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Headlines 2024
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This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2024 covering baseball and softball from the Netherlands and international.

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Rosters Dutch Big League Baseball 2024 | Rosters Dutch Big League Softball 2024

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 24)

First win Twins, fourth for Neptunus; Two cancellations. (April 18)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 17)

DSS/Kinheim, Neptunus complete sweep; Tempers flare in Amsterdam. (April 14)

Four close games in Dutch big league on sunny Saturday. (April 13)

Dutch big league-season begins with productive Opening Night. (April 11)
Longtime announcer, committee-member, club-contributor Bert Daniels passed away. (April 11)

Starting Pitchers Opening Series. (April 10-11)

Pioniers moves Frank Maduro Tourn. coming weekend to other locations. (March 27)

Amsterdam Pirates wins exhibition-game against DSS/Kinheim. (March 26)

Almost all exhibition-games rained out on Sunday. (March 24)

HCAW wins twice to reach Final of Ringvaart Tournament. (March 23)
First games played of inaugural, international Frans van Elst Tournament. (March 23)
Hoofddorp Pioniers defeats Quick Amersfoort; Brabant Cup rains out. (March 23)

Oosterhout Twins shuts out RCH-Pingu´ns with solid pitching. (March 19)

DSS/Kinheim No-Hits Germans; JC Sulbaran rejoins Neptunus; HCAW wins marathon. (March 16-17)

Oosterhout Twins records first exhibition-win. (March 14)

Palacios, Rafaela HR in Dominican Spring Training-game; 2 others in action. (March 11)

Pirates records 2nd exhibition-win; 2nd team Pioniers outscores main-squad. (March 10)

Pirates, Pioniers, UVV open exhibition season with win. (March 9)

Samurai Japan records Perfect Game in 2nd win vs. Europe in Global Games. (March 7)

Samurai Japan shuts out Europe in Global Games-opener. (March 6)

Robur '58 club-icon and former umpire/observer Joes Gewald passed away. (March 1)

First start Robberse with new club; Orange-rookie Newton in Spring Training. (February 29)

Profar back with Padres; First female ump in Spring Training in 17 yrs. (February 25)

Seven Dutch players on roster Team Europe for Global Games. (February 14)

Ronald Jaarsma new Head Coach of HCAW. (February 10)

Venezuela wins Caribbean Series; Balentien in All Star Team. (February 9)
Curašao misses Bronze in Caribbean Series despite early lead. (February 9)

Curašao loses Semi-Final and will play for Bronze in Caribbean Series. (February 8)

Curašao to Play-Offs after shutout-win vs. Puerto Rico in Caribbean Series. (February 7)

Curašao suffers small loss vs. Dominicans in Caribbean Series. (February 6)

Former longtime Official Scorer and Pirates-announcer Tiny van der Poel passed away. (February 5)
Curašao recovers and wins agains in Caribbean Series. (February 5)

Curašao suffers second loss in Caribbean Series. (February 3)

Curašao empty-handed in second game Caribbean Series. (February 2)

Curašao opens Caribbean Series with victory. (February 1)

Twins Oosterhout adds American pitcher Wyatt Lankford to roster. (January 7)

Richie Palacios traded to Tampa Bay Rays. (January 5)

Italian pitching-legend, Hall of Famer and Nettuno-icon Alfredo Lauri passed away. (January 4)

Neptunus adds German international Vincent Ahrens to team. (January 2)
Team Europe Manager Marco Mazzieri names coaching-staff for Global Games. (January 2)

Netherlands Softball Team to play 4-game series in Czechia. (March 28)
First softball exhibition-games are in the books. (March 28)

Former longtime umpire and committee-member Anne de Bruijne passed away. (March 20)

22 countries to participate in European SB Championship in Netherlands. (January 10)

Former softball- and baseball-coach Wim Joost passed away. (January 5)

Former longtime Netherlands Men Softball Team Manager Willem Tuyn passed away. (January 19)

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