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This is the archive of the articles Grand Slam * Stats & News brought you in 2013 covering Dutch and international baseball and softball.

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Olympic Games 2020 awarded to Tokyo. (September 7)
Olympic Countdown; WBSC releases brochure. (September 4)

Former Amstel Tijgers-Team Manager Roel de Groot passed away. (December 29)
Rick van den Hurk likely to return to South Korea. (December 18)
Evert-Jan 't Hoen wins Rotterdam-Rijnmond Award. (December 16)
Photo Gallery Star Awards. (December 8)
Bas de Jong MVP; Rob Cordemans Best Pitcher; More awards. (December 7)

Wladimir Balentien Most Valuable Player in Japan. (November 26)
European Cup Tournament awarded to Hoofddorp Pioniers. (November 26)
New format Dutch big league-competition in 2014. (November 25)
Markwell earns first Hold after first Win. (November 25)
Successful begin first Curašao Baseball Week. (November 20)
First Curašao Baseball Week opens in Willemstad. (November 18)
Wladimir Balentien honored on Curašao. (November 17)
Van den Hurk's 4th Big League Tour again successful. (November 17)
Diegomar Markwell back in action in Venezuela. (November 14)
Bernadina, Dickerson join European Big League Tour. (November 14)
Van den Hurk, Jones not in Asia Series. (November 13)
Kalian Sams ends season in Mexico. (November 11)
Evert-Jan 't Hoen European Coach of the Year. (November 10)
Ralph Milliard conducts clinic in Lithuania. (November 9)
Platinum Glove Award for Andrelton Simmons. (November 9)
Loek van Mil gets try-out in Japan. (November 8)
Jurickson Profar helps Licey to 10th victory. (November 4)
Andruw Jones wins Japan Series with Golden Eagles. (November 3)
BASEBALL TRANSFERS 2013. (November 1)
Rick van den Hurk wins Korean title with Lions. (November 1)

FOX Sports to broadcast Major League in Europe! (October 29)
Van den Hurk wins Game 5 of Korean Series. (October 29)
Evert-Jan 't Hoen nominated for EBCA Coach of the Year. (October 28)
Xander Bogaerts scores winning run Boston in Game 5 World Series. (October 28)
Jurickson Profar leads hitters in Dominican League. (October 28)
Diegomar Markwell temporarily off roster Caracas. (October 27)
Good outing Van den Hurk, but Lions empty-handed after 13 innings. (October 25)
L&D Amsterdam Pirates confirms transfers for coming season. (October 24)
Rick van den Hurk starts Game 2 Korean Series. (October 24)
Roger Bernadina becomes Free Agent. (October 21)
Dates, sites EC 2014 announced; Dutch play in Czech Rep. (October 19)
Unique milestone for Xander Bogaerts in Boston-victory. (October 17)
Kalian Sams homers Guasave to victory. (October 17)
Dino Anasagasti new Head Coach of The Hawks. (October 17)
Kalian Sams makes debut in Mexican pro-league. (October 17)
Eugene Henson new Head Coach of ADO Lakers. (October 16)
Second appearance Markwell for Caracas. (October 15)
MLB-Ump Bell passed away; was HP-ump in WBC-semi Dutch Team. (October 15)
Wendell Hato new Head Coach RCH-Pingu´ns. (October 14)
Diegomar Markwell makes debut in Venezuelan League. (October 12)
Markwell's team wins second game. (October 11)
Curtis Granderson next month in European Big League Tour. (October 11)
Diegomar Markwell opens Venezuelan season with win. (October 10)
Dirk van 't Klooster to play for Pioniers in 2014. (October 10)
ADO Lakers' Dave Daniels resigns, but leaves door open. (October 10)
Wim Martinus new Head Coach Kinheim; Mike Crouwel Assistant. (October 10)
No Triple Crown for Balentien; Jones in Play-Offs. (October 9)
Kenley Jansen clinch NLCS with Dodgers! (October 7)
Wladimir Balentien hits 60th homerun! (October 4)
European team to participate in Asia Series. (October 3)
Lions, Van den Hurk qualify for Korean Series. (October 2)
Balentien misses game due to injury. (October 2)
Van den Hurk finishes Korean season with win. (October 1)

Balentien ends HR-drought; adds RBI's. (September 30)
Loek Loevendie ends coaching career after 65 years! (September 29)
ADO Lakers nips Twins to stay in big league! (September 28)
Balentien gets RBI, but still trails. (September 28)
Dutch Federation honors Wladimir Balentien. (September 27)
Jurickson Profar homers Texas to victory. (September 26)
Jonathan Schoop hits homerun in Major League-debut! (September 25)
Diegomar Markwell to play in Venezuela. (September 25)
Jeroen Sluijter steps down as Neptunus-coach. (September 25)
No-decision for Rick van den Hurk. (September 25)
Wladimir Balentien nears RBI-top. (September 25)
Wladimir Balentien ejected. (September 24)
Andrelton Simmons captures NL-East title with Braves. (September 22)
Twins evens series to force 5th game. (September 22)
Andruw Jones hits 25th HR in Japan. (September 22)
Balentien strikes out seven times. (September 22)
ADO Lakers takes lead in decisive series. (September 21)
Xander Bogaerts wins title with BoSox. (September 20)
Neptunus wins 3rd game, has title in sight. (September 20)
Kenley Jansen wins NL-West title with Dodgers. (September 19)
Game 3 Holland Series rains out. (September 19)
Balentien hits 58th homerun. (September 18)
Game 2 promotion/relegation series interrupted by rain. (September 16)
Hans Lemmink steps down as Head Coach of Kinheim. (September 16)
Neptunus leads Series 2-0 after 10th inning win. (September 15)
ADO Lakers opens relegation series with victory. (September 15)
ADO Lakers, Twins begin promotion/relegation series on Sunday. (September 14)
Balentien's HR-record Update 2. (September 14)
DOOR Neptunus opens Holland Series with shutout-win. (September 14)
Starting Pitchers & Officials Holland Series announced. (September 13)
Balentien's HR-record Update 1. (September 13)
Charles Urbanus returns as Head Coach of Amsterdam. (September 13)
Balentien's HR-record chase continues. (September 12)
Shairon Martis returns to Major League. (September 11)
Wladimir Balentien ties Japanese HR-record! (September 11)
Sidney de Jong leaves Amsterdam for National Team. (September 10)
Pioniers second finalist Holland Series! (September 8)
First Major League HR Xander Bogaerts. (September 7)
Kalian 'Slams' Neptunus to Series! (September 7)
Kalian Sams joins Neptunus. (September 6)
Wins Kinheim, Pirates; Set-back ADO Lakers. (September 5)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (September 4)
Jonathan Schoop recalled to Major League. (September 4)
Didi Gregorius celebrates milestone with homerun. (September 3)
Neptunus has Holland Series in sight. (September 1)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 29)
Neptunus captures 1st place and qualifies for EC. (August 15)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 15)
Neptunus almost secures first place. (August 13)
Pioniers hands ADO Lakers third consecutive shutout. (August 11)
Huge win Pioniers. (August 10)
Cordemans first 10-game winner of season. (August 8)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (August 8)
Wins for Neptunus & UVV; Bologna wins European Cup. (August 3)
Big victories Amsterdam Pirates & Neptunus. (August 1)

Starting Pitchers coming series. (July 25)
Curašao upsets Dutch Team with 10-inning victory. (July 2)
Dutch Team shuts out Cuba. (July 1)

Dutch Team opens World Port Tournament with win. (June 30)
World Port Tournament opens next Sunday. (June 28)
Dates Haarlem Baseball Week 2014 announced. (June 27)
Dutch Team wins exhibition game. (June 26)
Come-from-behind win Team North in All Star Game. (June 16)
Kinheim empty-handed in final. (June 9)
Bologna wins in Regensburg. (June 9)
Kinheim in EC-final. (June 8)
Amsterdam wins, but eliminated for final. (June 8)
Kinheim shuts out Barcelona. (June 7)
Amsterdam scoreless vs. San Marino. (June 7)
European baseball-world mourns after passing of Xavier Mateu. (June 7)
Kinheim registers first win in Barcelona. (June 6)
Huge win Amsterdam vs. Bern. (June 6)
Kinheim empty handed vs. Rouen. (June 5)
Convincing win Amsterdam vs. Regensburg. (June 5)
Kinheim suffers 1-0 11-inning loss in EC-opener. (June 4)
Amsterdam opens EC Qualifier with extra inning loss. (June 4)
Neptunus back in first place. (June 2)
Neptunus, Pirates win big again. (June 1)

Pioniers beats Kinheim again; Pirates moves into 1st place tie. (May 31)
Pioniers shuts out Kinheim; Pirates, Neptunus win. (May 30)
Baseball & Softball on Olympic shortlist for 2020 Games! (May 29)
Neptunus takes sole possession of first place. (May 28)
Kinheim, Neptunus, Amsterdam share first place. (May 26)
Winning streak Amsterdam ends; Pioniers takes 4th place. (May 25)
ADO Lakers ends 16-game losing streak. (May 23)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (May 22)
Two more cancellations, but 'play ball' in The Hague. (May 21)
Make-up game Neptunus vs. Kinheim rains out again. (May 20)
Texas Rangers recalls Jurickson Profar. (May 19
Amsterdam Pirates takes over first place. (May 19)
Amsterdam moves into 1st place tie, while HCAW sets record. (May 18)
HCAW equals record; Three Friday-games cancelled. (May 17)
All Thursday-games postponed due to rain. (May 16)
Hawks spoils Flanegin's record-setting game. (May 12)
Top-3 extends winning streak; Protest allocated. (May 11)
Flanegin ties unique record; 4 shutouts on one day. (May 9)
HCAW moves into tie for fifth place. (May 5)
Top-3 takes more distance; 2nd win HCAW. (May 4)
First victory for Mr. Cocker HCAW. (May 2)

Top-4 completes 3-game sweep. (April 28)
Wins for current top-4. (April 27)
Big wins for Kinheim & UVV. (April 25)
Steve Janssen new Manager Dutch Team. (April 25)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 23)
Mampaey The Hawks completes first big league-sweep. (April 21)
First loss UVV; Second win The Hawks. (April 20)
Gregorius returns in Major League with homerun. (April 18)
UVV lone unbeaten team after shutout vs. Neptunus. (April 18)
Evert-Jan 't Hoen added to Dutch Team coaching-staff. (April 18)
Starting Pitchers coming series. (April 16)
Kinheim hands Pioniers third loss. (April 16)
Neptunus, UVV complete opening sweeps. (April 14)
Kinheim & Pioniers finally open season. (April 13)
UVV opens season with win. (April 12)
Brian Farley and Dutch Team separate. (April 12)
Big opening wins Amsterdam Pirates & Neptunus. (April 11)
Opener HCAW vs. UVV halted because of light failure. (April 11)
Opener Kinheim vs. Pioniers halted by fog. (April 11)
Mr. Cocker HCAW adds two foreign players. (April 10)
Pioniers, Kinheim register one-run wins on Urbanus Tournament. (April 7)
HCAW also defeats Kinheim to win Urbanus Tournament. (April 6)
HCAW shuts out Pirates in Urbanus-opener. (April 5)
Andruw Jones hits first homerun in Japan. (April 5)
Leon Boyd to play for Corendon Kinheim. (April 4)
Andruw Jones opens season in Japan. (April 2)
Simmons opens season in Majors; Profar in Minors. (April 1)

DOOR Neptunus wins Hudson John Tournament. (March 31)
Pirates adds win; Pioniers vs. Kinheim ends in tie. (March 31)
Exhibition wins for Pirates and Kinheim. (March 30)
First day Hudson John Tournament completed. (March 30)
Opening-game Hudson John Tournament postponed. (March 28)
Vaessen Pioniers wins Van de Vegte Tournament. (March 25)
Vaessen Pioniers honors Co Pikee. (March 23)
Citrix World Port Tournament to work together with S.V. GIO. (March 20)
Former player Ruut Jongeling passed away. (March 14)
Happy Birthday, Quick Amsterdam celebrates 100th anniversary! (March 4)

World Baseball Classic
Dominican Republic new Classic-champion. (March 19)
Dutch Team ends up short in semi-final. (March 18)
Puerto Rico dethrones Japan to become first finalist. (March 17)
Cuban pitcher Yadier Pedroso dies in accident. (March 17)
Dutch Team meets Dominican Republic in semi-final. (March 16)
Dutch Team conducts first practice in AT&T Park. (March 16)
Dashenko Ricardo also signs contract. (March 15)
Dutch Team also beats Seattle Mariners. (March 15)
Curt Smith signs new contract. (March 15)
Dutch beat San Diego Padres in exhibition game. (March 14)
Kenley Jansen also joins Dutch Team for semi-final. (March 14)
Jurickson Profar joins Dutch Team to replace De Caster. (March 13)
Dutch beaten again by Japan, despite late comeback. (March 12)
Big loss Dutch against Japan. (March 10)
Dutch open 2nd round win with vs. Cuba. (March 8)
Dutch Team practice in Tokyo. (March 6)
Dutch advance to 2nd Round after win vs. Australia. (March 5)
Taiwan comes from behind to defeat Dutch Team. (March 3)
Dutch Team opens WBC with shutout-win vs. Korea. (March 2)

Dutch Team closes exhibition series with win. (February 28)
Patrick Beljaards to coach RCH-Pingu´ns. (February 27)
Dutch Team completes another practice session. (February 27)
Sams, Jones homer in exhibition win Dutch Team. (February 26)
Dutch shutout Cuba in exhibition game. (February 24)
Dutch beaten by All Stars; Farley leaves Taiwan. (February 23)
Final WBC-roster Dutch Team announced. (February 22)
Dutch Team closes with shutout vs. China; Profar pulls out. (February 19)
Dutch Team wins second game vs. China. (February 18)
Dutch Team wins big vs. China. (February 16)
Jan Esselman elected as President of CEB. (February 16)
Big Dutch win in third exhibition game. (February 14)
Second exhibition game Dutch Team ends in loss. (February 13)
Dutch Team wins first exhibition game. (February 12)
Dutch Team to prepare in Arizona. (February 7)

Former player/coach Jersey van Doornspeek passed away. (January 27)
Possible Major League-games in the Netherlands in 2014/15. (January 24)
Hall of Famer, former coach Ron Fraser passed away. (January 23)
Dutch World Baseball Classic-roster announced. (January 17)
Brief visit Hensley Meulens to Netherlands. (January 16)
Cuba completes field of participants World Port Tournament. (January 14)
Dutch champion Kinheim opens season vs. Pioniers. (January 14)
Van den Hurk to play in Korea. (January 7)
Rick van den Hurk released by Pittsburgh. (January 5)
Pioniers 'does-it-all' Co Pikee passed away. (January 2)

Hotel Ambassador Terrasvogels Sports Team of the Year. (December 19)
Terrasvogels-announcer/OG-executive Henk Hoenderdos passed away. (December 15)
Photo Gallery Star Awards. (December 8)
Leigh Godfrey MVP; Rebecca Soumeru Best Pitcher; More awards. (December 7)

Japan, China, Chinese Taipei qualify for World Championship. (November 29)
Dutch Team completes first trip to Texel. (November 21)
World Championship Softball Promo Tour begins November 30. (November 19)
Tickets sales begins for ISF World Championship 2014. (November 5)
Willy Juana new Head Coach of Centrals. (November 5)
SOFTBALL TRANSFERS 2013. (November 1)

World Championship Women Softball 2016 awarded to Canada. (October 25)
World Championship Softball opens in Haarlem in 300 days. (October 20)
Terrasvogels-secretary/team manager Martin de Jonker passed away. (October 19)
Ton van Koeverden, Tuti Rumai new coaches Pioniers. (October 12)
2nd DH Holland Series also split; 5th game needed. (October 5)
UVV completes sweep vs. Pirates and stays in big league. (October 5)

Terrasvogels, Sparks Haarlem split Holland Series-openers. (September 28)
UVV wins twice vs. Pirates in Promotion/Relegation Play-Off. (September 28)
Experienced crew officials assigned for Holland Series. (September 27)
Terrasvogels second finalist for Holland Series. (September 21)
Amsterdam Pirates to play for big league-promotion. (September 21)
Sparks Haarlem first to qualify for Holland Series. (September 15)
Alcmaria Victrix surprises and eliminates Olympia Haarlem. (September 15)
Play-Off openers rain out; re-scheduled for Sunday. (September 14)

Rebecca Soumeru wins 20th game in record-setting double-header. (August 10)
Van Dusschoten, Blaauwgeers win Italian championship. (August 10)

Dutch Team roster named for European Championship. (June 27)
Double win for Sparks Haarlem & Terrasvogels. (June 23)
Games Top-3 rained out; DH Netherlands-Germany cancelled. (June 22)
Juniors end season with double loss. (June 16)
1st loss Sparks Haarlem; 1st win Tex Town Tigers. (June 15)
Terrasvogels shut outs Juniors twice. (June 9)
Pitcher Van Aalst breaks jaw; No-Hitter Van Dusschoten. (June 8)
Olympia Haarlem beats Terrasvogels in 9th inning. (June 4)
Dutch Juniors win vs. UVV. (June 2)
Terrasvogels splits with Centrals. (June 1)

Softball & Baseball on Olympic shortlist for 2020 Games! (May 29)
Alcmaria nips UVV in remainder interrupted game. (May 28)
Two more wins for Gryphons. (May 26)
Olympia Haarlem empty handed vs. Gryphons. (May 25)
Two games rained out. (May 20)
Sparks Haarlem wins big vs. Terrasvogels; No-Hitter Soumeru; 3 HRs Meadows. (May 18)
Former umpire/commissioner, UIC Rob Kerkman passed away. (May 12)
Amsterdam Pirates and Coach Ton van Koeverden separate. (May 11)
Terrasvogels belts 6 HRS; No-Hitter Lacey Dinney. (May 11)
Top-3 adds two victories. (May 9)
Dutch Team to meet Juniors in exhibition game. (May 7)
Two victories for Dutch Juniors in marathon. (May 5)
Perfect Game Richelle van Gennip. (May 4)
Jury of Appeal NOC*NSF agrees with National Softball Team. (May 3)

Lindsey Meadows Perfect vs. Juniors. (April 28)
Surprise win Centrals vs. Terrasvogels; No-Hitter Meadows. (April 27)
Dutch Juniors win first game. (April 21)
No-Hitter Terrasvogels; 6 HRs Sparks Haarlem! (April 20)
Centrals and Head Coach Caroline Theunissen separate! (April 17)
Sparks Haarlem, Terrasvogels, Gryphons open season with 2 wins. (April 13)
Sparks Haarlem unbeaten winner Jan de Wit Tournament. (April 7)
Green light for Jan de Wit Tournament. (April 5)
Sponsor for Olympia Haarlem. (April 5)

Mastenbroek Tournament cancelled due to cold weather! (March 28)
Roef! wins Pre-Season Tournament. (March 26)
Clubhouse Olympia Haarlem struck by fire. (March 18)
Former coach, umpire, player Teun van den Berg passed away. (March 4)

AndrÚ van Overbeek re-elected as ESF-president. (February 16)
4th Future Stars Tournament in Amsterdam. (February 8)

Dutch Juniors participate in The Cup; Live play-by-play. (January 17)
Dutch champion Alcmaria Victrix opens season on the road. (January 14)
Dutch Team-players run for Right To Play. (January 10)
DSS, District-executive Pierre Wesselink passed away. (January 8)
Saskia Kosterink doubles in Australian All Star Game. (January 7)

World Championship Men Softball 2017 awarded to Canada. (October 25)

World Championship
New Zealand wins title; Venezuela dethrones Australia! (March 10)
New Zealand first finalist; 3 teams eliminated. (March 9)
USA and Samoa eliminated in Championship Play-Offs. (March 8)
Dutch Team closes tournament with shutout-loss. (March 7)
Big loss Dutch Team vs. New Zealand. (March 6)
Dutch Team beats Philippines. (March 5)
Big loss Orange vs. Argentina. (March 4)
Third loss for Dutch Men. (March 3)
Dutch Team suffers second loss. (March 2)
Dutch Team opens Championship with shutout-loss. (March 1)
National Team-roster announced for World Championship. (January 14)

Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre in Hall of Fame. (December 9)

European Cup Tournaments awarded to Hoofddorp & Brno. (November 26)
Canberra Cavalry wins Asia Series! (November 20)
Lions eliminate Golden Eagles in another Asia Series-surprise. (November 19)
Canberra surprises, eliminates Lions to reach Asia Series-final. (November 18)
Lions, Golden Eagles also win second game in Asia Series. (November 17)
Rhinos, Bologna eliminated in Asia Series. (November 16)
Lions, Golden Eagles open Asia Series with win. (November 15)
McCutchen, Cabrera Most Valuable Players. (November 14)
Kershaw, Scherzer win Cy Young Award. (November 13)
Francona, Hurdle Managers of the Year. (November 12)
Fernandez, Myers Rookies of the Year. (November 11)
Japan nips Taiwan to complete Challenge-sweep. (November 10)
Japan also wins second game of Baseball Challenge. (November 9)
Japan opens Challenge Series vs. Taiwan with victory. (November 8)
Golden Eagles shutout Giants to win Japan Series. (November 3)
Giants tie Japan Series again; 7th game needed. (November 2)
Lions capture 3rd consecutive Korean title. (November 1)

Lions win to force 7th game in Korean Series. (October 31)
Jones gives Golden Eagles new lead in Japan Series. (October 31)

Boston Red Sox win World Series. (October 30)
Lions complete sweep to capture Taiwanese title. (October 30)
Japan Series tied after win by Giants. (October 30)
Legendary Giants-player/manager Tetsuharu Kawakami (93) passed away. (October 30)

Lions one win away from Taiwanese title. (October 29)
Lions force sixth game in Korean Series. (October 29)
Golden Eagles take lead in Japan Series. (October 29)

Boston one victory away from World Series-championship. (October 28)
Bears one win away from Korean Series-title. (October 28)

Boston wins to even World Series at 2-2. (October 27)
Golden Eagles win to even Japan Series. (October 27)
Lions take 2-0 lead in Taiwan Series. (October 27)
Lions nip Bears in Game 3 Korean Series. (October 27)

Cardinals take 2-1 lead in World Series on rare situation. (October 26)
Giants open Japan Series with shutout-win. (October 26)
Big rally gives Lions win in Taiwan Series-opener. (October 26)

Bears win Game 2 Korean Series in 13 innings. (October 25)

St. Louis comes from behind to even World Series. (October 24)
Bears win Korean Series-opener. (October 24)

Boston wins big in World Series-opener. (October 23)

Golden Eagles advance to first Japan Series; HR, 3 RBI's Jones. (October 21)

Bears advance to Korean Series to meet Lions. (October 20)
Game 4 Japanese Play-Offs rains out. (October 20)

Boston Red Sox second finalist for World Series! (October 19)
European Federation names Award after Xavier Mateu. (October 19)
Dates, sites European Championship 2014 announced. (October 19)
Golden Eagles re-take lead in Japanese Play-Off. (October 19)
Victory for Bears, one win from Korean Series. (October 19)

St. Louis Cardinals first to reach World Series! (October 18)
Marines beat Golden Eagles in Game 3 Japanese Play-Offs. (October 18)
Giants complete sweep to reach Japan Series. (October 18)

Boston takes 3-2 lead; Milestone for Bogaerts. (October 17)
Golden Eagles open Japanese Play-Offs with shutout. (October 17)
Giants one win away from Japan Series. (October 17)
Twins shutout Bears to even Korean Play-Offs. (October 17)

Detroit beats Boston to even ALCS. (October 16)
Dodgers win 6-4 to force Game 6 in NLCS. (October 16)
Comeback-win Giants in Japanese Central League Final-opener. (October 16)
Bears open 2nd Korean Play-Off Round with win. (October 16)

St. Louis defeats Los Angeles to take 3-1 lead in NLCS. (October 15)
Boston takes 2-1 lead in ALCS vs. Detroit. (October 15)
Veteran MLB-Umpire Wally Bell passed away. (October 15)

Dodgers shutout Cardinals in Game 3 NLCS. (October 14)
Golden Lions win Sri Lanka Baseball Classic. (October 14)
Marines win to advance to 2nd Round of Play-Offs. (October 14)
Bears do it again: win 3 after 2 losses! (October 14)
Japan wins Gold Medal on East Asia Games. (October 14)

Boston comes from behind (Ortiz slams) to win Game 2 ALCS. (October 13)
Carp advance to 2nd Round; Seibu evens Play-Offs. (October 13)
Japan meets South Korea in East Asian-final. (October 13)

Detroit 1-hits Boston in ALCS-opener. (October 12)
Cardinals take 2-0 lead in NLCS. (October 12)
Carp, Marines open Japanese Play-Offs with victory. (October 12)
Bears even Korean Play-Offs. (October 12)
Top-4 set for Play-Offs East Asian Games. (October 12)

Cardinals win marathon opener of NLCS. (October 11)
Japan leads in East Asian Games. (October 11)
Doosan Bears avoid sweep in Korean Play-Offs. (October 11)

Detroit shuts out Oakland to reach ALCS. (October 10)

St. Louis eliminates Pittsburgh, meets Dodgers in NLCS. (October 9)
Nexen Heroes take 2-0 lead in Korean Play-Offs. (October 9)

Boston advances to League Championship Series. (October 8)
Tigers force 5th game after winning vs. A's. (October 8)

Dodgers clinch NLCS; Jansen secures win! (October 7)
Tampa Bay avoids sweep vs. Boston with walk-off homerun. (October 7)
St. Louis defeats Pittsburgh to force 5th game. (October 7)
Oakland takes 2-1 lead in ALDS. (October 7)

Dodgers win big vs. Braves in Game 3 NLDS. (October 6)
Pittsburgh outscores St. Louis in NLDS Game 3. (October 6)

Oakland one-runs Detroit in Game 2 ALDS. (October 5)
Boston takes 2-0 lead in ALDS. (October 5)

Detroit nips Oakland in ALDS-opener. (October 4)
Atlanta evens NLDS vs. Los Angeles. (October 4)
Boston wins big in ALDS-opener vs. Tampa Bay. (October 4)
Pirates even NLDS vs. Cardinals. (October 4)

Dodgers win NLDS opener in Atlanta. (October 3)
Cardinals open NLDS with victory. (October 3)
Bologna to participate in Asia Series. (October 3)

Tampa Bay wins Wild Card and advances to ALDS. (October 2)

Pittsburgh to NLDS after winning Wild Card Play-Off. (October 1)

Tampa Bay advances to Wild Card Play-Off. (September 30)
Wild Card for Indians; Rangers, Rays need tiebreaker. (September 29)
Pirates decide NL Wild Card; AL Wild Card still undecided. (September 28)
Cardinals champion in NL Central. (September 27)
Tigers win AL Central; Yankees, Royals eliminated. (September 25)
Pirates, Reds complete Play-Off field National League. (September 24)
Oakland wins 2nd consecutive AL-West title; Special day for Rivera, Pettitte. (September 22)
Atlanta Braves capture title in NL-East. (September 22)
Boston Red Sox champion in AL-East. (September 20)
LA Dodgers win title in NL-West. (September 19)

Cuban pitcher Yadier Pedroso dies in accident. (March 17)

Japan, China, Chinese Taipei qualify for World Championship. (November 29)
New team in National Pro Fastpitch. (November 21)
Tickets sales begins for ISF World Championship 2014. (November 5)

Dale McMann succeeds Don Porter as ISF-President. (October 25)
ISF awards two Softball World Championships to Canada. (October 25)

USSSA Pride captures NPF-Championship title. (September 2)

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