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This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2021 covering baseball and softball from the Netherlands and international.

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Rosters Dutch Big League 2021 | Rosters Dutch Big League Softball 2021

News item Gov.: Slowing spread of Omicron-variant; LOCKDOWN IN NETHERLANDS. (December 18)

News item Gov.: Evening closures prolonged; Primary schools to shut week early. (December 14)

News item Gov.: Evening closures and stricter measures during the day. (November 26)

News item Gov.: Infection rate must go down: Stricter rules to limit contacts. (November 12)

News item Gov.: Infections must decrease, appropriate measures needed. (November 2)

News item Gov.: Netherlands to reopen further with coronavirus entry-passes. (September 14)

News item Gov.: No restrictions on-site learning; Other measures extended. (August 13)

News item Gov.: Summertime measures in face of rapid increase infections. (July 9)

News item Gov.: Netherlands to take big step in relaxing measures. (June 18)

News item Gov.: Step 3: Nearly everything to reopen, subject to certain conditions. (May 28)

News item Gov.: Step 2-Indoor sports facilities to reopen, more scope outdoor-activities. (May 11)

News item Government: Step 1-Shops, outdoor seating partially reopen; Curfew lifted. (April 20)

News item Government: Plan to reopen society step by step. (April 13)

News item Government: Coronavirus-measures will be extended. (March 23)

News item Government: Further easing not yet possible. (March 8)

News item Government: More breating space; caution remains. (February 23)

News item Government: Curfew extended. (February 8)

News item Government: Lockdown extended. (February 2)

News item Government: Night-time curfew in Netherlands as of January 21. (January 21)

News item Government: Lockdown measures tightened. (January 20)

News item Government: Netherlands lockdown until at least 9 February. (January 12)

Tjerk Smeets steps down as Technical Director KNBSB end of year. (December 14)

Former big league-player/coach, UVV club-icon Roly Wout passed away. (December 12)

Six former players elected into Baseball Hall of Fame. (December 5)


Former Major Leaguer and Manager coach Bill Virdon passed away. (November 26)

Former Major League ace-closer (303 saves) Doug Jones passed away. (November 25)

Nicky Heij new Head Coach of RCH-Pinguïns. (November 23)

Former Major League-infielder Julio Lugo passed away. (November 18)

Former big league-player, longtime coach Maurice Cranston passed away. (November 16)

Raily Legito new Head Coach of Neptunus; Coaching-staff announced. (November 12)
Roger Bernadina and Jiandido Tromp open professional season in Nicaragua. (Nov. 12)

Professional outfielder Jiandido Tromp to play for Neptunus in 2022. (November 2)

Boston Red Sox club-icon (player, broadcaster) Jerry Remy passed away. (October 31)

New structure: Dutch Major League becomes closed league; Storks stays in top. (October 29)
Ronald Jaarsma new Head Coach of Amsterdam Pirates. (October 29)

Neptunus and Head Coach Ronald Jaarsma separate. (October 21)

A'dam Pirates Head Coach Michael Duursma steps down day after winning title. (October 18)

Pirates prolongs Championship-title by winning Holland Series vs. Neptunus. (October 17)
RCH-Pinguïns promotes to big league after comeback-win; Storks relegates. (October 17)

Pirates forces 7th game in Holland Series with comeback-W vs. Neptunus. (October 16)
RCH-Pinguïns wins big vs. Storks in Promotion/Relegation-opener. (October 16)

Former Major League-catcher and Oakland-broadcaster Ray Fosse passed away. (October 14)
Neptunus takes lead in Holland Series vs. Pirates after narrow W in Game 5. (October 14)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (October 13)

Former National Team-player Danny Rombley new Head Coach of HCAW. (October 12)

Neptunus equals Holland Series vs. Amsterdam Pirates by winning Game 4. (October 10)

G3 Holland Series: Neptunus records 1-hit shutout vs. Pirates in pitching-duel. (October 9)

Amsterdam Pirates also outscores Neptunus in second game Holland Series. (October 7)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (October 6)

Amsterdam Pirates shuts out Neptunus in rainy Holland Series-opener. (October 2)

Holland Series-opener moved from Sunday to Saturday. (September 30)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (September 29)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (September 22)
Catcher Chadwick Tromp claimed by Atlanta Braves. (September 22)

Netherlands Under-23 Team off to Mexico for World Cup. (September 21)

Netherlands captures 24th European title after come-from-behind win vs. Israel. (September 19)

Twelve positions European Championship decided; Slovakia relegates. (September 18)

Netherlands in EC-Final after narrow escape; Italy eliminated. (September 17)

Netherlands to Semi-Final EC after small win vs. Great Britain. (September 16)

Netherlands advances to Quarter Final EC after win vs. Sweden. (September 14)

Netherlands wins convincingly vs. Czechs on Day 2 Euro Champ. (September 13)

Netherlands opens European Championship with shutout-win vs. Slovakia. (September 12)

Roster-change Netherlands Team: Raf Cocu replaces Franklin Van Gurp. (September 10)
Netherlands Team shuts out Sweden in exhibition game. (September 10)

Netherlands Team wins exhibition game against Spain. (September 9)

Roster Netherlands Team announced for European Championship. (September 7)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (September 1)

Legendary TV-actor Edward Asner (Coach in 'Perfect Game') passed away. (August 30)

Netherlands captures European Under-23 title. (August 28)
Chadwick Tromp returns to Triple-A after one day. (August 28)

Catcher Chadwick Tromp back in Major League with San Francisco Giants. (August 26)

Former Major League-catcher and Tigers-legend Bill Freehan passed away. (August 20)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 18)

Starting Pitchers for Tuesday-evening. (August 16)

Netherlands empty-handed on EC Under-12 after big loss. (August 14)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 11)

Japan shuts out USA to win Olympic Gold; Dutch official in Final. (August 7)

Former Houston Astros pitching-icon J.R. Richard passed away. (August 6)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 4)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 28)

Pitcher Donny Breek released by Minnesota Twins. (July 27)

Netherlands third on European Championship U15; Final halted by rain. (July 25)

Japanese baseball-legends carry Olympic Torch during Opening Ceremony. (July 23)
Cleveland Indians changes name to Cleveland Guardians in 2022. (July 23)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 21)

Eur. Champions Cup: Neptunus finishes 4th; Parma wins 1st Cup in 22 yrs. (July 17)

Eur. Champions Cup: Neptunus eliminated for Final; Pirates fifth. (July 16)

Former Major League-pitcher and San Francisco Giants-executive Dick Tidrow passed away. (July 15)
Eur. Champions Cup: Neptunus in Semi-Final; Pirates eliminated. (July 15)

Starting Pitchers coming series; Quick Amersfoort adds 4 pitchers. (July 14)
Day 2 Eur. Champions Cup: Loss Pirates, Game Neptunus suspended. (July 14)

Neptunus and Amsterdam Pirates open European Champions Cup with win. (July 13)

Netherlands captures European Under-18 Championship title. (July 11)

Diegomar Markwell strikes out 1,000th batter. (July 10)

Tom de Blok's Mexican season ends after one start. (July 9)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 7)

Former big league/National Team-player, coach Simon Heemskerk passed away. (July 6)

Ozzie Albies named as non-starter for Major League All Star Game. (July 4)

Curaçao defeats Cuba to win Copa de Béisbol del Caribe. (July 3)

Tom de Blok losing pitcher in Mexican debut. (July 1)
Xander Bogaerts starting short stop in Major League All Star Game. (July 1)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 30)
Andruw Jones one of the coaches in Futures Game. (June 30)

Pitcher Tom de Blok signs professional contract in Mexico. (June 27)

Dominican Republic outscores Venezuela to qualify for Olympic Games. (June 26)

Netherlands eliminated for Olympics after mercy-rule loss vs. Venezuela. (June 25)

Netherlands loses thriller against Dominicans in Olympic Qualifier. (June 24)

Netherlands opens Olympic Qualifier with loss vs. Venezuela. (June 23)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 23)

Arij Fransen replaces Orlando Yntema on Orange-roster; Team wins exhibition game. (June 22)

Former Major League-pitcher 'Mudcat' Grant passed away. (June 15)

Roster Netherlands Team for Olympic Qualifier announced. (June 11)

Australia also withdraws from Olympic Qualifier. (June 9)

WBSC Americas Qual.: USA to Olympics; Chinese Taipei withdraws. (June 5)

WBSC BB Americas Qualifier: USA, Dominicans open Super Round with big win. (June 4)
Major League Baseball organizes inaugural Lou Gehrig Day. (June 4)

Longtime Umpire, Coach, NL Equipm. Manager Toon Verzijlberg passed away. (June 3)
WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifier: Final game Opening Round rains out again. (June 3)

WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifier: Teams set for Super Round. (June 2)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (June 2)

WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifier: First win Nicaragua; Cuba eliminated. (June 1)

WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifier opens in Florida; No-Hitter Canada. (May 31)

Diegomar Markwell wins 150th game, as Neptunus nips Hoofddorp Pioniers. (May 27)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 26)

Olympic Qualifying Tournament moved from Taiwan to Mexico. (May 20)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 19)

Thamen-founder/club-icon, ex-KNBSB-boardmember Frans Mäkel passed away. (May 16)

President Cuban BB Federation and coaching-legend Higinio Vélez passed away. (May 14)

Neptunus records 5th mercy-rule win of season vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (May 13)
HCAW strikes late vs. Storks and expands coaching-staff. (May 13)
Twins Oosterhout decides opener vs. Quick Amersfoort early. (May 13)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 12)

Neptunus again wins big in make-up game vs. Quick Amersfoort. (May 11)
Two make-up games rain out again. (May 11)

Amsterdam Pirates turns games vs. HCAW around in middle innings. (May 9)
Neptunus records mercy-rule win vs. Quick Amersfoort thanks to big rally. (May 9)
DSS/Kinheim rallies in 7th inning to win 2nd game vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (May 9)
Twins Oosterhout decides rubber game vs. Storks with 6th inning rally. (May 9)

Starting Pitchers Update. (May 8)
Twins Oosterhout strikes in final 2 at bats vs. Storks. (May 8)
Three games cancelled due to rain. (May 8)

HCAW nips Amsterdam Pirates in series-opener. (May 6)
Neptunus turns opener vs. Quick Amersfoort around in 7th inning. (May 6)
DSS/Kinheim wins opener vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers on errors in 10th inning. (May 6)
Storks outscores Twins Oosterhout to win 1st game of season. (May 6)
Hall of Famer, Honorary Member KNBSB, SB-admin, Kinheim-icon Wim Oosterhof passed away. (May 6)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 5)

Former KNBSB-administrator, ESF-President André van Overbeek passed away. (May 4)

Amsterdam Pirates closes series vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers with comfortable win. (May 3)

Hoofddorp Pioniers records convincing win vs. Amsterdam Pirates. (May 2)
Neptunus completes sweep vs. Storks with another mercy-rule win. (May 2)
HCAW closes series vs. Twins Oosterhout with shutout. (May 2)
Quick Amersfoort strikes in 9th inning to win 1st game of season. (May 2)
Former Official Scorer and administrator Fiet Aussen passed away. (May 2)

Amsterdam Pirates decides first game vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers late. (May 1)
Neptunus wins huge in second game vs. Storks. (May 1)
HCAW wins in 9th inning vs. Twins Oosterhout; Hitting streak Draijer ends. (May 1)
DSS/Kinheim records big mercy-rule win in 2nd game vs. Quick Amersfoort. (May 1)

Twins Oosterhout records convincing opening-win vs. HCAW. (April 30)
DSS/Kinheim records big win vs. Quick Amersfoort in season-opener. (April 30)
Season-opener Amsterdam Pirates vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers rains out again. (April 30)

Neptunus opens new season with shutout against Storks. (April 29)
Three season-openers cancelled due to rain. (April 29)

Twins Oosterhout adds two Japanese pitchers to roster. (April 28)
German Bundesliga: Heidenheim still unbeaten; First loss Regensburg, Stuttgart. (April 28)

Pioniers defeats Neptunus to win Urbanus Tournament. (April 25)
HCAW and Amsterdam Pirates close Urbanus Tournament with tie. (April 25)
Quick Amersfoort wins on rally; Adds two new pitchers. (April 25)
Twins Oosterhout closes exhibition season with win vs. DSS/Kinheim. (April 25)

Small wins Neptunus and Pioniers on Day 2 Urbanus Tournament. (April 24)
Storks comes from behind to win against Quick Amersfoort. (April 24)
DSS/Kinheim and Twins Oosterhout play scoreless 9-inning game. (April 24)

Wladimir Balentien & Rick van den Hurk play first games in Japan. (April 23)

HCAW and Neptunus open Urbanus Tournament with wins. (April 22)
Chadwick Tromp briefly back in Major League for one day. (April 22)

Roy Berrevoets new Head Coach of HCAW. (April 21)
No-Hitter in Austrian Bundesliga; Grasshoppers & Indians lead. (April 21)

Zaragoza vs. Barcelona DH postponed in Spain; 3 teams unbeaten. (April 20)
Brno vs. Blansko postponed in Czech Extra League; Hippos in 1st place. (April 20)
Three teams remain unbeaten in German Bundesliga. (April 20)

HCAW wins 2nd exhibition game vs. Amsterdam Pirates in 8th inning. (April 18)
Neptunus also wins 2nd exhibition game vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 18)
Hoofddorp Pioniers also wins comfortable in 2nd game vs. Storks. (April 18)
Quick Amersfoort wins first game of exhibition-season. (April 18)

HCAW shuts out Amsterdam Pirates in exhibition game. (April 17)
Neptunus wins exhibition game vs. Twins Oosterhout. (April 17)
Hoofddorp Pioniers records big exhibition win vs. Storks. (April 17)
DSS/Kinheim outscores Quick Amersfoort in exhibition game. (April 17)

Czech Extra League completes first round of new season. (April 15)
HCAW records first exhibition win against Quick Amersfoort. (April 15)

German Bundesliga underway; Mike Bolsenbroek wins 2nd game. (April 14)

Four grand slams in Opening Weekend Spanish Baseball League. (April 13)

Storks wins exhibition game against DSS/Kinheim. (April 11)

DSS/Kinheim wins lone exhibition game played on Saturday. (April 10)

Carter Kieboom back in Major League-team Washington Nationals. (April 6)

First exhibition-activities by Dutch big league-teams. (April 5)

Regular season in South Korea opens with rain. (April 4)
Granma wins title on walk-off single in Cuban Final. (April 4)

Matanzas wins on wild pitch to force 6th game in Cuban Final. (April 2)

Major League-season begins with memorable Opening Day. (April 1)
Granma wins big to take 3-1 lead in Cuban Final. (April 1)

First win for Matanzas in Cuban Final. (March 31)

Ozzie Albies closes Spring Training with homerun. (March 30)

Granma also wins 2nd game vs. Matanzas in Cuban Final. (March 29)

Granma nips Matanzas in opener Cuban Final. (March 28)
Regular professional season in Japan underway. (March 28)

Carter Kieboom will begin new season in Triple-A. (March 27)

Former HCAW-Chairman Huib Schrijvers unexpectedly passed away. (March 25)

Dutch international baseball-umpire Antoine Loock passed away. (March 24)

Chadwick Tromp hits grand slam HR on birthday in Spring Training. (March 21)

Sherten Apostel hits first homerun in Major League Spring Training. (March 19)

Former Netherlands Team-player, softball-coach Piet de Nieuwe passed away. (March 18)
Cuban Final postponed; Cuba participates in tournament on Curaçao in April. (March 18)

Albies homers, Jansen strikes out three in Spring Training. (March 17)

Albies, Gregorius, Schoop collect Spring-hits; Tromp to Triple-A. (March 16)
Final Olympic Baseball Qualifiers to be held in June. (March 16)

Regular season in Professional League Taiwan opens. (March 14)
Jonathan Schoop plays in first game Spring Training. (March 14)
Matanzas wins again to advance to Cuban Final. (March 14)

Didi Gregorius hits grand slam HR in Spring Training. (March 13)

Bogaerts & Simmons play in first Spring Training-game; Apostel to Triple-A. (March 12)
Matanzas takes lead in Cuban Semi-Final. (March 12)

Matanzas wins in 11 innings to even Cuban Semi-Final. (March 11)

Hits for Kieboom, Hold for Jansen in MLB Spring Training. (March 10)
Matanzas avoids sweep with 1-0 win in Cuban Semi-Final. (March 10)

Las Tunas also wins second game of Cuban Semi-Final. (March 8)

Shendrik Apostel (Sherten's brother) traded to Chicago Cubs. (March 7)
Zander Wiel plays in first game in MLB Spring Training. (March 7)
Las Tunas wins opener second Cuban Semi-Final. (March 7)

Profar and Tromp successful in MLB Spring Training. (March 6)
First Dutch baseball exhibition games cancelled. (March 6)

Singles for Apostel, Albies & Gregorius in MLB Spring Training. (March 5)

Las Tunas wins again to advance to Cuban Semi-Final. (March 4)

Albies homers; Run & RBI for Gregorius in MLB Spring Training. (March 3)
Draw European Championship; Netherlands in Pool D. (March 3)

Las Tunas takes lead with another shutout in Cuban Quarter Final. (March 2)

Strong first outing Kenley Jansen in MLB Spring Training. (March 1)

Tromp, Apostel first Dutch players in action in Spring Training. (February 28)
Las Tunas records shutout-win, as last Cuban Quarter Final resumes. (February 28)

Granma wins again to advance to Cuban Championship Final. (February 27)

Granma takes third lead in Cuban Semi-Final with big win. (February 25)

Pinar del Río comes alongside again in Cuban Semi-Final. (February 24)

Former KNBSB-boardmember, Founder Trail Blazers Dick Bliek passed away. (February 23)
Granma re-takes lead in Cuban Semi-Final. (February 23)

Pinar del Río wins big in second game Cuban Semi-Final. (February 21)

Cuba: 1st Semi-Final started; Last Quarter Final resumes in week. (February 20)

Matanzas sweeps Cienfuegos to reach Cuban Semi-Finals. (February 17)

Cuban pitching-great Gregorio Pérez passed away. (February 16)

Cuban baseball-great, 'Señor Jonrón', Pedro José Rodríguez passed away. (February 15)
Season-opening Dutch Baseball & Softball Big Leagues postponed. (February 15)

Australian postseason halted; Melbourne Aces wins title. (February 14)

Quarter Finals Cuba temporarily interrupted; 2 teams to Semi-Final. (February 12)

Philadelphia Phillies confirms signing and return of Didi Gregorius. (February 10)

Dutch icon, pitching-legend, Hall of Famer Han Urbanus passed away. (February 7)
Dominican champion Águilas Cibaeñas wins Serie del Caribe. (February 7)

Club-icon, Mr. Pirates, Hall of Famer 'Uncle' Loek Loevendie passed away. (February 6)
Jonathan Schoop returns to Detroit Tigers. (February 6)

Dominican and Puerto Rican teams to meet in Serie del Caribe Final. (February 5)

Panama and México also advance to Semi-Final Serie del Caribe. (February 4)

Longtime Major League relief-great Grant Jackson passed away. (February 3)
Dominican and Puerto Rican teams in Semi-Final Serie del Caribe. (February 3)

Dominican champion still unbeaten in Serie del Caribe. (February 2)

Second win Panama, Dominicans in Serie del Caribe. (February 1)

Serie del Caribe underway in México. (January 31)
Minnesota Twins confirms agreement with Andrelton Simmons. (January 31)

Tomateros wins title in Mexican Final. (January 30)

Jurickson Profar signs again with San Diego Padres. (January 27)
Gigantes captures Championship-title in Nicaraguan Final. (January 27)

Caribes wins 4th game to sweep Cardenales and win Venezuelan Final. (January 26)
No players elected into Major League Hall of Fame. (January 26)

Caimanes completes comeback with shutout to win Colombian Final. (January 24)
Criollos completes sweep in Puerto Rican Final to win title. (January 24)
Caribes also wins third game in Venezuelan Final. (January 24)

Caimanes come alongside to force 7th game in Colombian Final. (January 23)
Criollos wins third consecutive game in Puerto Rican Final. (January 23)
Caribes shuts out Cardenales 1-0 in 2nd game Venezuelan Final. (January 23)
Neptunus-outfielder Darnel Collins signs with Kansas City Royals. (January 23)

Caribes shuts out Cardenales in opener Venezuelan Final. (January 22)
Criollos also wins second game in Puerto Rican Final. (January 22)
Legendary Braves-slugger and Hall of Famer Hank Aaron passed away. (January 22)

Former Major League-catcher and Robert De Niro stand-in Mike Sadek passed away. (January 21)
Caimanes forces sixth game in Colombian Final. (January 21)
Criollos opens Puerto Rican Final with shutout. (January 21)

Cardenales and Caribes to meet in Venezuelan Final. (January 20)
Vaqueros takes 3-1 lead in Colombian Final. (January 20)
Dodgers pitching-great and Hall of Famer Don Sutton passed away. (January 20)

Indios completes sweep to become second finalist in Puerto Rico. (January 19)
Vaqueros wins Game 3 to renew lead in Colombian Final. (January 19)

Águilas completes comeback to win Dominican Final. (January 18)

Águilas forces 7th game in Dominican Final with exciting game. (January 17)
Caimanes comes alongside in Colombian Final. (January 17)

Águilas comes back in Game 5 in Dominican Final. (January 16)
Vaqueros nips Caimanes in opener Colombian Final. (January 16)

Gigantes shuts out Águilas to win third game in Dominican Final. (January 15)

Águilas cuts Gigantes-lead in half in Dominican Final. (January 13)

Gigantes also wins second game of Dominican Final. (January 12)

Gigantes strikes first in Dominican Final. (January 11)

Águilas and Gigantes advance to Dominican Final. (January 10)

Criollos in Puerto Rican Final; Second Semi-Final halted. (January 9)

Legendary Dodgers Manager and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda passed away. (January 8)

Tjerk Smeets steps down as Technical Director KNBSB end of year. (December 14)

USA captures Under-19 world-title with walk-off win vs. Chinese Taipei. (December 12)

Netherlands closes World Cup with win against Colombia. (December 11)

Netherlands eliminated after two more losses in World Cup. (December 10)

Netherlands in 4th World Cup-game no-hit and shutout by USA. (December 9)

Netherlands also empty-handed against Czechs. (December 8)

Netherlands plays well, but ends up short vs. Chinese Taipei. (December 7)

Netherlands opens U18 World Cup with surprise loss. (December 6)


Ton van Koeverden new Head Coach of Hoofddorp Pioniers. (November 14)

Olympia Haarlem wins title with comeback, walk-off W in G3 Holland Series. (October 17)

Sparks Haarlem, Olympia Haarlem split DH on Day 1 Holland Series. (October 16)

Longtime international SB-admin. and pioneer Clovis Lodewijks passed away. (October 8)

Former softball-player, coach and administrator Truus Ruiter passed away. (September 3)

European Premiere Cup: Roef! wins Bronze Medal in extra inning. (August 21)
European Cup Winners Cup: Olympia Haarlem wins Cup in thrilling Final! (Aug. 21)

European Premiere Cup: Roef! wins 2x on Day 5, will play for Bronze. (August 20)
European Cup Winners Cup: Olympia closes Championship Round with big win. (Aug. 20)

European Premiere Cup: Roef! records two shutout-wins on Day 4. (August 19)
European Cup Winners Cup: Olympia Haarlem in Final after Day 4 results. (August 19)

European Premiere Cup: Roef! suffers two extra-inning losses on Day 3. (August 18)
European Cup Winners Cup: Olympia Haarlem to Final Round after two wins. (August 18)

European Premiere Cup: Roef! wins big on Day 2. (August 17)
European Cup Winners Cup: Olympia Haarlem records shutout-win on Day 2. (August 17)

Roef! makes European debut with win in Premiere Cup. (August 16)
Olympia Haarlem opens European Cup Winners Cup with two wins. (August 16)

Japan wins Olympic Softball Gold; Two Dutch officials in Final. (July 27)

Netherlands 3rd on Euro Champ U18; Czechs win title. (July 24)

Former SB-administrator; De Meteoor club-icon Gonnie Sijmons passed away. (July 19)

Netherlands Softball Team empty-handed in Final European Championship. (July 3)

Orange in Final after W thriller; Qualifies for Worlds; Van Aalst plays 100th game. (July 2)

Netherlands opens Play-Offs European Championship with loss vs. Italy. (July 1)

Netherlands wins 2x in 2nd Round Euro Champ; Qualifies for Super6. (June 30)

Netherlands closes First Round European Championship with shutout. (June 29)

Netherlands wins close game vs. Germany on Day 2 European Championship. (June 28)

Netherlands opens European Championship with big shutout. (June 27)

Netherlands also wins final exhibition game. (June 25)

Netherlands records two comfortable exhibition wins vs. France. (June 23)

Netherlands Softball Team wins first exhibition game vs. Italy. (June 22)

Longtime Umpire, Coach, NL Equipm. Manager Toon Verzijlberg passed away. (June 3)

Thamen-founder/club-icon, ex-KNBSB-boardmember Frans Mäkel passed away. (May 16)

Hall of Famer, Honorary Member KNBSB, SB-admin, Kinheim-icon Wim Oosterhof passed away. (May 6)

Former KNBSB-administrator, ESF-President André van Overbeek passed away. (May 4)


Olympia Haarlem nips Amsterdam Pirates twice in double-header. (April 24)
Tex Town Tigers and Onze Gezellen split final exhibition double-header. (April 24)
Sparks Haarlem and Quick Amersfoort close exhibition season with two wins. (April 24)

Olympia Haarlem wins exhibition double-header at Roef!. (April 17)
Sparks Haarlem opens exhibition-season with 2 wins vs. Quick Amersfoort. (April 17)
Onze Gezellen wins exhibition double-header vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (April 17)

Onze Gezellen and Olympia Haarlem open exhibition season with tie. (April 10)

First exhibition-activities by Dutch big league-teams. (April 5)

DSS softball-administrator and club-icon Hélène Angermann passed away. (March 28)

Former SB-Coach, Netherlands BB Team-player Piet de Nieuwe passed away. (March 18)

First Dutch softball exhibition games cancelled. (March 6)

Midden-Nederland Cup tournament cancelled again. (March 3)

Enrico Obletter, Head Coach Italian National Softball Team, passed away. (February 26)

Former KNBSB-boardmember softbal-affairs Dick Bliek passed away. (February 23)

Season-opening Dutch Baseball & Softball Big Leagues postponed. (February 15)

Netherlands finishes 5th on European Championship; Czechs again win title. (June 26)

Jeff Delfina slams Netherlands to win on Day 5 Eur Champ after forfeit. (June 25)

Netherlands vs. Czechs interrupted by weather on Day 4 European Championship. (June 24)

Netherlands wins and loses on Day 3 European Championship. (June 23)

Netherlands ends up short twice on Day 2 European Championship. (June 22)

Netherlands opens European Championship with huge No-Hit shutout. (June 21)

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