunus. (March 11)

Curaçao OF Shean Michel in Spring Training; 3 Dutch doubles. (March 10)
Japan and México split series in Osaka. (March 10)
Weather conditions disturb weather conditions. (March 10)

Carter Kieboom hits first Spring Training-homerun. (March 9)
Twins shuts out Hoboken Pioneers in Belgium. (March 9)
HCAW outscored by Solingen Alligators. (March 9)

Didder homers and scores winning run for Atlanta. (March 8)

Profar, Bogaerts, Schoop hit basehits. (March 7)

Basehits for Ozzie Albies and Ray-Patrick Didder. (March 6)

Jurickson Profar delivers deciding basehit for Oakland. (March 5)

Czech Martin Červenka homers in Spring Training. (March 4)
American actor Luke Perry ('Sandlot 3') passed away. (March 4)

Schoop homers; Jansen winner in first appearance. (March 3)

Bogaerts homers; Kieboom-brothers hit doubles. (March 2)
Play ball! HCAW plays first exhibition game. (March 2)

Productive day (homerun) for Jurickson Profar. (March 1)
Former big league-catcher and coach Huub Kohl passed away. (March 1)
Twins-catcher Jarreau Martina to play for Bologna this season. (March 1)

Preliminary Rosters Dutch Major League-teams. (February 28)
First exhibition game on Saturday, weather permitting. (February 28)
Ozzie Albies & Xander Bogaerts both hit two basehits. (February 28)

Carter Kieboom hits another Spring Training-basehit. (February 27)

Didder & Profar lone 2 Dutch players to play on Tuesday. (February 26)
Former big league, Dutch Team OF Gé Oosterbaan passed away. (February 26)

4 Dutch players in 1 game; Czech makes Spring Training-debut. (February 25)

Basehits for Albies, Profar & Kieboom. (February 24)

Two more Dutch players in Spring Training; Kieboom HRs. (February 23)

Jurickson Profar first Dutch MLB-player to get into action. (February 21)

Netherlands opens Premier12 in México; Groups revealed. (February 13)

Neptunus Rotterdam Sports Team of the Year. (February 11)

WBSC Europe officially launched; CEB hands out Awards. (February 2)
Pool-alignments European tournaments announced. (February 2)
Brisbane captures 4th straight Australian title; 1st for Van Mil. (February 2)

Brisbane and Loek van Mil open Australian Final with win. (January 31)

Australia wins U18 Oceania-title and qualifies for World Cup. (January 28)

Van Mil (Brisbane) in Austr. Final; Kemp (Sydney) eliminated. (January 27)

Canberra and Perth force 3rd game in Australian Play-Offs. (January 26)

Sta. Maria Pirates (Curaçao) not in Serie Latinoamericana. (January 25)
Kemp & Van Mil win Australian Play-Off openers. (January 25)

Canberra wins Australian Wild Card; Kemp leads in basehits. (January 23)

4 players elected into Hall of Fame; Mariano Rivera unanimous. (January 22)
Field of participants for World Port Tournament announced. (January 22)
Former Netherlands Team-pitcher Eligio Kelly passed away. (January 22)

WBSC announces sites, dates for Olympic Qualifiers. (January 20)
Loek van Mil returns to mound in Australia for Brisbane. (January 20)

Former Dutch Team-player, pitching-legend Jan Smidt passed away. (January 7)

Dutch RHP Mike Bolsenbroek leaves Regensburg for Heidenheim. (January 3)

Dutch softball-pioneer, Hall of Famer Bep van Beijmerwerdt passed away. (November 24)

Next years European Championship in Italy; More hosts named. (November 19)


Ferenc Jongejan new Head Coach Netherlands Softball Team. (November 13)

A'dam Pirates wins on wild pitch, promotes to Golden League; DSS relegates. (Oct. 13)

Amsterdam Pirates wins opener Promotion/Relegation vs. DSS; G2 halted by rain. (Oct. 12)

Twins Oosterhout relegates; DSS advances after winning tie-breaker. (October 8)

Roef! captures 1st Championship-title; 1st Brabant-team in 25 years. (October 7)

DSS and Kinheim discuss possible cooperation. (September 3)

First loss for Terrasvogels; Big win for Olympia Haarlem. (August 22)

Olympia Haarlem & Terrasvogels advance to Final Round European Cups. (August 21)

Terrasvogels wins third game; Olympia Haarlem splits. (August 20)

Olympia Haarlem & Terrasvogels open European Cups with wins. (August 19)

USA captures U19 world title with comeback win. (August 17)

Orange U19 closes with win vs. South Africa to finish in 13th place. (August 15)

Orange U19 outscores Botswana to record second win. (August 14)

Orange U19 shuts out Ireland in good game. (August 13)

Orange U19 also scoreless in third game. (August 12)

Orange U19 opens World Cup with 2 shutout-losses. (August 11)

Talent Team Holland withdrawn from Golden League. (July 18)

Groups revealed for Olympic Softball Qualifiers. (July 10)

3rd win Netherlands Team; 4th game rains out. (July 1)

Netherlands opens European Championship with two wins. (June 30)

Netherlands Softball Team off to USA for training-camp. (May 12)

Olympia Haarlem records two big shutouts vs. Talent Team. (May 5)

Olympia Haarlem wins once on long and wet day in Enschede. (May 4)
Roef! and Terrasvogels split close games in double-header. (May 4)
Sparks Haarlem shuts out DSS twice. (May 4)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins first double-header of season. (May 4)

3rd game Netherlands Softball Teams won by Men Team. (April 30)

Olympia Haarlem moves into 1st place with double-header win. (April 28)
Terrasvogels and Tex Town Tigers outscore each other. (April 28)
Roef! wins first Noord-Brabant double-header in 7 years. (April 28)
DSS records first wins of season. (April 28)

2nd exhibition game Netherlands Softball Teams halted by rain. (April 24)

Hoofddorp Pioniers surprises Roef! and records first win. (April 22)
Terrasvogels and Sparks Haarlem split Easter double-header. (April 22)
Olympia Haarlem wins twice to move into tie for 1st place. (April 22)
DSS also empty-handed vs. Tex Town Tigers. (April 22)

Olympia Haarlem outscores Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 20)
Terrasvogels wins twice against Twins Oosterhout. (April 20)
Sparks Haarlem wins twice; No-Hits Tex Town Tigers. (April 20)
Roef! scores early to win twice vs. DSS. (April 20)

Netherlands Softball Teams Women/Men open exhibition series. (April 17)

Twins Oosterhout wins twice vs. Talent Team Holland. (April 14)

Champion Olympia Haarlem splits with Roef! on Opening Day. (April 13)
Terrasvogels opens season with two wins at DSS. (April 13)
Sparks Haarlem wins big against returning Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 13)
Tex Town Tigers wins twice in rain and snow in Oosterhout. (April 13)

Opening Day Rosters Dutch Golden League. (April 12)

Wins for TTT, Joudrs on Day 1 Mastenbroek Tournament. (March 29)

Terrasvogels shuts out UVV in Vleuten. (March 28)

National Team Germany wins Midden-Nederland Cup. (March 24)
Twins splits double-header with Hoboken Pioneers. (March 24)

Hoofddorp Pioniers & Roef! split exhibition double-header. (March 23)

Saturday exhibition-games cancelled. (March 16)

Steven Manson new Head Coach of Olympia Haarlem. (March 14)

Stefan Vessies new Head Coach of Terrasvogels. (March 12)

Roef! wins Pre-Season Tournament. (March 10)

Five teams in race for Final Pre-Season Tournament. (March 9)

Preliminary Rosters Dutch Golden League-teams. (March 8)
Softball exhibition-season begins on Saturday. (March 8)
Neptunus wins international tournament in Israel. (March 8)

WBSC Europe officially launched; CEB hands out Awards. (February 2)
Pool-alignments European tournaments announced. (February 2)

Connie Clark new Head Coach Netherlands Softball Team. (January 31)

WBSC announces sites, dates for Olympic Qualifiers. (January 20)

Softball-veteran and longtime DVH-volunteer Hans Aussen passed away. (November 25)

Next years European Championship in Czech Republic; More hosts named. (November 19)

Groups & Schedule announced for World Championship. (March 28)

WBSC Europe officially launched; CEB hands out Awards. (February 2)
Pool-alignments European tournaments announced. (February 2)

South Africa, Botswana complete Men's SB World Championship. (January 12)

Filmmaker Donen ('Ball Game', 'Damn Yankees!') passed away. (February 25)

Iconic Rimini-President Cesare Zangheri passed away. (February 20)

Legendary Dodgers-pitcher Don Newcombe passed away. (February 19)

Ex-IBA President Smith; ex-catcher Fosse in St. Louis HOF. (February 14)

Major League-legend,Hall of Famer Frank Robinson passed away. (February 7)

WBSC Europe officially launched; CEB hands out Awards. (February 2)
Pool-alignments European tournaments announced. (February 2)
Brisbane captures 4th straight Australian title; 1st for Van Mil. (February 2)

Brisbane and Loek van Mil open Australian Final with win. (January 31)

Australia wins U18 Oceania-title and qualifies for World Cup. (January 28)

Van Mil (Brisbane) in Austr. Final; Kemp (Sydney) eliminated. (January 27)

Canberra and Perth force 3rd game in Australian Play-Offs. (January 26)

Sta. Maria Pirates (Curaçao) not in Serie Latinoamericana. (January 25)
Kemp & Van Mil win Australian Play-Off openers. (January 25)

Canberra wins Australian Wild Card; Kemp leads in basehits. (January 23)

4 players elected into Hall of Fame; Mariano Rivera unanimous. (January 22)

WBSC announces sites, dates for Olympic Qualifiers. (January 20)
Loek van Mil returns to mound in Australia for Brisbane. (January 20)

Dutch RHP Mike Bolsenbroek leaves Regensburg for Heidenheim. (January 3)

WBSC Europe officially launched; CEB hands out Awards. (February 2)
Pool-alignments European tournaments announced. (February 2)

WBSC announces sites, dates for Olympic Qualifiers. (January 20)

3rd Australian title in row Firestars; Ellen Roberts Best Pitcher. (January 11)

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