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Baseball & Softball
Headlines 2010
Compiled and Copyright © 1997-2011 by Marco Stoovelaar
KNBSB-icon Rinus Paardekooper passed away. (November 3)
Former politician, bb/sb-executive Hans Dijkstal passed away. (May 10)
Former IOC-President Juan Antonio Samaranch passed away. (April 21)

Grand Slam * Stats & News enters 14th season! (December 13)

Former pitcher Gerard Salemink passed away. (December 29)
Haarlem Awards: Haarlem Baseball Week Event of the Year. (December 8)
Haarlem Awards: Dick Hoff Volunteer of the Year. (December 8)

Nick Urbanus signs professional contract. (November 30)
CEB awards European Cup-tournaments to Amsterdam, Parma. (November 20)
Orlando Yntema to pitch for UVV. (November 16)
Brian Farley new Manager Dutch National Team. (November 6)
Manager Jim Stoeckel leaves Dutch Baseball Team. (November 1)

player/coaching transfers
Complete listing baseball transfers. (November 1)
UVV completes roster for next season. (November 1)

other news
Documentary Win Remmerswaal on TV West. (November 1)

player/coaching transfers
ADO announces their player transfers. (October 31)
Sparta-Feyenoord announces player changes. (October 30)
Milliard joins Kinheim's coaching staff; Joost retires. (October 28)
Aldric Dunlop, Gershwin Hernandez to coach ADO. (October 27)
Mr. Cocker HCAW announces player transfers. (October 27)
Hoofddorp Pioniers announces player transfers. (October 25)
Holder, Foster new coaches UVV; Catcher Samboe joins roster. (October 17)
Jurjen van Zijl also joins UVV. (October 16)
Jan Collins to coach Neptunus; player changes announced. (October 15)
Danny Rombley to play for UVV! (October 14)
L&D Amsterdam Pirates announces roster changes. (October 12)

Intercontinental Cup
Individual awards for Gregorius & Smith. (October 31)
Dutch again win silver in Intercontinental Cup! (October 31)
Dutch beats Koreans to remain in race for final. (October 29)
Dutch Team surrenders late to Cuba. (October 28)
Dutch defeat Thailand to reach Championship Round. (October 27)
Dutch misses sensational win vs. Japan. (October 26)
Walk-off win for Italy on Dutch day-off. (October 25)
Dutch Team outscores Nicaragua on Day 2. (October 24)
Dutch Team opens Intercontinental Cup with big win. (October 23)
Third exhibition game Orange also rained out. (October 20)
Exhibition game Orange vs. Taiwan canceled. (October 19)
Dutch Team held hitless by Japan in exhibition opener. (October 18)
Roster-change Dutch Team: De Jong replaces Rooi. (October 15)
Roster Dutch Team announced for Intercontinental Cup. (October 15)

other news
Ab de Boer succeeds Paul Nanne at Rabbits. (October 27)
Fifth Division: Eight champions. (October 24)
Mokum Hawks captures Overall First Division-title. (October 20)
Cameraman Rodney van Dekken passed away. (October 17)
Tjerk Smeets marketing manager KNBSB. (October 14)
UVV considers big league-position. (October 13)
Update 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Div: Two more champs. (October 12)
Paul Nanne new Head Coach DSS. (October 11)
Fourth Division: 11 pools, 9 Champions. (October 8)
Dutch Team to participate in Florida-event. (October 7)
Update 1st/2nd/3rd Div: Jeka wins; Cardinals, Raptors champion. (October 4)
Dutch Team opens Intercontinental Cup vs. Italy. (October 1)
Playing dates announced for World Port Tournament 2011. (October 1)

Tjerk Smeets Head Coach RCH-Pinguďns. (September 30)
Six of seven championships decided in 3rd Division. (September 29)
Cardinals, Roef! to decide 2nd Division championship; 3 teams win title. (September 28)
Pirates, Jeka play for First Division overall title. (September 28)
Tridents captures Rookie League-title. (September 28)
Halman hits first Major League-basehit! (September 27)
Greg, Roger, Rick Update. (September 27)
Candidates European Cup Tournaments 2011. (September 26)
Roger Bernadina hits 100th basehit! (September 25)
Rick van den Hurk's sixth appearance for Baltimore. (September 23)
Former international Arnoud Blom passed away. (September 23)
Former international Rob Hoffmann passed away. (September 20)
Robert Klaver returns as Head Coach to Pioniers. (September 20)
Loek van Mil traded to Angels. (September 6)

Minor League Play-Offs
Halman's team misses overall Triple-A title! (September 21)
Halman's team wins Pacific Coast League-title! (September 17)
Halman homers in second win for Tacoma! (September 15)
Halman 3 hits, winning run in Final-opener! (September 14)
Greg Halman's team in championship Final! (September 13)
Greg Halman in Triple-A Play-Offs. (September 10)

Holland Series
Neptunus sets record with 13th title! (September 18)
Neptunus comes from behind again to take lead. (September 12)
Cordemans dominates; Series again in balance. (September 11)
Neptunus takes lead with 3-0 shutout. (September 9)
Neptunus evens Series with comeback-win. (September 5)
Amsterdam wins Holland Series-opener! (September 4)

Promotion/Relegation Play-Off
Almere secures big league-spot! (September 19)
Almere wins in 10th inning. (September 18)
Almere slams to victory. (September 16)

ADO secures big league-spot; Almere in relegation Play-Off. (September 11)
Almere forces fourth game. (September 5)
ADO takes 2-0 lead in Play-Down. (September 4)
ADO opens Play-Down final with win. (September 2)

Play-Offs / Play-Downs
Amsterdam second finalist after completion of game! (August 31)
Monday's game rains out! (August 30)
Amsterdam, Kinheim resume game on Monday-evening! (August 29)
PO Game 4 Amsterdam vs. Kinheim canceled. (August 28)
HCAW, Sparta-Feyenoord secure big league-spot. (August 22)
Neptunus sweeps Pioniers; Amsterdam takes lead! (August 22)
Second win for HCAW, Sparta-Feyenoord. (August 21)
Neptunus, Kinheim win on PO-Day 2. (August 21)
Amsterdam wins PO-opener! (August 20)
HCAW, Sparta-Feyenoord start Play-Downs with win. (August 19)
Neptunus opens PO with 11-inning win! (August 19)

other news
Women Baseball Team completes first round. (August 17)
WC Women Baseball resumes on Sunday! (August 14)
WC Women Baseball: Hong Kong-player back in hotel; Dutch Team safe! (August 14)
Another record for Neptunus. (August 14)
World Women Baseball Cup suspended after incident! (August 13)
Dutch Women Baseball Team opens WC with loss. (August 12)
HCAW secures fifth place. (August 12)
Amsterdam beats ADO. (August 11)
Amsterdam vs. ADO game rains out again. (August 10)
Pioniers becomes fourth Play-Off team. (August 8)
Third loss for Neptunus. (August 7)
Voogd steps down as ADO-coach. (August 6)
Neptunus beats Pioniers. (August 5)

Kinheim ends Neptunus' streak! (July 1)

Neptunus-record longer! (June 24)
Roster announced for Baseball Week. (June 24)
Neptunus sets record; new ones in sight; Records for Rijst! (June 22)

Neptunus building new winning streak. (May 18)
Neptunus, Amsterdam, HCAW complete sweep. (May 16)
HCAW closes in on top-four. (May 15)
Victories for Neptunus, Pirates, Pioniers. (May 13)
Pioniers ends Kinheim-streak; three games cancelled again. (May 11)
Kinheim wins 10th in a row. (May 9)
Kinheim extends winning streak. (May 8)
Asjes replaces Santander at Pioniers; Almere and Graham separate. (May 6)
Amsterdam hands Neptunus first loss. (May 6)
Make-up games rain out again. (May 3)
First rainouts of the season. (May 2)
10th win for Neptunus; Almere avoids another No-Hitter. (May 1)

Dushan Ruzic No-Hits Almere! (April 30)
Another comeback-victory for Almere. (April 25)
Another win for Neptunus. (April 24)
6th win Neptunus; Pioniers spoils No-Hitter. (April 22)
Neptunus wins 5th in a row; First loss Amsterdam. (April 18)
Four home teams empty handed. (April 17)
Neptunus wins milestone game. (April 15)
Neptunus, Pirates add second victory. (April 11
Top-4 2009 open new season with win. (April 10)

Saskia Kosterink Tuesday on TV. (December 20)
European Cup Tournaments awarded to Italy. (December 13)
Haarlem Awards: Sparks Haarlem Team of the Year. (December 8)
Haarlem Awards: Dick Hoff Volunteer of the Year. (December 8)
Karen Marr new Pitching Coach Dutch Softball Team. (December 1)

Berend Mannessen new Head Coach of UVV. (November 30)
Nathalie Gosewehr to play in Italy in 2011. (November 23)
Catcher Kate Gentile returns to Terrasvogels. (November 23)
Former HCAW-player Kate Allen passed away. (November 23)

player/coaching transfers
Complete listing softball-transfers. (November 16)
Good transfer-period Iber Lengua Terrasvogels. (November 16)
Sparks Haarlem adds six new players. (November 16)
Tex Town Tigers lost experience. (November 16)
Centrals to play with young team in 2011. (November 16)
Not much changes at Twins. (November 16)
Olympia Haarlem lost depth. (November 16)
Euro Stars has to go into a new direction. (November 16)
Alcmaria Victrix adds some experience. (November 16)
DSS adds young players for next season. (November 16)
Overview softball-transfers. (November 2)

Euro Stars to remain in big league! (October 27)

Holland Series
Sparks Haarlem captures Dutch championship! (October 10)
Comeback, tiebreak win TTT forces 5th game! (October 9)
Sparks Haarlem takes lead in Series. (October 3)
Sparks evens Series to prolong season. (October 2)

other news
Tim Verbrugge new Head Coach Terrasvogels. (October 7)
André Prins new Head Coach Gryphons. (October 1)
Dennis Presburg new Head Coach DSS. (October 1)

Holland Series
Tex Town Tigers wins Series-opener! (September 30)

Sparks Haarlem second finalist! (September 26)
TTT in Holland Series; Centrals surprises again! (September 25)
Terrasvogels' appeal: Win or Loss? (September 21)
Terrasvogels forces 4th game; files appeal. (September 19)
Victories Tex Town Tigers, Sparks Haarlem. (September 18)
Tex Town Tigers one-runs Terrasvogels. (September 17)
Centrals upsets Sparks; Terrasvogels, TTT continue on Friday. (September 16)

Promotion/Relegation Play-Off
Olympia Haarlem remains big leaguer. (September 25)
Olympia Haarlem opens with two wins. (September 18)

other news
Ton van Koeverden, Daisy de Peinder to coach Twins. (September 23)
Houtkamp back in business; Mannessen available. (September 16)
DSS relegates; Olympia avoids automatic relegation. (September 11)
Terrasvogels earns home advantage. (September 11)
Terrasvogels takes over second place. (September 5)
Terrasvogels moves closer to second place. (September 4)

Sparks secures first place & Twins big league-spot! (August 28)
Second league-win for Dutch Juniors! (August 8)
Alcmaria Victrix promotes to big league! (August 7)
Centrals last to clinch Top-4. (August 7)

Dutch Team finishes in 7th place on WC. (June 30)
Dutch Team opens World Championship. (June 23)

TTT, Sparks, Terrasvogels extend winning streaks. (May 8)
Euro Stars hands Juniors two small losses. (May 5)
Sunday-games rained out. (May 2)
Double victories Terrasvogels, Sparks Haarlem. (May 1)

DSS wins twice vs. Dutch Juniors. (April 30)
Terrasvogels beats Dutch Juniors. (April 25)
Tex Town Tigers continues winning streak. (April 24)
Tex Town Tigers remains unbeaten. (April 18)
Two one-run wins for Tex Town Tigers. (April 17)
Dutch Juniors make debut in big league. (April 11)
Dutch champion lone team to open with two wins. (April 10)

Legendary pitcher Bob Feller passed away. (December 16)
CEB awards European Cup-tournaments to Amsterdam, Parma. (November 20)
Baseball Great and former Manager Sparky Anderson passed away. (November 4)

Korean Series
SK Wyverns win third title in four years! (November 10)

Japan Series
Chiba Lotte Marines win Japanese championship title! (November 7)
Game 6 ends in 15-inning tie! (November 6)
Marines takes third lead in Japan Series. (November 4)
Come-from-behind win Dragons in 11 innings. (November 3)
Marines re-take lead in Japan Series. (November 2)
Dragons balances Japan Series. (October 31)
Marines win Japan Series-opener. (October 30)

World Series
Giants take 3-1 lead with 4-0 shutout. (October 31)
Rangers recover and win first-ever Series home game! (October 30)
Giants take 2-0 lead with big shutout-win! (October 28)
San Francisco opens Series with strong win! (October 27)

League Championship Series
Giants dethrone Phils and go to World Series! (October 23)
Texas Rangers are going to their first World Series! (October 22)
Phillies force sixth game in NLCS. (October 21)
Giants take 3-1 lead in NLCS with walk-off win. (October 20)
Yankees recover and force sixth game in ALCS. (October 20)
Another big Texas-win in ALCS. (October 19)
Giants take 2-1 lead in NLCS. (October 19)
Rangers shutout Yankees to take lead in ALCS. (October 18)
Phillies win Game 2 to even NLCS. (October 17)
Giants one-runs Phillies to win NLCS-opener. (October 16)
Rangers even ALCS vs. Yankees. (October 16)
Yankees come-from-behind to win ALCS-opener. (October 15)

Division Championship Series
Phillies come from behind to take 2-0 lead in NLDS. (October 8)
Rangers, Yankees take 2-0 lead in ALDS; Giants win NLDS-opener. (October 7)
Roy Halladay No-Hits Reds in NLDS-opener! (October 6)
Rangers, Yankees win ALDS-openers. (October 6)

other news
Two Managers get extension, three dismissed. (October 4)
Tampa Bay, San Francisco win title; Yankees, Braves Wild Card. (October 3)
Cincinnati Reds capture first title since 1995. (September 28)
Philadelphia Phillies win 4th straight title. (September 27)
Bologna captures European Cup. (September 26)
Texas Rangers win first title in 11 years! (September 25)
Minnesota Twins first to win title. (September 22)
Mariners replace Manager Wakamatsu. (August 9)
Boise-Manager Davis suspended. (August 8)
Jansen wins first duel vs. Bernadina. (August 8)
Unique moment in Minor League, as team forfeits game. (August 7)
Ronnenbergh earns first professional save. (August 6)
Ardley Jansen leads Italian League in hitting. (May 13)

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