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2017 Events

The Gilley's Shield
Australian Softball Championship
Jan. 2-8 at Blacktown (Australia)

The Cup - Indoor Softball
Jan. 13-15 at Schiedam (Netherlands)

MLB Hall of Fame Election - BB
Jan. 18 at Cooperstown (NY, USA)

Serie Latinoamericana - BB
Jan. 26-29 at Montería (Colombia)

Serie del Caribe - BB
Feb. 1-7 at Culiacán (México)

CEB / ESF Congress
Feb. 2-5 at Belgrade (Serbia)

Challenge Cup Intern. Men SB
Feb. 8-12 at Albany (New Zealand)

Intern. Down Under Series SB
Feb. 9-12 at Blacktown (Australia)

Trainingcamp Arizona Neth. BB Team
Feb. 11-26 at Scottsdale (Az., USA)

Netherlands Hall of Fame Induction
Feb. 17 at Heerhugowaard (Neth.)

Fastpitch Cup U17 - SB
Feb. 18 at Amstelveen (Netherlands)

West Asia Baseball Cup
Feb. 25-Mar. 1 at Islamabad (Pakistan)

WBC Spring Training Neth. BB Team
Feb. 27-March 6 at Seoul (S.Korea)

World Baseball Classic
March 6-12 - First Round
Pool A - Seoul (South Korea)
Pool B - Tokyo (Japan)
Pool C - Miami (Florida, USA)
Pool D - Jalisco (México)
March 12-19 - Second Round
Pool E - Tokyo (Japan)
Pool F - San Diego (Calif., USA)
March 20-22 - Finals
Los Angeles (Calif., USA)

Roef! Pre-Season Tourn. - SB Sr.
March 18-19 at Moergestel (Neth.)

MJFP Jan vd Vegte Memorial - BB/SB
March 25-26 at Nijmegen (Neth.)

North Sea Cup - BB/SB
March 25-26 at The Hague (Neth.)

Midden Nederland Cup - SB
March 25-26 at Loosdrecht (Neth.)

Roef! Pre-Season Tourn. - SB U17/U20
March 25-26 at Moergestel (Neth.)

J.C.J. Mastenbroek Tourn. - BB/SB
March 31-Apr. 2 at Enschede (Neth.)

Keistad Tournament - BB/SB
April 1 at Amersfoort (Neth.)

Ringvaart Tournament - BB
April 1-2 at Heemstede (Netherlands)

Major League Opening Day - BB
April 2-3 in USA/Canada

Haarlem Series - BB/SB
April 7-9 at Haarlem (Neth.)

I.M. Charles Urbanus Sr. Tourn. - BB
April 8-9 at Bussum (Neth.)

Jan de Wit Tournament - SB
April 8-9 at Haarlem (Neth.)

Jackie Robinson Day - MLB
April 15 in USA/Canada

Easter Cup - Men SB
April 15-16 at Spijkenisse (Neth.)

April 21, nationwide (Netherlands)

World Masters Games - BB/SB
Apr. 21-30 at Auckland (New Zealand)

Zeister Slot Tournament - Men SB
June 3-5 at Zeist (Netherlands)

Little League Neth. Champ.
1st Round - BB/SB
June 3 at to be decided (Neth.)

European Champions Cup BB
June 7-11 at Regensburg (Germany)

European CEB Cup BB
June 7-11 at Prague/Brno (Czech Rep.)

Eur. Federations Cup BB, Qualifier 3
June 12-17 at Stockholm (Sweden)

European Federations Cup BB
June 13-18 at Valencia (Spain)

Eur. Federations Cup BB, Qualifier 2
June 13-18 at Belgrade (Serbia)

Eur. Federations Cup BB, Qualifier 1
June 14-17 at Bratislava (Slovakia)

Little League Neth. Champ.
Finals - BB/SB
June 17-18 at to be decided (Neth.)

European Championship Softball
June 25-July 1 at Bollate (Italy)

Windmill Classic - Men SB
June 30-July 2 at Almere (Neth.)

World Port Tournament BB
July 1-9 at Rotterdam (Netherlands)

World Cup of Softball
July 5-9 at Oklahoma City (USA)

World Championship Men SB
July 7-16 at Whitehorse (Canada)

All-Star Futures Game - BB
July 9 at Miami (Florida, USA)

Canada Cup Intern. SB Champ.
July 10-17 at Surrey (Canada)

Eur. Champ. Coed Slowpitch SB
July 10-15 at Sofia (Bulgaria)

Eur. Champ. Jun. (U18) Qual. BB
July 10-16 at Zurich (Switzerland)

European Champ. Cad. (U16) SB
July 10-15 at Ostrava (Czech Rep.)

European Champ. Juv. (U12) BB
July 10-16 at Vleuten (Neth.)

Major League All Star Game - BB
July 11 at Miami (Florida, USA)

Apeldoorn BB & SB Series
July 11-16 at Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

European Champ. Cad. (U15) BB
July 17-23 at
Wiener Neustadt/Rohrbach (Austria)

Tex Town Tigers Cup U17 SB
July 21-23 at Enschede (Netherlands)

Battle at the Castle U12/U14 - BB/SB
July 23-28 at Oosterhout (Neth.)

World Championship Jun. SB
July 24-30 at Clearwater (Flo., USA)

European Championship B-Pool BB
July 24-30 at Miejska Gorka (Poland)

European Championship B-Pool BB
July 24-30 at Belgrade (Serbia)

Eur. Champ. U16 & U19 Men's SB
July 24-29 at Prague (Czech Rep.)

World Championship Juv. (U12) BB
July 28-Aug. 6 at Tainan (Taiwan)

MLB Hall of Fame Induction - BB
July 30 at Cooperstown (NY, USA)

World Children's Baseball Fair
July/Aug. at to be announced (Japan)

European Championship U23 BB
Aug. 7-13 at Brno (Czech Rep.)

Eur. Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy SB
Aug. 9-12 at Collecchio (Italy)

Summer Universiade - BB
Aug. 19-30 at Taipei (Taiwan)

European Premiere Cup SB
Aug. 21-26 at Haarlem (Netherlands)

European Cup SB
Aug. 21-26 at Montegranaro (Italy)

European Cup Winner's Cup SB
Aug. 21-26 at Caserta (Italy)

Joudrs Cup - Softball U17
Aug. 25-27 at Prague (Czech Rep.)

European Super Cup Men SB
Aug. 28-Sep. 2 at Amersfoort (Neth.)

World Championship Jun. (U18) BB
Sep. 1-10 at Thunder Bay (Canada)

TTT Slowpitch Fall Classic - Mixed SB
Oct. 20-22 at Enschede (Neth.)

EBCA Convention - BB
Nov. 10-12 at Belgium

Loek Loevendie Christmas Tourn. BB
December at Amsterdam (Neth.)
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Royal Decorations for Frans Mäkel and Ger Lange. (April 26)

Radio-show 'Langs de Lijn' celebrates 50th anniversary. (Jan. 1)

Neptunus records big shutout-win in 2nd game Holland Series. (Sep. 30)

Neptunus trails, then wins Series-opener on wild pitch! (Sep. 28)
Donny Breek signed by Minnesota Twins. (Sep. 28)

Pirates shuts out Neptunus to close Championship Pool. (Sep. 24)
HCAW closes season with mercy-rule win vs. Pioniers. (Sep. 24)

Amsterdam Pirates comes from behind to win vs. Neptunus. (Sep. 23)
Hoofddorp Pioniers defeats HCAW in 9th inning with comeback. (Sep. 23)

Neptunus finishes in 1st place after nipping Amsterdam Pirates. (Sep. 21)
Hoofddorp Pioniers wins big in Bussum. (Sep. 21)

Neptunus turns 8-0 deficit into win vs. Pioniers. (Sep. 19)
Amsterdam Pirates fails to hold onto lead, wins in 10th inning. (Sep. 19)
Onze Gezellen closes with big win against Storks. (Sep. 19)

Small make-up win Neptunus against Hoofddorp Pioniers. (Sep. 18)
Amsterdam Pirates records small make-up win vs. HCAW. (Sep. 18)

Neptunus clinches Holland Series, qualifies for European Cup. (Sep. 17)
Amsterdam Pirates reaches Holland Series after win at HCAW. (Sep. 17)
UVV closes with big win, but relegates from big league. (Sep. 17)
Storks wins to promote and return to big league after 38 years. (Sep. 17)
Quick Amersfoort closes with two losses against Twins. (Sep. 17)

DSS crushes UVV; Promotion for Quick Amersfoort. (Sep. 16)
Four more games rain out on Saturday. (Sep. 16)

Kalian Sams wins title with Capitales de Québec. (Sep. 14)
Thursday-games in Championship Pool rain out. (Sep. 14)

Neptunus 'walks' to win against HCAW. (Sep. 12)
DSS wins big in first loss Twins. (Sep. 12)
UVV shuts out Onze Gezellen to stay in race. (Sep. 12)
Storks records convincing win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (Sep. 12)

Neptunus strikes in 4th inning to win vs. HCAW. (Sep. 10)
Amsterdam Pirates closes series vs. Pioniers with win. (Sep. 10)
Onze Gezellen winst first game; Crucial loss for UVV. (Sep. 10)
Quick Amersfoort walks off with win, closes in on promotion. (Sep. 10)
Twins stays unbeaten, hands DSS first loss. (Sep. 10)

Amsterdam Pirates wins in 9th inning vs. Hoofddorp Pioniers. (Sep. 9)
Four games canceled due to rain and field-conditions. (Sep. 9)

Team Tom de Blok eliminated in Play-Offs. (Sep. 8)

Amsterdam Pirates wins 5th game in row in Championship Pool. (Aug. 26)
Pioniers nips Neptunus to win 1st game in Championship Pool. (Aug. 26)
Storks records 1st win in Promotion/Relegation Pool. (Aug. 26)
DSS records comfortable win vs. Quick Amersfoort. (Aug. 26)
Twins wins big against Onze Gezellen. (Aug. 26)

Amsterdam Pirates wins opener against HCAW. (Aug. 24)
Small win Neptunus against Hoofddorp Pioniers. (Aug. 24)

Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. Pioniers. (Aug. 20)
Neptunus decides game in 6th to complete sweep vs. HCAW. (Aug. 20)
Quick Amersfoort wins against UVV. (Aug. 20)
DSS records second comfortable win. (Aug. 20)
Twins avoids loss against Storks. (Aug. 20)

Amsterdam Pirates records big shutout-win vs. Pioniers. (Aug. 19)
Neptunus nips HCAW in Bussum. (Aug. 19)
DSS wins comfortable against Onze Gezellen. (Aug. 19)
Twins records small win against Storks. (Aug. 19)
UVV decides game against Quick Amersfoort late. (Aug. 19)

Amsterdam opens Championship Pool with win vs. Pioniers. (Aug. 17)
Neptunus outhit, but opens Championship Pool with win. (Aug. 17)

HCAW and Neptunus play exhibition-games. (Aug. 14)



Netherlands U23 in Semi-Final after win vs. Great Britain. (Aug. 11)

Netherlands U23 closes preliminary round with third win. (Aug. 9)

Netherlands U23 records 2nd win on European Championship. (Aug. 8)

Netherlands U23 shuts out Belarus in European Champ.-opener. (Aug. 7)
Roger Bernadina hits for-the-cycle in South Korea. (Aug. 7)

Hoofddorp Pioniers closes with double-header victory. (Aug. 6)
Amsterdam closes with another fine pitching-performance. (Aug. 6)
Neptunus ends season with productive afternoon. (Aug. 6)

Amsterdam Pirates one-runs UVV; Strong outing Kevin Heijstek. (Aug. 5)
Neptunus decides game late against DSS. (Aug. 5)
Game between Twins and Hoofddorp Pioniers cancelled. (Aug. 5)

Teams set for Promotion/Relegation Pool. (Aug. 4)

First Major League-basehit Ozzie Albies is a homerun! (Aug. 3)
Amsterdam wins big vs. UVV; Cordemans wins 10th game. (Aug. 3)
Neptunus outscores DSS; Nieveld plays all positions. (Aug. 3)
Pioniers rallies to win against Twins. (Aug. 3)
Netherlands U23-roster announced for European Championship. (Aug. 3)

Strong outings Tom de Blok; Pitcher Matz Schutte released. (Aug. 2)

Curaçao-talent Ozzie Albies makes Major League-debut. (Aug. 1)
Neptunus completes sweep vs. UVV with small shutout. (Aug. 1)

Amsterdam Pirates wins to become regular season-winner. (July 30)
HCAW closes regular season with shutout against Twins. (July 30)
Third game Neptunus against UVV cancelled. (July 30)

Neptunus records big win in comeback-game of Yntema. (July 29)
Pioniers walks off with win against Pirates. (July 29)
HCAW again needs few runs to win vs. Twins. (July 29)

Amsterdam Pirates vs. Hoofddorp opener ends in tie. (July 27)
Neptunus rallies in 7th inning to win big vs. UVV. (July 27)
HCAW records small win against Twins. (July 27)
Orlando Yntema to return to mound on Saturday. (July 27)

Former Official Scorer Maartje Nierop Groot passed away. (July 26)

DSS completes sweep by winning make-up game vs. UVV. (July 25)

Orange-Cadets empty-handed in Final European Championship. (July 23)
Amsterdam Pirates shuts out HCAW after long rain-delay. (July 23)
Pioniers defeats Neptunus again to reach Play-Offs. (July 23)
DSS eliminated for Play-Offs without playing. (July 23)

Amsterdam W vs. HCAW in final game Van Groningen Schinkel. (July 22)
Pioniers outscores Neptunus, closes in on Play-Offs. (July 22)
DSS nips UVV to keep minimal chance for Play-Offs. (July 22)
Orange-Cadets reach Final European Championship. (July 22)

Orange-Cadets win vs. Czechs to stay unbeaten. (July 21)

Orange-Cadets win big vs. Russia; Reach Semi-Final. (July 20)
Amsterdam Pirates shuts out HCAW; Strong outing Cordemans. (July 20)
Bayron Cornelisse leads DSS to win in rare start. (July 20)
Neptunus wins against Pioniers on good baserunning. (July 20)

Umpiring-icon Fred van Groningen Schinkel to retire! (July 19)

Orange-Cadets open European Championship with 2 wins. (July 18)

Amsterdam Pirates nips Neptunus to take more distance. (July 16)

Orange Juveniles finish 5th on European Championship. (July 15)
Neptunus comes from behind, wins in 10 vs. Amsterdam. (July 15)

Big loss Orange-Juveniles; eliminated for Final. (July 14)

Amsterdam Pirates records big shutout against Neptunus. (July 13)
Netherlands Juveniles win big on European Championship. (July 13)

Netherlands Juveniles open European Championship with win. (July 10)

Chinese Taipei wins World Port Tournament. (July 9)

Netherlands wins vs. Cuba to finish 4th; Japan 2nd finalist. (July 8)

Curaçao eliminates Cuba; Taipei in Final WPT. (July 7)
Green light for Haarlem Baseball Week 2018! (July 7)

Netherlands gives away win and chance to reach Final. (July 6)

Netherlands ends up short against Japan. (July 5)

Netherlands records convincing win against Cuba. (July 4)

Schoop & Jansen elected for Major League All Star Game. (July 2)
Netherlands needs 13 innings to win vs. Curaçao on WPT. (July 2)

Netherlands empty-handed in WPT-opener vs. Chinese Taipei. (July 1)

Curaçao also wins second exhibition game. (June 29)

Netherlands wins exhibition game against Germany. (June 28)
Exhibition-win for Curaçao in Hoofddorp. (June 28)

DSS nips Pioniers to stay in race for Championship Pool. (June 25)
HCAW strikes late to avoid sweep against Neptunus. (June 25)
Twins nips Amsterdam Pirates to avoid sweep. (June 25)

Pioniers almost in Championship Pool; Jeffrey Arends honored. (June 24)
Neptunus records another small win against HCAW. (June 24)
Twins eliminated for Championship Pool after loss vs. Pirates. (June 24)

Tom de Blok returns to earlier team. (June 23)
Neptunus announces suspension of Urving Kemp. (June 23)
Orange-roster announced for World Port Tournament. (June 23)

Neptunus wins vs. HCAW; both teams in Championship Pool. (June 22)
Amsterdam Pirates wins big against Twins. (June 22)
Pioniers wins big on three homeruns against DSS. (June 22)

Tom de Blok assigned to new team. (June 20)

HCAW shuts out DSS; Amsterdam in Championship Pool. (June 18)
Neptunus completes sweep against Twins. (June 18)
Pioniers decides game vs. UVV with 6-run rally. (June 18)

Neptunus outscores Twins; Van Mil makes comeback on mound. (June 17)
Narrow escape HCAW in Haarlem. (June 17)
UVV scores early to win against Pioniers. (June 17)

Neptunus wins vs. Twins; Yntema back in uniform. (June 15)
Pioniers wins vs. UVV on cultural evening. (June 15)
HCAW wins after another long sun-delay. (June 15)
Jordan Illis transfers from DSS back to UVV. (June 15)


HCAW moves into 2nd place after win vs. UVV. (June 11)
Twins wins big against DSS. (June 11)

One run enough for HCAW against UVV. (June 10)
Another late comeback-victory for DSS. (June 10)

Opener UVV against HCAW ends in tie. (June 8)
Twins decides game against DSS in first inning. (June 8)

Powerhitter Bryan Engelhardt joins Quick Amersfoort. (June 7)
UVV and Head Coach Ty Eriksen separate; Ritchie Daal succeeds. (June 7)

HCAW wins vs. Pioniers thanks to rally in 5th inning. (June 4)
UVV decides game against Twins early. (June 4)

Amsterdam Pirates records another big win vs. DSS. (June 3)
Van Zijl goes distance to lead UVV to win. (June 3)
Pioniers turns deficit into win against HCAW. (June 3)

Amsterdam Pirates outscores DSS in quick game. (June 2)

DSS stunts with win against Amsterdam Pirates. (June 1)
Twins erases deficit vs. UVV, resulting in tie. (June 1)
Game HCAW vs. Pioniers ends in tie after long delay. (June 1)

DSS strikes in 9th inning to win against UVV. (May 30)

Pioniers avoids sweep by winning slow game in Oosterhout. (May 28)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep vs. UVV with shutout. (May 28)
Neptunus needs extra inning to win vs. DSS. (May 28)
Former player/umpire/administrator Jan Meijer passed away. (May 28)

Twins needs 11 innings to win 2nd game vs. Pioniers. (May 27)
Amsterdam records another comfortable win vs. UVV. (May 27)
Neptunus wins lopsided game against DSS. (May 27)

Twins wins on walk-off walk against Pioniers. (May 25)
Amsterdam Pirates registers convincing shutout vs. UVV. (May 25)
Neptunus records easy win against DSS. (May 25)

Pioniers ends winning streak Amsterdam. (May 21)
HCAW wins in finale of longtime announcer. (May 21)
Neptunus decides game vs. UVV from 6th inning on. (May 21)
2nd game UVV vs. DSS declared invalid; to be replayed. (May 21)

Twins ends losing streak and records first victory. (May 20)
Amsterdam Pirates registers convincing win against Pioniers. (May 20)
Neptunus records big big shutout against UVV. (May 20)

Amsterdam Pirates comes from behind against Pioniers. (May 18)
Opener Neptunus vs. UVV ends in tie. (May 18)
HCAW records small shutout against Twins. (May 18)

Shaldimar Daantji homers Neptunus to victory. (May 16)

Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep against HCAW. (May 14)
Pioniers controls game vs. Neptunus after costly errors. (May 14)
DSS rallies in 9th inning to avoid sweep. (May 14)

Amsterdam decides game early against HCAW. (May 13)
UVV again nips DSS in second meeting. (May 13)
Second game Pioniers vs. Neptunus rains out. (May 13)

Amsterdam strikes in middle innings against HCAW. (May 11)
Neptunus encounters no problems in opener vs. Pioniers. (May 11)
UVV ends losing streak in suspenseful game vs. DSS. (May 11)
Neptunus adds American pitcher to roster. (May 11)

Pitcher Bayron Cornelisse to play for DSS. (May 7)
Amsterdam records another comfortable win. (May 7)
HCAW avoids sweep with win against Neptunus. (May 7)
DSS nips Pioniers to close in on top-four. (May 7)

Amsterdam moves back into first place. (May 6)
Neptunus records small win against HCAW. (May 6)
Pioniers outhit, but nips DSS. (May 6)

Neptunus shuts out HCAW; Markwell throws one-hitter. (May 5)
Cordemans leads Amsterdam to win against Twins. (May 5)
Pioniers wins in quick game against DSS. (May 5)

Tom de Blok makes professional debut. (May 3)

Neptunus-pitcher Orlando Yntema hospitalized. (April 30)
DSS wins in 10th and ends winning streak HCAW. (April 30)
Pioniers wins third in a row against UVV. (April 30)
Neptunus completes sweep vs. Twins with big shutout. (April 30)

HCAW wins sixth consecutive game. (April 29)
Neptunus outscores Twins to win 1100th game. (April 29)
Pioniers registers comfortable win against UVV. (April 29)

Didi Gregorius back in Major League with Yankees. (April 28)
HCAW wins big to move into first place. (April 28)
Neptunus outhit, but wins against Twins. (April 28)
Pioniers trails twice, but wins in 10th inning. (April 28)

Neptunus avoids sweep thanks to big rally in 8th inning. (April 23)
HCAW nips UVV to move into tie for first place. (April 23)
DSS nips Twins to complete sweep. (April 23)

Pirates erases deficit and downs Neptunus in 9th. (April 22)
HCAW shuts out UVV to win fourth game. (April 22)
DSS registers huge win against Twins. (April 22)

Neptunus opens season with loss in Amsterdam. (April 20)
HCAW scores early to support strong throwing Ploeger. (April 20)
DSS hands Twins fourth consecutive loss. (April 20)

Professional career Stijn van der Meer ends abruptly. (April 17)

HCAW wins in eleven innings against Pioniers. (April 16)
UVV completes sweep with comeback-victory. (April 16)
Amsterdam Pirates completes sweep with another big win. (April 16)

UVV registers second victory against Twins. (April 15)
Pioniers strikes in ninth inning against HCAW. (April 15)
Amsterdam Pirates again wins with double figures. (April 15)

Jim Ploeger & Vince Rooi lead HCAW to big win. (April 13)
Amsterdam Pirates registers convincing win in opener. (April 13)
UVV opens with big win thanks to productive at bat. (April 13)


Neptunus closes exhibition season with big win. (April 9)
DSS nips UVV in exhibition-closer. (April 9)
HCAW wins Urbanus Tournament. (April 9)

Neptunus wins exhibition 'title'. (April 8)
DSS wins big against UVV. (April 8)
HCAW wins twice on Day 1 of Urbanus Tournament. (April 8)

Rachid Engelhardt joins HCAW for Urbanus Tournament. (April 7)

Neptunus wins vs. Twins on chilly evening. (April 6)

Tom de Blok signs contract with Detroit Tigers. (April 4)

Storks winner Ringvaart Tournament. (April 2)
Quick Amersfoort wins Mastenbroek Tournament. (April 2)
Neptunus splits double-header vs. Pirates & Pioniers. (April 2)
UVV nips Twins in last at bat. (April 2)
Productive HCAW wins comfortable at DSS. (April 2)

DSS strikes in fifth inning against HCAW. (April 1)
Neptunus wins against Pioniers in attractive game. (April 1)
Twins turns deficit into win against UVV. (April 1)

Neptunus wins North Sea Cup in The Hague. (March 26)
DSS unbeaten winner Van de Vegte Memorial. (March 26)
Game Amsterdam Pirates vs. UVV ends in tie. (March 26)
Twins wins tournament in Belgium. (March 26)

Pioniers, DSS, HCAW win on first day Van de Vegte Memorial. (March 25)
Twins wins twice in Belgium. (March 25)
Amsterdam Pirates holds UVV scoreless. (March 25)

Didi Gregorius out for at least two weeks. (March 21)

Netherlands eliminated by Puerto Rico in 11-inning thriller. (March 20)
Didi Gregorius leaves Netherlands Team with injury. (March 20)
Ex-Pirates-chair, Amsterdam-exec Henk van Ede passed away. (March 20)

HCAW plays two 6-inning games and wins twice. (March 19)
Pirates wins twice to win Loek Loevendie Tournament. (March 19)
Neptunus records comfortable win against UVV. (March 19)
Pioniers again wins against RCH-Pinguïns. (March 19)

Netherlands loses exhibition game vs. Arizona Diamondbacks. (March 18)
Pioniers opens exhibition season with two wins. (March 18)
UVV and Neptunus play scoreless exhibition game. (March 18)
Two games end in tie at Loek Loevendie Tournament. (March 18)

Puerto Rico beats USA; Will meet Netherlands in Semi-Final. (March 17)

Netherlands to play exhibition game; Jansen joins team. (March 16)

Big W Netherlands vs. Cuba; in Semi-Finals after W Japan. (March 15)

A dream come true for Dutch WBC-umpire Winfried Berkvens. (March 13)
Netherlands wins convincingly against Israel. (March 13)

Neptunus registers huge exhibition-victory. (March 12)
DSS nips Quick to register first exhibition-win. (March 12)
Twins wins exhibition game in Belgium. (March 12)
Netherlands ends up short in extra innings vs. Japan. (March 12)

Neptunus wins exhibition game at HCAW. (March 11)
DSS empty-handed in exhibition game at Quick Amersfoort. (March 11)
Convincing exhibition win UVV against Orioles. (March 11)
Exhibition games Amsterdam Pirates cancelled. (March 11)

Oliver van der Wijst Severino signs contract with Astros. (March 9)
Curaçao-talent Ozzie Albies returns to action for Braves. (March 9)
Netherlands empty-handed vs. Israel; finishes 2nd in Pool. (March 9)

Spencer Kieboom returns to Major League Spring Training. (March 8)
Orange in 2nd Round WBC after walk-off W; Israel also in. (March 8)

Netherlands opens WBC with shutout vs. South Korea. (March 7)

Didder hits first SpringTraining-basehit; Wawoe added. (March 5)
Netherlands Team closes WBC-preparations with loss. (March 5)

Twins exhibition game for Sunday cancelled. (March 4)
HCAW opens exhibition season with small win. (March 4)

Netherlands Team wins big in Korean exhibition game. (March 3)

Spencer Kieboom returns to Minors; Sicnarf Loopstok added. (March 2)

Kieboom starts for 'Nats'; Lithuanian pitches for Pittsburgh. (March 1)
HCAW opens exhibition season Saturday; Twins plays Sunday. (March 1)

Spring Training-debut Ray-Patrick Didder; Schoop homers. (Feb. 27)

Jurickson Profar, Kieboom play 1st game; Juremi Profar added. (Feb. 26)

Netherlands closes exhibition series in Arizona with loss. (Feb. 25)
Daniel Arribas & Chris Pieters make Spring Training-debut. (Feb. 25)

1st game Netherlands vs. Twins ends in tie. (Feb. 24)
Didi Gregorius homers in first Spring Training at bat. (Feb. 24)

Netherlands Team wins big in exhibition game vs. Geckos. (Feb. 23)
Xander Bogaerts first Dutch player in Spring Training-action. (Feb. 23)

Schedule Dutch Major League finally released. (Feb. 22)

Exhibition losses Netherlands Team in Arizona. (Feb. 20)

Gé van Berkel inducted into Dutch Hall of Fame. (Feb. 18)

Julian Rip wins Talent of the Year Award in Utrecht. (Feb. 15)

Orange roster announced for World Baseball Classic. (Feb. 8-9)
Netherlands Team to prepare in Arizona. (Feb. 8)

Balentien and Jurrjens in Orange squad in WBC. (Feb. 6)

Season ends for Van Mil & Nooij; Brisbane in Australian Final. (Feb. 5)

Didier Seminet succeeds Jan Esselman as CEB-President. (Feb. 4)
Australia: Adelaide forces 3rd game; Good outing Van Mil. (Feb. 4)

Van Mil & Nooij open Australian Play-Off with loss. (Feb. 3)

Amsterdam Pirates adds pitcher Nick Veltkamp to roster. (Feb. 2)
Amsterdam Pirates chosen as Sports Team of the Year. (Feb. 2)

Van Mil & Nooij in Play-Offs Australian Baseball League. (Jan. 30)

De Caster, Ricardo, Smith, Tigres win Serie Latinoamericana. (Jan. 29)

Loss Tigres, but reaches Final Serie Latinoamericana by draw. (Jan. 28)

Tigres wins second game in Serie Latinoamericana. (Jan. 27)

Ricardo leads Tigres to opening-win in Serie Latinoamericana. (Jan. 26)

Amsterdam Pirates nominated for Sports Team of the Year. (Jan. 24)
Gregorius & Profar join Orange Team for World Baseball Classic. (Jan. 24)

Calvin Maduro wins Colombian title with Leones. (Jan. 23)

Award for Xander Bogaerts from Boston Media. (Jan. 21)

Amsterdam Pirates-Chairman Gerard van Tiggelen passed away. (Jan. 20)

Dutch players help Tigres win Nicaraguan title. (Jan. 18)

Tigres wins again; one win away from Nicaraguan title. (Jan. 17)

Gigantes avoids sweep by winning 3rd game Nicaraguan Final. (Jan. 15)
Former big league-player Rob Vakkers passed away. (Jan. 15)

Tigres also wins second game in Nicaraguan Final. (Jan. 14)

Dutch players open Nicaraguan Final with win. (Jan. 13)

Gigantes 2nd team to reach Nicaraguan Final; Vásquez MVP. (Jan. 11)

Dodgers confirm return of Kenley Jansen. (Jan. 10)

Gigantes takes lead in Nicaraguan Play-Off. (Jan. 8)

Smith, De Caster, Ricardo in Nicaraguan Final. (Jan. 5)

Loek van Mil, Bas Nooij enter final month Australian BB League. (Jan. 2)

Olympia Haarlem captures title; DSS stays in Golden League. (Sep. 24)

Olympia opens Series with win; DSS wins; HCAW relegates. (Sep. 23)

Olympia Haarlem and Sparks Haarlem in Holland Series. (Sep. 21)

Sparks Haarlem eliminates Terrasvogels with small shutout. (Sep. 19)

Olympia Haarlem leads after first day of Play-Offs. (Sep. 17)

Opening Day Play-Offs rains out on Saturday. (Sep. 16)

Olympia wins Cup Winners Cup; Terrasvogels silver at Premiere Cup. (Aug. 26)

Terrasvogels dethrones Sparks; Olympia in Final; DSS in Semi-Final. (Aug. 25)

Olga Lablans inducted into Dutch Hall of Fame. (Aug. 23)
Sparks & Terrasvogels in PO; DSS wins Pool; Surprise loss Olympia. (Aug. 23)

1st loss Terrasvogels, Sparks Haarlem; DSS & Olympia Haarlem stay unbeaten. (Aug. 22)

Successful 1st day Dutch clubs on European Cups. (Aug. 21)

Petra van Heijst new Head Coach of Tex Town Tigers. (Aug. 18)

TTT wins 2x vs. Talents to remain in Play-Off race. (Aug. 13)

Sparks Haarlem wins big twice and reaches Play-Offs. (Aug. 12)
Terrasvogels in Play-Offs; wins 2x vs. Tex Town Tigers. (Aug. 12)
Olympia Haarlem outscores Roef! twice. (Aug. 12)

Sparks Haarlem one-runs Terrasvogels in make-up game. (Aug. 10)

Game Terrasvogels vs. Sparks Haarlem rains out. (Aug. 8)

Terrasvogels back in 3rd place after double victory. (Aug. 6)

Roef! in 3rd place after split with Sparks Haarlem. (Aug. 5)
Olympia Haarlem wins twice against Terrasvogels. (Aug. 5)
Tex Town Tigers and DSS split important double-header. (Aug. 5)

USA again captures Junior World Championship-title. (July 30)

Orange U19 eliminated after loss vs. Dominican Republic. (July 29)
Roef! extends winning streak with 2 wins against DSS. (July 29)

Orange U19 advances after win vs. Great Britain. (July 28)

Orange U19 closes Preliminaries World Championship with win. (July 27)

Orange Under-19 wins first 2 games on World Championship. (July 26)

Olympia splits with DSS, but becomes regular season-winner. (July 22)
Roef! moves into top-4 by winning twice vs. Terrasvogels. (July 22)

Roef! records two big wins against Talent Team. (July 16)

Sparks Haarlem and Olympia Haarlem split double-header. (July 15)
Terrasvogels and DSS outscore each other. (July 15)
Roef! and Tex Town Tigers shutout each other. (July 15)


Two wins and a loss for Orange U16. (July 13)

Orange U16 adds two victories in Ostrava. (July 12)

Orange U16 wins twice on European Championship. (July 11)



Netherlands in Semi-Final, but game against Italy scrubbed. (June 29)

Netherlands reaches Play-Offs on another rainy day in Italy. (June 28)

Netherlands continues dominance and reaches Second Round. (June 27)

Another Netherlands shutout, then rain strikes in Italy. (June 26)

Netherlands opens European Championship with two shutouts. (June 25)

Sparks Haarlem records two shutouts vs. Talent Team. (June 18)

Olympia Haarlem first to qualify for Play-Offs after double win. (June 11)

DSS nips Sparks Haarlem and splits double-header. (June 10)
Terrasvogels shuts out Tex Town Tigers twice. (June 10)
Olympia Haarlem adds two more victories. (June 10)

Karin Tuk hits historic homerun in win Sparks Haarlem. (June 8)

Roster Netherlands Team announced for European Championship. (June 7)

Heavy rain ends 'key-game' Terrasvogels vs. Sparks Haarlem. (June 6)

Olympia Haarlem wins twice against Terrasvogels. (June 3)
DSS wins first double-header of season. (June 3)
Sparks Haarlem shuts out Roef! twice. (June 3)

Roster Netherlands Juniors announced for World Championship. (May 30)

Dagmar Bloeming No-Hits Talents; Strikes Out 16! (May 28)

Tex Town Tigers ends winning streak Olympia Haarlem. (May 27)
Terrasvogels wins twice against Sparks Haarlem. (May 27)
DSS ends 10-game losing streak. (May 27)

Olympia again strikes late to save winning streak. (May 25)

Tex Town Tigers wins twice against Talent Team. (May 21)

Olympia Haarlem escapes to stay unbeaten. (May 20)
Terrasvogels and Roef! split; Bonnet throws No-Hitter. (May 20)
Sparks Haarlem splits another double-header. (May 20)

Terrasvogels wins big against Talent Team. (May 14)

Olympia Haarlem nips Sparks Haarlem 2x to stay unbeaten. (May 13)
Terrasvogels decides games vs. DSS in first inning. (May 13)
Tex Town Tigers and Roef! again split. (May 13)

Sparks Haarlem wins twice in 7th inning against DSS. (May 6)
Terrasvogels & TTT split double-header in father-son match-up. (May 6)
Olympia Haarlem extends winning streak to 10 games. (May 6)

Sparks Haarlem avoids double loss vs. Tex Town Tigers. (April 30)
Roef! moves into top-4 after 2 wins vs. Talent Team. (April 30)

Olympia Haarlem stays unbeaten after winning twice vs. Terrasvogels. (April 29)
Sparks Haarlem splits double-header with Roef! (April 29)
Tex Town Tigers wins twice against DSS. (April 29)

Sparks Haarlem registers two big wins vs. Talent Team. (April 23)

Terrasvogels and Sparks Haarlem split double-header. (April 22)
DSS & Roef! shutout each other; Bloeming throws No-Hitter. (April 22)
Olympia Haarlem adds two victories in Enschede. (April 22)

Olympia Haarlem records two mercy-rule wins. (April 16)

Tex Town Tigers opens strong vs. Sparks Haarlem. (April 15)
Roef! ends up short vs. Terrasvogels in Golden League-debut. (April 15)
Olympia Haarlem opens new season with two wins. (April 15)


Olympia Haarlem also wins Jan de Wit Tournament. (April 9)

Olympia & Roef! unbeaten after Day 1 Jan de Wit Tournament. (April 8)

Royal Greys, Spikes & Saints win Keistad Tournaments. (April 2)
Olympia Haarlem wins Mastenbroek Tournament. (April 2)
10 HRs (3 slams), No-Hitter on Day 2 Mastenbroek Tournament. (April 1)

Small win Tex Town Tigers in Mastenbroek-opener. (March 31)

Coming weekend Mastenbroek and Keistad Tournament. (March 29)

Centrals wins Midden-Nederland Cup. (March 26)

Terrasvogels registers two big exhibition victories. (March 25)

Sparks Haarlem adds New Zealand-outfielder Kingsley Avery. (March 23)

Virginie Anneveld wins New Zealand-title with Magpies. (March 19)

Australian outfielder Jasmine Peters joins Tex Town Tigers. (Feb. 28)

European Cup Tournaments awarded to Netherlands & Italy. (Feb. 12)

Saskia Kosterink named Talent Coach Softball. (Feb. 6)

Gabriel Waage succeeds André van Overbeek as ESF-President. (Feb. 4)

Former Official Scorer Olga Lablans passed away. (Jan. 17)

Former big league-player Inger van der Graaf passed away. (Jan. 14)

Big scores on Opening Night Indoor Cup. (Jan. 13)

New South Wales shuts out Queensland to win Australian title! (Jan. 8)

Queensland first to reach Final Australian Championship. (Jan. 7)

NSW hands Queensland 1st loss in Australian Finals. (Jan. 6)

Dutch Ump Wout vd Horst invited for Senior League World Series. (Jan. 5)
Queensland, NSW in Semi-Final Australian Finals. (Jan. 5)

Queensland remains unbeaten in Australian Finals. (Jan. 4)

Queensland adds 2 Wins in Australian Finals. (Jan. 3)

Britt Vonk to play for Bollate in Italy. (Jan. 2)
Saskia Kosterink, Belinda White open Australian Finals. (Jan. 2)

Former MLB-player/coach/manager Don Baylor passed away. (Aug. 7)
Former Major League-player Darren Daulton passed away. (Aug. 7)

USA dominates in Final to win Classic-title. (March 22)

USA nips Japan to become second finalist. (March 21)

USA dethrones Dominican Republic; Qualifies for Semi-Final. (March 18)

Puerto Rico beats USA; Will meet Netherlands in Semi-Final. (March 17)

Dominicans shutout Venezuela. (March 16)

USA comes from behind to win against Venezuela. (March 15)

Puerto Rico defeats Dominicans in Second Round-opener. (March 14)
Japan wins vs. Cuba, but Pool is not decided yet. (March 14)

Venezuela comes from behind & eliminates Italy. (March 13)

3 teams qualify for 2nd Round; Tie-breaker Italy vs. Venezuela. (March 12)

Wins for Colombia, Venezuela, Dominicans & Puerto Rico. (March 11)

USA needs extra inning to win; Puerto Rico wins big. (March 10)
Cuba advances to Second Round WBC; Australia eliminated. (March 10)

Italy wins opener on walk-off single; Dominicans win big. (March 9)

Israel upsets South Korea in WBC-opener with 10-inning win. (March 6)

Sri Lanka surprise winner West Asia Baseball Cup. (March 1)

Laureus World Sports Award for Chicago Cubs. (Feb. 14)

Brisbane captures second consecutive Australian title. (Feb. 11)

Brisbane strikes first in Australian Baseball Final. (Feb. 10)

Puerto Rico wins first Serie del Caribe in 17 years. (Feb. 7)

Puerto Rico and México in Final Serie del Caribe. (Feb. 6)

Serie del Caribe: Dominicans remain winless; 1st loss México. (Feb. 5)
Brisbane in Australian Final. (Feb. 5)

Serie del Caribe: Important win Puerto Rico; 1st loss Cuba. (Feb. 4)
Didier Seminet succeeds Jan Esselman as CEB-President. (Feb. 4)
Australia: Adelaide forces 3rd game; Good outing Van Mil. (Feb. 4)

Serie del Caribe: 2nd win Cubans; México wins on walk-off slam. (Feb. 3)
Van Mil & Nooij open Australian Play-Off with loss. (Feb. 3)

Venezuela hands Puerto Rico 2nd loss in Serie del Caribe. (Feb. 2)

Cuban champion opens Serie del Caribe with shutout-win. (Feb. 1)

Van Mil & Nooij in Play-Offs Australian Baseball League. (Jan. 30)

De Caster, Ricardo, Smith, Tigres win Serie Latinoamericana. (Jan. 29)

Loss Tigres, but reaches Final Serie Latinoamericana by draw. (Jan. 28)

Tigres wins second game in Serie Latinoamericana. (Jan. 27)

Ricardo leads Tigres to opening-win in Serie Latinoamericana. (Jan. 26)

Calvin Maduro wins Colombian title with Leones. (Jan. 23)

Baseball-awards handed out in New York & St. Louis. (Jan. 22)
Granma sweeps Ciego de Ávila to capture first Cuban title! (Jan. 22)

Granma wins 3rd game; one win away from Cuban title. (Jan. 21)
Award for Xander Bogaerts from Boston Media. (Jan. 21)

Granma also wins 2nd game Cuban Final. (Jan. 20)

Granma wins opener Cuban Final in 10th inning. (Jan. 19)

Bagwell, Raines, Rodríguez elected into Hall of Fame. (Jan. 18)

Tigres wins again; one win away from Nicaraguan title. (Jan. 17)

Gigantes avoids sweep by winning 3rd game Nicaraguan Final. (Jan. 15)

Tigres also wins second game in Nicaraguan Final. (Jan. 14)

Dutch players open Nicaraguan Final with win. (Jan. 13)

Gigantes 2nd team to reach Nicaraguan Final; Vásquez MVP. (Jan. 11)

High Italian decoration for former player/coach Salvatore Varriale. (Jan. 9)

Gigantes takes lead in Nicaraguan Play-Off. (Jan. 8)

Japan wins International Down Under Series. (Feb. 13)

European Cup Tournaments awarded to Netherlands & Italy. (Feb. 12)

Gabriel Waage succeeds André van Overbeek as ESF-President. (Feb. 4)

New South Wales shuts out Queensland to win Australian title! (Jan. 8)

Queensland first to reach Final Australian Championship. (Jan. 7)

NSW hands Queensland 1st loss in Australian Finals. (Jan. 6)

Queensland, NSW in Semi-Final Australian Finals. (Jan. 5)

Queensland remains unbeaten in Australian Finals. (Jan. 4)

Queensland adds 2 Wins in Australian Finals. (Jan. 3)

Saskia Kosterink, Belinda White open Australian Finals. (Jan. 2)

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