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Updated: November 2, 2012
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Listing of Softball Transfers 2012
AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - Traditionally, this site will publish the complete listing of all transfers in the Dutch big league again. But while the transfer-deadline has expired at 5 PM on Thursday, November 1, not all teams have announced their changes yet. As soon as all transfers are in, the listing will be published.

In recent days, some teams already annnounced their transfers:

Tex Town Tigers to play with young team. (November 2)
Centrals strengthen team. (November 2)
Bomba new coach of; transfers announced. (November 2)
Bloeming, Timmermans leave Sparks Haarlem to play in Italy. (November 1)
Five new players for Terrasvogels. (November 1)
Twins announces transfers. (November 1)
Gryphons adds three players. (November 1)
Meadows, Oosterveld to play for Olympia Haarlem. (October 31)

(November 1-2)

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