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Baseball & Softball
Headlines 2012
Compiled and Copyright © 1997-2013 by Marco Stoovelaar
This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2012 covering Dutch and international baseball and softball.

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Roberto Clemente remembered; star died 40 years ago. (December 31)
Fallen athletes WW2 remembered on Memorial Day. (May 4)
Cartoonist Dik Bruynesteyn passed away. (April 30)
KNBSB opens Jubilee Year. (March 17)
KNBSB celebrates 100th anniversary. (March 16)

Loek van Mil signs with Reds. (December 22)
Green light for merger IBAF and ISF. (December 13)
Baseball Week coaches in Puerto Rican WBC-staff. (December 13)
Didi Gregorius traded to Arizona via Cleveland. (December 12)
Andruw Jones to play in Japan. (December 10)
Rob Cordemans MVP & Best Pitcher 2012. (December 8)
Hainley Statia signs with Brewers. (December 6)

Hall of Famer,former player/coach Henk Keulemans passed away. (November 18)
European Big League Tour underway. (November 10)
Dates, teams announced for World Port Tournament 2013. (November 9)
This weekend 3rd edition European Big League Tour. (November 9)
Listing of transfers 2012. (Oct.31-Nov.1)
Where are the Sparta-Feyenoord players going to? (November 1)

ADO Lakers expands roster. (October 31)
Veteran pitcher Koeiman to play for The Hawks. (October 31)
Fifteen new players for UVV. (October 31)
HCAW adds 9 players, 10 leave. (October 31)
Kinheim adds Arends to roster. (October 31)
Yntema, Van Heydoorn join Neptunus. (October 31)
Bert Blyleven also joins Dutch coaching-staff. (October 26)
End of an era: Sparta-Feyenoord dissolved! (October 23-24)
Pirates announces transfers; adds three internationals. (October 19)
Hensley Meulens manages Orange during WBC. (October 18)
Pioniers announces transfers; acquires Rombley, Rooi. (October 15)

Klaver returns as Head Coach of Pioniers. (September 27)
Dutch Team opens WBC in Taiwan. (September 26)
Martinus joins coachingstaff Kinheim. (September 25)
Van den Hurk makes third trip to mound. (September 19)
Ferenc Jongejan new Head Coach of UVV. (September 18)
HCAW names new coachingstaff. (September 17)
Brief second appearance Van den Hurk. (September 16)
Italy prolongs European title vs. Dutch. (September 16)
Evert-Jan 't Hoen heads new coachingstaff Neptunus. (September 15)
Dutch Team ends up short vs. Italy. (September 15)
Dutch Team shuts out Spain to reach Final! (September 14)
Dutch Team wins easy vs. Sweden. (September 13)
Dutch Team claims first place in pool. (September 11)
Van den Hurk back in Majors; loss in first game. (September 11)
Dutch shutout Germany and qualifies for Final Round. (September 10)
Czechs upset Dutch with surprise win at EC. (September 9)
Dutch Team wins big again; De Caster not coming. (September 8)
Dutch Team opens EC with big win. (September 7)
Roster Dutch Team (with 10 pros) for EC announced. (September 6)
HCAW and coaches Dirksen, Bomba separate. (September 6)
Dutch Team also wins 2nd game vs. Germany. (September 5)
Small exhibition win Dutch Team vs. Germany. (September 4)
Team South wins All Star Game; Engelhardt HR-king again. (September 2)
Sidney de Jong to coach Pirates; leads new coaching-staff. (September 2)
The Hawks promotes; Sparta-Feyenoord relegates! (September 1)
Mariekson Gregorius in Major League! (September 1)

The Hawks ties series; 5th game to be decisive. (August 31)
Neptunus names new coaching staff for 2013. (August 30)
Pirates ends Final Four in 3rd place. (August 30)
Pirates beaten 1-0 in Final Four-opener. (August 29)
Sparta-Feyenoord re-takes lead in series. (August 26)
The Hawks forces 4th game in Promotion/Relegation Series. (August 25)
Sparta-Feyenoord opens Relegation Series with win. (August 23)
Kinheim sweeps Neptunus and captures championship-title. (August 21)
Kinheim takes 3-0 lead in Holland Series. (August 19)
Kinheim also wins second game. (August 18)
Kinheim continues streak by winning Holland Series-opener. (August 16)
Tension building in 'Overgangsklasse'. (August 12)
Pirates, Pioniers close season with win. (August 12)
Pirates dethroned; Kinheim in Holland Series! (August 11)
Neptunus in 1st, Sparta-Feyenoord in last place. (August 9)
Starting Pitchers Final Play-Off Series. (August 9)
Pirates wins; Neptunus clinches Holland Series. (August 6)

Kinheim and coaches Jansen, Milliard separate. (July 31)
Rabbits in Final European Little League Championship! (July 26)
Final Play-Off decision postponed one day. (July 8)
Fourth place to be decided on final day. (July 7)
Dutch Team to honor Greg Halman. (July 5)
Race for 4th place continues. (July 5)
Neptunus shuts out Sparta-Feyenoord. (July 4)
Neptunus vs. Sparta-Feyenoord rains out. (July 3)
Appeal Neptunus rejected; Game scheduled for Tuesday! (July 2)
Cordemans sets record; Amsterdam takes 1st place! (July 1)

Pioniers hands Markwell first loss with important win! (June 30)
Final Four cancelled! (June 30)
UVV closes in on Pioniers. (June 28)
Neptunus hands Cordemans first loss. (June 26)
Pirates beats HCAW in make-up game. (June 25)
Neptunus one-runs ADO Lakers on rainy day. (June 24)
Pirates wins big again; Neptunus beats tough ADO. (June 23)
Dutch Team to meet Team USA in exhibition game. (June 22)
ADO Lakers ends losing streak with win vs. Neptunus. (June 22)
Games rain out on Thursday, moved to Friday. (June 21)
Pioniers ends Neptunus' streak with come-from-behind win. (June 19)
Pirates first to qualify for Play-Offs. (June 17)
Pirates, Neptunus extend winning streaks. (June 16)
Cordemans ties All-Time Win Record. (June 14)
UVV releases Ryan Murphy. (June 13)
Sparta-Feyenoord vs. HCAW to be completed on Saturday. (June 13)
Two more teams eliminated for Play-Offs. (June 12)
Top-4 wins again. (June 10)
Final Four in the end of September. (June 9)
Top-4 takes more distance. (June 9)
Huge win for Pioniers. (June 8)
Wins for Pirates, Kinheim. (June 7)
2nd win Sparta-Feyenoord; Pioniers takes 2nd place. (June 5)
Amsterdam qualifies for Final Four; Neptunus empty-handed again. (June 3)
De Lincel No-Hits HCAW in rain-shortened game. (June 3)
Kinheim suffers 6th loss in 7 games. (June 2)

Three games rain out. (May 31)
Starting Pitchers; Player-updates HCAW, Sparta-Feyenoord. (May 31)
European Cup Tournaments open on Wednesday. (May 29)
Anasagasti, Hernandez return as coach Sparta-Feyenoord. (May 28)
ADO wins again; Kinheim suffers another loss. (May 27)
ADO ends losing streak. (May 26)
UVV moves into tie for fourth place. (May 25)
Strikeout-mark Cordemans; Big win Pioniers. (May 24)
Rob Cordemans closes in on two milestones. (May 23)
Marwin Kleinmoedig coaches Sparta-Feyenoord on Thursday; 2 players quit. (May 23)
Amsterdam Pirates extends winning streak. (May 22)
Gershwin Hernandez to coach Sparta-Feyenoord on Tuesday. (May 21)
Pirates completes sweep vs. Kinheim. (May 20)
Amsterdam wins big vs. Kinheim. (May 19)
HCAW suprises with win vs. Neptunus. (May 17)
Amsterdam, Kinheim win; Anasagasti to step down. (May 15)
UVV sweeps HCAW, moves closer to 4th place. (May 13)
Balentina returns; Top-3 wins. (May 12)
Update Starting Pitchers; Games re-scheduled. (May 11)
Two shutouts on rainy day. (May 10)
Starting pitchers coming series. (May 9)
UVV wins big in The Hague. (May 8)
First victory Sparta-Feyenoord. (May 6)
Umpire Van Groningen Schinkel honored. (May 6)
Victories for top-4. (May 5)
Cordemans reaches another milestone. (May 3)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 2)
Home teams turn deficit into win. (May 1)

UVV wins on 'day full of emotions'. (April 29)
Kinheim nips Neptunus; Update Starting Pitchers. (April 28)
Amsterdam moves into tie for first place. (April 26)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 25)
UVV ends losing streak with win vs. Neptunus. (April 24)
Former international Fokke Jelsma passed away. (April 24)
Big win for Amsterdam. (April 22)
'Top-Four' wins on Saturday. (April 21)
ADO Lakers adjusts pitching rotation after suspension. (April 20)
Cancelled games confirmed for next Tuesday. (April 20)
Pioniers moves into second place. (April 19)
Neptunus gets 2 points subtracted; appeals. (April 19)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 17)
ADO Lakers extends winning streak to four games. (April 15)
Amsterdam hands Neptunus first loss. (April 14)
4th win Neptunus; 4th 10-run loss Sparta-Feyenoord. (April 12)
Rick van den Hurk signs with Pirates. (April 12)
ADO Lakers adds former pro to roster. (April 11)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 11)
Rick van den Hurk opts for Free Agency. (April 9)
Neptunus lone team to remain unbeaten. (April 8)
Neptunus wins big again. (April 7)
Dutch champion wins on productive Opening Night. (April 5)
Vince Rooi ambassador 100% Dope Free. (April 5)
Opening Day Rosters. (April 5)
Baseball Season opens tonight! (April 5)
State Secretary, Mayor, Alderman to throw first pitch. (April 5)
Van den Hurk outrighted to Triple-A. (April 4)
Red Sox release Swen Huijer. (April 4)
Starting Pitchers Opening Series. (April 3)
Vaessen Pioniers, Sparta-Feyenoord, UVV win tournaments. (April 1)

ADO, Sparta-Feyenoord, Neptunus lead in tournaments. (March 31)
Chilly opening baseball-tournaments. (March 30)
Cleveland designates Van den Hurk for assignment. (March 30)
Coming weekend 4 tournaments; Final preparations! (March 28)
First Cleveland-appearance Rick van den Hurk. (March 24)
Former umpire/executive Fred van Leeuwen passed away. (March 23)
Shairon Martis throws again for Pittsburgh. (March 23)
Venues/pools announced for WBC Qualifiers. (March 23)
Van de Vegte Tournament coming weekend. (March 22)
Rick van den Hurk obtained by Indians. (March 22)
Another Award for Brian Farley. (March 17)
Former baseball-coach Wim Onderstal passed away. (March 17)
Dutch suffer small los vs. Tigers. (March 8)
Dutch open Florida-event with big win. (March 6)

Sidney de Jong retires from national team. (January 23)
Actor (and baseball-fan) Piet RŲmer passed away. (January 17)
Regional award for Diegomar Markwell. (January 16)
No Amsterdam-award for Sidney de Jong. (January 15)

Femke van Dusschoten also heading to Italy. (December 30)
Saskia Kosterink elected in Australian All Star Game. (December 20)
Anne Blaauwgeers to play in Italy in 2013. (December 19)
Green light for merger IBAF and ISF. (December 13)
Cup Winners Cup in Italy; 2 candidates for European Cup. (December 13)
Nathalie Gosewehr MVP; Dagmar Bloeming Best Pitcher 2012. (December 8)

Marco Molleman new head coach Terrasvogels. (November 12)
Listing Softball Transfers 2012. (November 1-2)
Tex Town Tigers to play with young team. (November 2)
Roef! gains experience with Lindgren, Vandermeiren. (November 2)
Centrals strengthen team. (November 2)
Bomba new coach of; transfers announced. (November 2)
Bloeming, Timmermans leave Sparks Haarlem to play in Italy. (November 1)
UVV to play in big league again in 2013. (November 1)
Five new players for Terrasvogels. (November 1)
Twins announces transfers. (November 1)
Gryphons adds three players. (November 1)

Meadows, Oosterveld to play for Olympia Haarlem. (October 31)
Alcmaria Victrix captures first Dutch championship! (October 7)
Twins relegates; Centrals promotes! (October 7)

Openers Holland Series, Promotion/Relegation split! (September 29)
Alcmaria Victrix qualifies for Holland Series! (September 22)

Dominating Terrasvogels wins Cup Winners Cup. (August 25)
Sparks Haarlem wins European Cup. (August 25)
Alcmaria Victrix third team to clinch Play-Offs. (August 11)

Juniors mercy-rule Gryphons. (June 17)
Top-3 wins again; 2nd No-Hitter Bloeming. (June 16)
Alcmaria Victrix successful vs. Terrasvogels. (June 9)
Olympia Haarlem shuts out Juniors twice. (June 5-6)
Alcmaria Victrix wins big vs. Juniors; No-Hitter Van Aalst. (June 3)
Terrasvogels hands Sparks Haarlem 2nd loss; No-Hitter Lanz. (June 2)

Sparks Haarlem, Terrasvogels win twice. (May 28)
Dutch Team opens Holland Tour with two wins. (May 27)
Gryphons shuts out Terrasvogels. (May 26)
Gryphons successfully completes game vs. UVV. (May 24)
Second win for Dutch Juniors. (May 20)
Double-header wins for Sparks Haarlem, Terrasvogels. (May 19)
Two more wins for Sparks Haarlem. (May 17)
First win for Dutch Juniors. (May 13)
MariŽlle Vleugels throws No-Hitter. (May 12)
Wins for Sparks Haarlem, Alcmaria Victrix. (May 6)
Four double-header wins. (May 5)
Official announcements concerning 2 big league-games. (May 4)

Olympia Haarlem moves into second place. (April 30)
Convincing wins Terrasvogels, Olympia Haarlem. (April 28)
Terrasvogels hands Sparks Haarlem first loss. (April 22)
Dagmar Bloeming PERFECT; records in Enschede. (April 21)
Sparks Haarlem wins big vs. Juniors. (April 15)
Dutch champion opens with two shutouts. (April 14)
Opening Day Rosters. (April 13)
Softball Season opens on Saturday. (April 13)
Oolders Omaco Sparks Haarlem wins tournament. (April 8)
Sparks Haarlem, Carrousel pool-winners. (April 7)
Win and loss for Haarlem-teams. (April 6)
This weekend final tournament, final preparations. (April 6)
Hotel Ambassador c.c. Terrasvogels wins tournament again. (April 1)

Sparks Haarlem, Terrasvogels pool-winners in Enschede. (March 31)
Tex Town Tigers opens with loss. (March 30)
Two tournaments scheduled for coming weekend. (March 28)
Orange ends successful American Tour with shutout. (March 18)

European Super Cup in Italy. (December 13)

Yomiuri Giants win Asia Series. (November 12)
Win & Loss for Cuba in Thunder Series. (November 12)
San Marino, Bologna open Italian season with 4 wins. (April 6)
Pakistan wins West Asia Baseball Cup. (March 28)
Iran wins bronze in Pakistan. (March 27)
Sri Lanka registers two big wins. (March 26)
Another big shutout-win for Pakistan. (March 24)
Pakistan opens tournament with shutout-win. (March 23)
Venues/pools announced for WBC Qualifiers. (March 23)

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